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Part 44: Bonus 6: Scenario 5 Requests

Bonus 6: Scenario 5 Requests


Job: Delivery!
Giver: Savory Delejo

: ...can hardly move with this pain in my hip!
: It looks like that old lady needs help.
: Well, whaddaya say? Help her?
>Yes No
: OK, let's find out what she needs.

: Huh? You want to help with my snack shop? Why, that'd be swell of you, sonny. Age is catching up with me, and I get tired easily so, I'd love to have your help.
: Let's see... It's not much, but... I run a delivery service on the side. Can you bring this ham sandwich to my customer, please?

: The customer is somewhere in Echo Ridge.

Its delicious aroma can travel for miles!

This wasn't always a Ham Sandwich, probably. But who cares.

Her client is this old man.

: Did you bring those[sic] for me? Well, that lady IS pretty old... Thanks, sonny.

: Mmm, mmm. Please give my regards to the superintendent. ...Oh, you didn't know? That old lady used to be the Superintendent. But after she retired she started that little snack shop. She must really love that school.


: Thank you so much! You've been a big help. Here's something for your time, sonny.

: Maybe I'll call on your help again!


Job: Is It Just Me?
Giver: Teresa Tudor

: S-Something's wrong with the temperature c-control system in my classroom. I don't want my darling students t-to catch cold! S-Somebody please d-do something...
: Ms. Tudor's in a jam!
: It could be the work of FM-ians! Should we do something?
>Yes No
: OK! Let's do this!

: Wow, you really know how a lady is feeling! Well it's this classroom. It's so cold in here. I don't want my lovely students to catch colds. Do you think there could be something wrong with the temperature control...?

Talk to her with ThermoMan out.

: Having a cooling problem? W-W-Whooosh!
: I know that voice... It's ThermoMan! Your timing is impeccable. Can you use that card to do something about the temperature in here?

: "ThrmCard" Card In!

: So what'll it be? Hotter or colder?

Hotter, obviously..

: It's a tad nippy in here, isn't it? Let's crank up the heat! Sizzlin'!
: Wow, it's getting warmer in here!
: Hope that's just right for you, madam!
: It is! Thank you so much!! Here's a little something for you!

: Now the kids won't catch a cold!


Job: Lullaby Boy
Giver: Will Knappe

: ...can' get to sleep! At least that's what I'd like to tell you... but the truth is I can hardly stay awake. I hear some kind of lullaby music in my head... My eyes... are... getting heavy..... Zzzzzzzzz
: Mega!
: Zzzzzzzzz
: Could it be some kind of hypno-wave?
: Zzzzzzzzz
: Should we help him?
>Yes No
: OK! Let's go!
: Zzzzzzzzz

Stop pressing the Z key, kid.

: What am I doing sleeping in class? W-Why do you ask that...? C'mon, give me a break. I can't help it. There's some kind of lullaby music coming from the roof... It's making me drowsy...
: It's true! You've got to believe me!

When there's unexplained phenomena, it's usually a Mr. Hertz.


: ...the lullaby has stopped? Really? OK, OK, I believe you. Here's a small thank-you gift.

: Now I can concentrate on my studies!! ......Maybe?


Job: A Little Interference
Giver: Dee Jay

(heh. get it?)

: Recently, there's been a lot of interference in our broadcast signal. Anyone who notices something suspicious should notify the school radio station right away.
: I'll bet that's the work of an FM-ian.
: You're probably right! Do you think we should do something?
>Yes No
: Let's go get unruly!

: You're going to help me with the school broadcast? That'd be nice. Actually, lately there's been a lot of interference. I'd like you to find out where it's coming from. It might have something to do with the waves in this room.

This kid is correct. Wave balls are causing the interference.

: That's gotta be the source of the noise in the broadcast!
: Let's smash it!

Just delete the viruses, like always.

: ...still out there! We've got to find it!!

There are three sets of virus battles. Basically, just make a large loop around the wave road and you'll run into all of them.

: Let's go let the studio guy know.

: ...interference was coming from? Good work! This is for a job well done!

: Why don't you join the broadcasting club?


The following jobs are available now, but only after going through the first cutscene in Scenario 6. You're only really going to have to get through one fight, so I'm including them now to save time.


Job: Lost and Found (2)
Giver: Heidi Rune

: What am I going to do? I lost something my boyfriend gave me as a present... Boo-boo![sic] It has a lot of sentimental value to me! What'll I do if I don't find it? Boo-hoo!!
: Looks like she lost something very important.
: So, do you wanna help her?
>Yes No
: OK, let's do this and get it over with!

: That ring is very important to me. It's a present from my boyfriend... *sigh* I usually don't take it off because of how special it is... Oh, wait... But I did take it off once because I didn't have much of a choice. I think it was when I went bowling...

There's only one bowling-related thing nearby.

Geo got: "Ring"!!

Seriously, how did you miss this.

: That's my ring! Oh, tahnk goodness!! And thank you for finding it!

: I don't know how I would've faced him had he found out I had lost this! Thank you so much! Here's something for your time and trouble!

: Ah, this is such a pretty ring!


