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Part 26: Friendly Bosses

Update #3: Friendly Bosses

The video containing all of these are at the end of the post. They're just grouped up.

[Credit goes to MegaToon1234]

Overview: It's StoneMan...again. That is, you fight him and StoneMan right next to each other. Two bosses who don't move. Joy. He's an absolute joke, honestly. The balls he throws at you don't typically go above 30 HP, so use that to your advantage.

Top Tier

: Look, if you miss with these, you deserve to get dunked on.

: Clears the balls and hurts him badly. Bring this to be a bully.

: Ouchie ouch.

: With a well-timed throw, you've auto-cleared the field and dealt more than 10% of his HP.

High-Average Tier

: It's sad. Absolutely sad that I can say these are viable.

: He's an early boss. Of course these are effective.

: Honestly, what doesn't work at this point?

: The bubble regenerates inbetween the ball waves. Use! Use! Use!

: More than 25% of his HP. GONE.

Suck Tier

: Doesn't move, but again, you'll need Areagrab. And you leave yourself open.

: NumberMan flinches at 30 damage, so I actually wouldn't advise this.

: Unless you want to stand in front of it and defend its existence, sure. But you're cutting off your own area.

: Potentially a one-to-one trade. There are better options.

Battle Network Community Tier

: His AI directly counters these until his HP reaches half. Don't bother.

: Go back to TREZ.

: I hate all of you.

: Completely ineffectual. Much like the fanbase when playing these games.

: I don't even have to explain this.

: This chip isn't that good despite the potential effort to obtain it.

: You didn't learn your lesson from StoneMan, did you?


Overview: This guy is almost impossible to trigger flinching for, making comboing a breeze. If you don't have the quickest of reflexes, it's possible to get caught by a wood tower from the ground. But again...pick a defense. He can heal by over half his HP if you let the apple fall from the tree. That tree has 100 HP and any fire attack will put an end to it. It's only an issue at the start of the game, so you should have more than enough firepower to stop it.

Top Tier

: Time to roast some marshmallows.

: Over 50% of his health. Obliterated. AND it comes in asterisk!

It's a free 180 you don't have to worry about missing...too often.

He loves coming to the front. And if not, using Lock-On(ability) is a free escape against the wood towers.

High-Average Tier

: You're gonna have to wait for specific rows, but it's still good damage.

: Standard.

: The damage on these actually skyrockets pretty fast.

: I actually don't mind this! It's easy to press B and negate random wood towers. Just have something to follow it up.

Suck Tier

: Who needs this? Not me.

: Yeah, you trapped him. But now WoodTowers will auto-hit you. Use carefully.

: He's slow, so this can work. But watch your six.

: Weak code with no special reason to use it on this boss. Nope.

BBC News Tier

: You're going to fight a slow Navi with a move that's equally slow? He'll get away from it and never go back to that column with your luck.

: You could be doing so much more with your time.

: Low damage and start up. Not worth the investment for him.


Overview: Worst Navi. He actually has an abusable little trick: The first move always has him set up those ice cubes in the front of your area. It goes from top to bottom, no variation. After the third, he throws a FreezeBomb, and he goes back to random movement. During that little segment is where the bulk of your damage should come from. Note: you can not push the cubes back into him. I learned that the hard way.

Top Tier

: Duh.

: Abuse the first two seconds of his AI to lay down a free 260 damage.

: Break the strangle-hold on your area and deal solid damage all at once.

: Strong Navi BREAKS CUBES

High-Average Tier

: IceMan needs 100 damage at once to flinch. By abusing the first few seconds of his AI, you have an opportunity for 3 whole hits, while comboing with your chips.

: Congratulations, I found a use for you after all!

: Can dash through the IceCubes whilst still not flinching him.

: Requires timing, but it's still 180/240/300 damage.

: I guess.

: Guaranteed to get this off in the first few steps of the match.

: Same code as SharkMan and he even comes to the front for you!

Suck Tier

: These won't push his cubes, you know. Come on, Battle Network 1, you could have made this happen.

: Blocked by the ice cubes and his irregular movement pattern. Rodents hate the cold you know.

: Not a big fan. Causes flinch, so there's less combo potential than the first 2 levels.

Star Trek: Discovery Tier

: I don't even know what to say.

: You are a fantastically idiotic person.

: You aren't hitting anything. ANYTHING.


