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Part 34: Constellations

Now that we've blown up Cygnus a second time, we can move on to the next module.

AC module, huh? Alright, sure. Not sure why this needs an entire module to itself.

AC being Air Circulation? Would be pretty nice to have system redundancies presented in a full module.

I don't even need to show you the Visualizer shot. Everyone already knows that the wave hole is behind this, and we'll need to deal with a problem before we can get there.

Oh no, the almighty "thing in the way". How will we ever navigate this?

The temperature is set to just the right level.

It doesn't seem to be working.

Ah, so this isn't just the AC; this is the entire ventilation control, which makes a little bit more sense to have a module set aside for.

Thanks, game!

: ...way to open it is from the Wave World. I'll look for a wavehole.

We already know where one is, so let's figure out how to move that junk.

...Oh, did we need to trip a flag or something. Boo.

: ...this pile of stuff out of the way. It looks like a lot, but I've gotta try... Hmm...?
: What's up?
: *huff huff* It's kinda hard to breathe. I thought there was supposed to be air in here.
: Maybe there's a problem with the air system.

Hmm. Is that good...?

: How should I know!? But it's gotta be something you can do by yourself, since you're the only one here. If you don't do something fast, you're gonna run out of air!
: What am I supposed to do?

Alright, nobody panic. Something I looked at earlier wasn't working, so let's go take a look at that and see if we can fix it.

I hate ThermoMan. I don't like any of the Navis, honestly, but ThermoMan always strikes me as useless and pointless.

Who are you going to call when your house is just a little too hot or cold? That fucker named PitcherMan? That waste of space ShovelMan? That dumb-shit buttucker named KeyMan? No, you're calling ThermoMan. Eat shit, Yeti.

And I just noticed this and now can never unsee it, but the image on the top screen and the ThermoMan sprite have the colors flipped. Look at the arms.

Right. Anyway, the temperature is perfect. We just need air.

It's correct on the sprite, haha. We have a minor gaffe.

: Much better. Thanks, ThermoMan!
: You're welcome!

There's one thing we need to do first.

It's working now, so when we examine it again a new wavehole opens up.

Nailed it. Where does it go? Probably space. Geo just shoves it to the left and it falls out. There's no wall there. Can you see a wall?

You know, I was gonna say something about Battle Network world's perspective and how it leads to artistic choices like this. But I stopped myself because it's just a simple matter of suspending one's disbelief. But if the devs are just going to lean into that then I have a problem. The sprite could have just been moved to behind Geo and it would have been fine.

There aren't any new encounters in this area. It's pretty small though, so we'll need to jump to the bottom.


Thanks for your hard work, Mr. Hertz.


The only optional thing to do in this wave road is go into the wavehole I opened up earlier.


It's okay, Mr. Hertz. I bet you still have a very important job.

On the upside, NAXA would absolutely want to recover this station, meaning these Hertzes can't be lonely for much longer.

Like candy.

This area has two new enemies in it, and here they both are! (That's the 3rd level of Rhino virus, by the way. Yes, this means we're seeing the Rhino viruses's level 3 before we see the level 2.)

180 damage straight ahead for a pretty long time is really good.

This is the rank for an average player. Are you a filthy average player, Yeti?

I am absolutely average.

Also very good. That being said, I'm not using them. My folder is set up using some cards I don't usually use, so I want to try out new setups.

Good man.

There is also this BMW on the right side, and a second Gatling3 is appreciated.

You know the drill. Time to hop in here.

The entry panel to this dungeon is right at the entrance. If you look up the answer, you can skip the entire thing. Of course, we won't do that.

How the hell? Did you...Counter that fight but not get a Double Delete? Only way I can see you getting a 10 with that time.

I checked the tapes and it was CancerBubbleSP, so a time-stop card got me a double delete.

You might be able to guess by the constellation, but it's Taurus waiting for us. One thing that's pretty neat - the viruses in each of these Comps reflects the viruses we fought in their original comps. So, for Taurus, it's the Bike, Mettenna, and CannonBase viruses, all at level 3.

Neat continuity.

Also, we can see Taurus and wave hello while we run around his dungeon. The jumps are all pretty small, but not many of them cross over the constellation.

This is honestly pretty good because of the prevalence of statuses like: paralyze, freeze, and confuse. Especially since MegaMan's charge attack has the ability to freeze enemies sometimes.

And here's the other half of the reason it's good. Now his charge attack can confuse them, and guarantee I have a target for RadarMissile3.

Anyway, after running through the dungeon, let's put Taurus's constellation password in.


: I guess you guys got past Cygnus. But I'm not letting you get any further! You wanna open the door, you've gotta get by me! Mmmmrrrgh!!

