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Part 12: Handyman

Update 11: Handyman

You shake that cane, Wily.

Dangnabbit, those kids screwed it up!

This stuttering while upset won't reflect in future games. Maybe Wily got used to a 11 year old foiling his plots.

They were still working out the kinks of the characters. All of the ACDC kids got less abrasive, Wily lost the stutter... Too bad Dad didn't show up more.

...Did Wily have the ability to bring down DenTown from the getgo? I wonder why he didn't just do that. Wanted to escalate fear?

Dear lord that smile looks painful. This guy's dentist must love him.

"Many days." So far, this game's story has taken place over, what, two months?

At least time is passing at all and it's not concentrated in one intense week or something.

Well, it's after-school. So it's been at least 3 hours. Eh, he's a growing kid, what do you expect?

That just means Lan needs to eat some dunch. Something small should be good, don't want to ruin dinner.

MegaMan Legends references +1

Man, now I'm sad about Legends 3 again.

Geez MegaMan, don't be so mad.

He's not mad, just disappointed.

And he wants us to meet at 7 in SciLab's Lobby. Alright, we have 4 hours. You'd think the parties would be known much further ahead of time. I suppose Dr.Hikari's busy schedule meant he was unsure of his attendance.

To hell with that, we have a lot of "extra curricular" activities to do, first.

Mom probably needs some time to get ready and stop throwing things because her husband accepted a party invite with four hours notice.

Finally, we get the WWW Pin. But spoiler alert, I forgot to cash in on those rewards this update so I could get this out faster. Yeti, you have a few more updates of life.

I suppose I should be grateful for the respite. Except I know that just means next update is going to be awful.

Like Old Man Dentures, BN1 gives us another random NPC sidequest. These are lesser-known in this game since they aren't clear as to where to find them.

Right. Let's go get his account details back.

Near the Metroline? Was there an actual bank, or did he just give the cash to some Mr. Prog for safe-keeping?

You can find Hammer M for free in Undernet 10, so, this is a shit trade.


But... but she wants to be friends. Giver, you're mean!

From Miss Echelon:


Oh? Let's have GeneralYeti assume player control shall we? We want to give Dex a fair fight.

I only have trouble with these fights because I give precisely zero fucks and smash the speed-up key like it's the world's easiest game of Whack-A-Mole.

: Lyin' fucking piece of shit. I won fair and square!

Eat a dick, Giver. And then choke on it.

: The fuck you lookin' at?

As a kid, I always thought they meant adult books, like books adults would read. Though whatever Dex likes looking at is his own business, I ain't gonna judge.

We didn't; you just admitted to it.

Once again, their attacks only go straight. This should be no issue.

Just stay out of the back row and you're fine.

Pay day!

Hooray! You don't have to fight viruses for a while.

Super pay day! I forget if this is a temporary reward, so you might want to cash this in as soon as possible.

We have a lot of fights to do. Three, in fact.

Thank you, good sir.

Masa was already good, but this made him great.

After this scenario or the next, I'll cash this in.

WoodMan2's power has been increased from 80 to 100
WoodMan3's power has been increased from 100 to 130

Still not very good, in my opinion.

It's... eh. Woodman's Woodman.

IceMan2's power has been increased from 80 to 100
IceMan3's power has been increased from 100 to 120

Definitely your preferred spot to farm TriSpears.

: You fin fucks got this NetBattla gunnin'
Meat is murder, but them fish had it comin'

: Omega-3 fatty data run deep
But don't sleep
The Zenny you pay is too steep

And the map looks like a fishbone, how cute.

: I never seen a fish who ain't a punk ass bitch

This series is usually pretty creative about the unique comps.

: Got a hot yacht parked off the jetty
Make these fish dead like Gen.Yeti

*drops mike and flips off the crowd*

Dude wants a Cannonball H (Howitzer H) for his BusterPunch C. We'll take!

See what I mean about the quests being unclear and somewhat random? I bet most of you didn't even find this quest.

What, you mean you didn't go and talk to every NPC after every scenario?

MissEchelon. Picture. Now.

Here's your dang prog.

Here's the original text from Battle Network 1:

Hey idiots, the cause is literally 20 feet from you.

Ah, they know how to properly write repairmen in this game. 'Catching a criminal's not in the job description. That'll be 10000 zenny, please.'

Our first time meeting Froshells. Too bad you can't expect the IronShield chip from this fight.

I really don't know why WWW wanted someone's soda. Gotta keep the hackers' thirst quenched?

Maybe this was some rogue hacker.


THIRD TIME YOU PUT THIS REWARD. Yes, it's for a Program Advance, but STOP.

But are you sure you got it the first two times.

...I completely forgot you can jack into here.

Not too bad. I wonder when's the earliest you could jack into here.

I'd assume the first time you visited.

Just saving up until I can buy everything

Now I'm picturing a Prog somehow carrying buckets of clean water for people to drink.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice is playing in my head. They're carrying the buckets by the ears.

: BattleChips in the front
BattleChips in the back
That fish bitch will see this black

Oh, someone called for an encore.