Overview: Fucking ravenous fanbase shitting up my Discord. But fine, he's probably the most difficult BN1 boss. I can be objective enough to say that. If you have the completely wrong approach, you're going to get run over. What you want is chips that hit globally, or with a wide AOE. One trick you can do is to simply let one shark dash at you, then aim at the fin you think is SharkMan. Since only one fin dashes at you, you have a freebie.

Top Tier

: AUTO TRACKS Free massive damage that timestops. USE! THIS!

: Guaranteed damage and creates holes, stopping the sharks completely and free exposure of the boss.

: Throw this at the start of the match to get a guaranteed 150. You can throw this anytime to also hit 2-3 sharks, which either narrows it down, or gets exposure.

: Same thing as Quake3.

High-Average Tier

: Creates a safe sapce for you against the sharks dashing. But this makes the AquaTower spawn closer to you if you use this chip in the middle column.

: She'll bring up SharkMan for you. Make good use of that opportunity.

: Just like ElecMan, it auto tracks. Free exposure. Due to SkullMan's code nerfs, you'll want to time this more appropriately, though. Hence why it's not in Top Tier.

:: Free hit. Take advantage of your opportunity or feel bad.

Suck Tier

: This will just auto target the first shark, so unless you know he's in the front, don't bother.

: Do you want to stand still while you maybe hit SharkMan for 200? I don't think so.

: You're standing still while you pop up SharkMan with some damage. The issue is your immobility.

A neutral tactical situation. But if you're in a neutral spot, you aren't S-ranking.

Discord Userbase Tier

: SharkMan cares not for your puny barriers.

: Go away and never come back.

: no

: I get lucky with these. You won't.


Overview: SkullMan is a JOKE. He always follows you to your row and launches an attack. That sounds good for a pretty aggressive boss, but his attacks come out way too slow to be a threat. It's like you're fighting a V1. Ridiculous. Due to the fact he opens himself up constantly, almost anything you can think of will work. I rocked Cannons. Cannons.

Top Tier

: Thank you, SkullMan. Thank you for letting me provide a plausible reason to make this chip top tier. You're too predictable. It's only a shame your HP didn't last long enough to get it off!

: Put on Invis, mash A key. Win.

: Put this on and just wait as he can barely have a shot at touching you.

: Why not? No, really.

High-Average Tier

: Embarrass him with chips meant for viruses.

: A bit of a slower choice, but still solid.

: Nope, you're not imagining it. This really is here.

: If you can address the problem of him attacking, this will work out wonderfully for you.

: The video's killshot. And a reliable one at that.

Suck Tier

: Barely in this tier, if only because it pales in comparison to the things that actually work.

: You have to get in front of him, and if you're using Starforce MegaMan, you do run a risk of getting caught mid-use.

: Due to how he attacks and moves, he's less likely to hit a mine.

: It can hit both arms at once. Yippee.

Chinese Government Tier

: SkullMan follows you. Why are you trying to mess that up?

: This has no benefit whatsoever.

: What are you going to do? Hit the arms he throws at you?

: You are not making any sense.


Overview: ProtoMan may seem hard at first to newcomers and players who are otherwise very jumpy. The same trick applies here as it does in my Battle Network 3 video: keep your cool and he can't exploit it. If you use chips in general, he won't block them. His shield is mainly a response to your buster. When he actually attacks, it'll always be a FighterSword. If you see him charging up, then it'll be 3 consecutive WideSwords. He always camps the back, so use that to your advantage.

Top Tier

: If he's gonna camp a whole column, then say hello to the one chip that continuously damages a whole column.

: With a consistent movement pattern and an inability to block when the player isn't using chips, say hello to free damage. Provided you use StarForce MegaMan.

: He won't block this, you know.

High-Average Tier

: Consistent and reliable.

: Bait him to the front with the buster, then lay the smack on him.

: Free damage. I'm not complaining.

: He goes into the front a lot, so it's not a bad choice.

Suck Tier

:: He only camps one column, so good luck landing it.

: Not the most accessible choice, but you can at least bait him into the front with your buster.

: Why are you still using these?

: You're potentially setting yourself up for pain.

Ubisoft Tier

: Too slow to do anything significant.

: You're wasting everyone's time.

: This will trigger his shield. Not what you want.

[img]h[/img]: You have much to learn, noob NetBattler.