Taurus, this isn't going to end well for you. Just, giving you a warning.

Cygnus should have been second.

: Here he comes!
: Wave Battle! Ride On!!
: I'll turn you into star dust!

I almost feel bad about this. We beat up TaurusFireEX in what, the fifth update? And now my folder is only better.

Welcome to the slaughterhouse.

: that tiny body of yours...?
: I didn't think it was possible until I met him either, but this is the power of trust! Guys like you who can't trust your companions can't understand this power! Bye, bye, Taurus!

: Us FM-ians who only know of loneliness... can't... understand... Omega-Xis... You... really are an...

Wonder what Taurus was trying to say. Maybe, "an idiot"?

You are an Moo. This is pretty self-explanatory.

: No idea. Look, let's just get going!
: O-OK...

And onto the next module.

The Power module, huh? Neat.

: ...way to open it is from the Wave World. I'll look for a wavehole.

: "Kelvin, please repair the power supply lines. This door won't open unless the power malfunction is fixed. The EVA robot is on standby outside. Use the control panel to maneuver it. Thanks! -Steve"

Steve, you could just... fix it yourself, maybe?

Maybe Steve is useless. :v:

: This was written for my dad... EVA robot? Outside repairs? Anyways... Guess I'd better check out the control panel.

: Good grief... It looks hard to operate... EVA stands for Extra Vehicular Activity, right? ...If it can fly around outside, then...

Hmm, I wonder what we'll have to use to solve this puzzle.

: ...for the outside repair robot. Power switch... Is this it...?

: Whee!

As you probably guessed, the Navi that solves this is PropellorMan. With that, we've used all of the Navi cards this chapter.

Anyway, we have to fly the robot around until we find three of these open bits of wiring, exposed.

: OK, time to get fixing! ...Finished! OK, one last spot! Let's go!

No, Geo. I said three. (He says this after the first one as well as the second one, I'm not sure why.)

Geo miscounted. He's allowed to be dumb. Then again, he's smart enough to fix this through the proxy of the robot, then his IQ could very well be like Lan's: 200 :v:

Once we've driven the robot all around, we're done.

: Now the electricity should work...

: Onward!

That was pretty painless, all things considered. each of the modules.

Though I do have to wonder, how the heck did the first two modules have power if there was a malfunction in the wiring?

A malfunction in one spot, perhaps? You'll want a lot of system redundancies if this is your only lifeline in space.

from this generator.

Anyway, let's just pulse in. The wave hole is on the collection of tools on the ground. You know, the one bit of decoration on the floor.

Before we get into the wave road itself, there's a new virus here. Upgrade to BigAx is always nice, even if I'm not using it this run.

Most of the wave road is pretty empty, aside from this HPMem10 tucked away off to the side.

With nothing else, let's jump into the next bit of the dungeon.

This comp has a very even split down the middle, with very similar left and right paths.

The problem is, most of those paths don't let you go across the constellation.

Anyway, you should probably recognize the enemies here.

Purple Ink is very good for reasons we will see in the next room.

170 damage plus paralyze, what's not to love?

I never really used ChainBubble before, but my card deck has become pretty Elec-heavy, so I'm giving it a shot.


And the third in the Bazooka line.

Eventually, we get enough of a glimpse to see the Scales.

This is the only BMW, but it's a nice chunk of Zenny.

The code gate is pretty deep into the path, so it's not far once you figure out the constellation.

: But I won't let you get past me.
: Heh, what's a pair of scales gonna do to us?
: You and your insults. You've just said your last!!

: ...serve you the punishments you deserve. Now, Omega-Xis! Face the punishment of your betrayal!
: Geo!
: Wave Battle! Ride On!!
: The scales have spoken!

I really am glad, by the way, that we don't have to do any weird power of friendship thing like in Battle Network. The final dungeons are Geo and Mega beating up a bunch of FM-ians in their way, and nobody has to come bail them out because they got trapped in a cutscene.

That is nice. I would like to feel that my character is powerful, Battle Network 3(endgame) 6!

Instead, I just get to shoot a scale in the face and be done with it.

: You may have beaten me... but there is nothing but doom and destruction in your future... Andromeda... is wak... ing...

Hey, wanna explain what Taurus was saying? No? Just gonna blow up?

Okay alright then

He was gonna call you a meanie poopiehead.

The screen rumbles.

: Andromeda is almost fully awake...
: We've gotta hurry then!

: Let's go!

Problem solved, door unlocked. Let's head into the next module.

We walk straight into the Cutscene Zone first, though.

: Even without being MegaMan you can tell... Yeah, beyond this door is the FM King... and Andromeda.
: Behind here... But first, we have to get this door open...
: You got it, kid.

We still have one last boss refight to do, you know.