That should be the last one I needed access to. No more silly homepages.

For the upcoming fight, I ended up recording ColorMan V2. Soon after, I ended up getting ColorMan V3 quickly after a grind session. So I'll just show that one for efficiency.

ColorMan's power has been increased from 90 to 120
ColorManV2's power has been increased from 110 to 140
ColorManV3's power has been increased from 130 to 160

A nice 30 point boost. It doesn't really turn any individual fight from not killing to a kill, but it's still helpful against bosses.

I need this specific one to test Program Advances later. They changed GutsShoot, so it may be worthwhile to see if anything else changed.

C-COOOOODE (Until I can get Gaia3 C more reliably)

No bones about it, this Navi's easy.

SkullMan has been changed to D code to break up the S-superiority of the Navi chips.

I have no idea why it's D. Unless this is some weird joke about a certain bone?


No. She wants us to give up the PowerCannon PA for a Recov300 L. Mind you, I'll need to do this trade for library completion, but that's after I checked all the PAs for any noteworthy changes.

Like, no way in hell are we giving you these amaaazing chips, dude.

This is not actually a quest. Good thing they relegated side missions to a board for clarity in future games.

Since it's not a quest, they can stay separated I guess.

Thank you, Battle Network 1.

Kids, jot that down in your notebooks, I guess.

...Thank you, Battle Network 1? ...Why though.

That's enough procrastinating of the plot, I guess.

Except it was last-minute. Disorganized SciLab is disorganized.

But I thought we had 4 hours. Wait, I grinded too much, nevermind.

No kid has never had that 'Oh yeah I need this permission slip signed for class today, thanks Mom'.

You're going like that, Lan? Uhh? Gotta save on spritework somehow!

Dad pretty much sleeps in his office. Which sucks. I always thought the father just gets home late, but this is framed like Lan never sees his dad.

It's kinda sad, to be honest. Even if Dad did come home, he's probably getting back after Lan goes to sleep and leaving before he wakes up.


We were invited, dickwad.

MegaMan, do you have anything to add?

"Hmph." "I hate all who aren't strong." "Hmph."

It's always annoying when people just walk away. Stand still so I can insult you back, coward!

Come to think of it, the last few times MegaMan says "dad", he explicitly says "your dad". So as to not give it away. Good job on at least that much.

Those two sentences don't seem to jive too well with each other. Unless there's some backstory behind waiting a long time affecting your health.

It was probably a weird idiom in Japanese that didn't localize well, is my guess. Translators can confirm if they care.

"Psst, son. Women always take a long time to get ready. They make you wait on purpose while you sit there in the cold. Don't stand for it." --My Dad to me when I was younger.

Sit for it, instead. Or get some squats in.

Well, that wasn't really long at all, all things considered.

We go underground.

Why is a restaurant underground? Nevermind, the answer is 'Because SciLab'.

and is burned in the power plant to create electricity.

SciLab -- Leaders in Global Warming.

Garbage in, garbage out.

see it's also a programming joke

this area is still surrounded by water.

Underwater? We're doomed.

This lady mentions that some brand of PETs are made from recycled plastic bottles. This makes the scene in StarForce 1 where people threw away their PETs in the garbage look even dumber!

That's right, PETs are 100% recyclable.


You know, we can probably get Dr.Hikari to fire this man.

"My Dad writes your paycheck, by the way. So maybe don't?"

Instead, let's be a thief.

440 now. Who needs to buy HP when you have masterful dodging skills and chips to buy.

This is what we needed, folks. Why yes, I'm getting mixed messages.

SciLab: Let's make a PET that's good for the environment! Also SciLab: Hurr durr how do I get my cola from the vending machine

Easy place to farm CannonBall H for that trade upstairs.


Thunder2 (BN1): B C F I L
Thunder2 (OSS): C F I L *

No, no, no, no, don't do it. Don't go there.

Dr. Hikari please do not start talking about work. You are with your family. Your work-life balance is fucked enough as it is.

You're gonna bring this up NOW?

The PET is different, too? It must be in order to hold MegaMan's immense data.

There's a GangsterDex joke about holding his immense something or other in here, I know it.

Please report to the lab immediately.

Saved by the bell?

This is actually sad.

Lan was a lot more affected by his dad's absence in this game. Probably because he didn't have a group of friends to play with.

There is a cutscene fade. And Lan's position has changed. Probably should have changed the positions of the other NPCs, too, if you ask me.

Can you imagine security letting this guy inside? Holding electric orbs in his hands?

They thought he was the hired clown.

World 3 throws parties? INVITE ME.

This is either a party where you kill people or a party where you die and either way I'm down.

No, a really big...blackout!!

Disco dance?

I can't even see myself think!

I like that Zap glows in the dark.

Count Zap, how are you going to get out? Supply power to your one escape route? It better be obscure lest someone finds it.

He bribed a Prog earlier, the scumbag.

We can use the PET as a flashlight, right? Not much, but it's a start.


So there's some source of light somewhere, but it's very faint. Probably emergency lights or something.

Unfortunately, Count Zap took out my power, so this is the furthest I can go. Until next time.