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by GeneralYeti, giver336

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Original Thread: Virus Busting Goes Wireless: Let's Play MegaMan Starforce!



Virus Busting Goes Wireless: Let's Play MegaMan Starforce!

MegaMan Starforce (Ryūsei no Rockman in Japan), or Mega Man Star Force, or Megaman StarForce, or however you want to capitalize it, is the first in a trilogy of games on the DS. You might have found your way here from Giver and I doing LPs of the first series of games, the Megaman Battle Network series; this game is basically that but on Wi-Fi, and explicitly takes place in the same universe just... a little bit further in the future.

I enjoy this game more for the story than the gameplay, but it's by no means a bad game.

Who's who in this comedy of errors?

I'm GeneralYeti, in this font, with my usual partner-in-crime Giver, in bold.

What's this gonna look like?

It's our tried-and-true hybrid format, with screenshots of the game and videos for the bosses.

Table of Contents


-You'll find the majority of the updates here, since it's the game. Story stuff will be here.

Update 1-1: Mean Blue Mother From Outer Space (Part 1)
Update 1-2: Mean Blue Mother From Outer Space (Part 2)
Update 2: Invasion of Privacy
Update 3: Mr. Pork Chops
Update 4: This Is Bull
Update 5: Wait You Mean I Have To Help People?
Update 6: Discount NASA
Update 7: Exhibit A
Update 8: Rabbit Season
Update 9: Duck Season
Update 10: Blues Isn't My Forte
Update 11: Behind the Train
Update 12: It's Just Death Metal
Update 13: Brothers
Update 14: Success
Update 15: Getting Owned to Unlock My Powers
Update 16: THAT Part
Update 17: School Internet Sucks
Update 18: Checks and Balances
Update 19: School's Out
Update 20: School Days
Update 21: Dating Sim
Update 22: Dating Start!
Update 23: Something Something Plane
Update 24: Snake Charmer
Update 25: Trash Island
Update 26: Surprising Offer
Update 27-1: Pat-rayal
Update 27-2: Rey-patal
Update 28: Real Sad Boy Hours
Update 29: No Longer Sad Boy Hours
Update 30: Rematch
Update 31: The One Place That Hasn't Been Corrupted By Capitalism
Update 32: Constellations
Update 33: Sudden Exposition
Update 34: The FM King
Update 35: Postgame, On The Air!
Update 36: Truly Evil Giant


-Content that isn't applicable to the main game but still good to know, like sidequest collections.

Bonus 1: More Temporal Tomfoolery
Bonus 2: Scenario 1 Requests
Bonus 3: Scenario 2 Requests
Bonus 4: Scenario 3 Requests
Bonus 5: Scenario 4 Requests
Bonus 6: Scenario 5 Requests
Bonus 7: Scenario 6 Requests
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