Job: Can You Hear Me Now?
Giver: Collin Waytin

: I can't get a signal on my cell phone! How am I supposed to get in touch with my clients? They will be expecting my call... It's over! I'm going to lose my job! Somebody help me!
: Should we help that guy out?
>Yes No
: OK, let's make it quick!

: I wonder what's wrong? My Transer's phone seems to be OK... I was trying to call my customer just now, but I couldn't get through. Maybe there's something wrong with the reception? Hmm, not good at all...

For the first time, it actually IS FM-ians causing trouble.

: What are you doing!?
: What the? You? We are enjoying this EM wave storm. We won't allow you to interfere!!
: Here they come, get ready!!

Three fights in a row.

: That guy's phoen will probably work now...

: My phone call just now suddenly went through! ...What? You fixed it? Wow, you may be a kid, but you know your stuff! Here you go. A little reward for your time.

: Now to make that call about my work...


Job: Young Love (2)
Giver: Indy Darke

: Lately I've been worried that my girlfriend is... you know, hiding something. I can't go on worrying like this.
: That guy really seems troubled.
: Humans sure are delicate, aren't they?
: I guess we could go and ask him what's wrong...
: If you really want to...
>Yes No
: What a pain in the youknowhat[sic]!

: See, lately, my girlfriend's been kinda cold. And I think she may be hiding something... What should I do? I couldn't stand it if she left me! I think my girlfriend is over there somewhere.

Truly, a healthy relationship on display here.

His girlfriend is Heidi Rune, wherever she is when you do this job.

: My boyfriend doesn't know it, but I'm taking cooking lessons to learn how to cook for him!

: She's taking cooking lessons for my sake? O-Oh... I'm sorry! I should've trusted her! Thank you for finding out the truth. I feel so much better now. Here, take this.

: Wow, I can't wait to try her cooking!

Shitty communication skills kill relationships. Talk to your significant other instead of being suspicious.

This is written on the inside cover: "ROHNATPE"

Cipher reward: HeatBall3 card


Job: Quiz Girl
Giver: Donna Query

: ...take my latest quiz! The first person to answer all of my questions will win a fabulous prize!
: Quiz, huh? Should I give it a try?
>Yes No
: OK! Let's go and get that fabulous prize!

: What? Ah, I see... Ha ha ha. You're very perceptive to have figured out that I am a lover of quizzes! In that case, I will sing for you... this theme song! *ahem*

: Who called the Quiz Queen! It's OK to say! It's OK to play! Hey Hey! Ho Ho! Quiz Power! It's time to go! Care to try a Quiz Battle with me?

: Here we go! Question 1: The attack power of a Cannon and a HeatBall1 is?

: That's right! OK, question 2! AMAKEN has which one of the following?

: Yup! Time for question 3! How many telescopes do they have at AMAKEN?

: Nice one! On to question 4! Bud's last name, Bison, is related to what animal?

: Perfect! Question 5! Who's the owner of the card shop, Big Wave?

: Cool! Next one coming at you! What number question is this?

: Very good! Here's question 7 for you! 3 + 4 - 5 + 1 = ?

: Yeah! Question 8 is ready to go! 1 + 1 + 2 + 1 - 3 + 1... How many 1's did I say just now?

: Awesome! Question 9, on the line! Class 5-A has how many students in all?

: OK! Last one! Here we go! Question 10: Which card has the highest attack power?

: N-No way! I can't believe you got them all right... I... lost. Well, this is for you, the winner.

: I bet you have more brain power than just that!

Whew. Quiz 2 down. That's... a lot.

We're gonna jump up to the Event Stage and work downwards, thanks to the wavehole pulse in point; it's just easier to do them in this order.

Job: Hide and Sssseek
Giver: Prof. Snake

: Sssome of my preciousss sssnakesss have esssscaped!
: Oh, no! That guy's snakes got away! Should I do something?
>Yes No
: Snakes aren't really my cup of tea... Oh well.

: ...terrible... Three very rare and valuable sssnakes have gone missing! What a predicament!

They're always in the same spots.

: ...the missing ssssnakes!!
Geo gave "Python" "KingSnke" and "CornSnke" to the professor!
: Thank you ssso much!! You really sssaved the day. Thisss is for you.

: I'm ssso relieved.

Looking closely, there's something written: "IPHAUEOEUNQC"

Cipher reward: TailBurnr3 card


Job: The Importance of Family
Giver: Vaughn Platz

: ...importance of family. But I just don't ever have any time. I wish it weren't always like this. I'm sorry, Luna. We'll spend time together after I take care of this.
: Hmm, should I talk to him?
>Yes No
: Alright! Here we go.

: I wanna thank you again for the other day. By the way, I'd like to ask a favor of you. I'm planning to open a Mowa Mowa exhibition, and I'm calling it, "Mowai Expo". I would like to cover an entire wall with "MoaiFall1" cards! But I don't have enough of them. You wouldn't, by any chance, happen to have say, five or so that you could give me, now would you? I'll definitely make it worth your while.

If you don't have these from the Ophiuca scenario, a good grinding spot is the Mowa Mowa comp.

I was lucky and had them already.

: This is a gift from Nacys!

: I'd better start setting up!


Job: Little Slugger
Giver: Sluger Park

: I'm gonna keep trying till[sic] I beat this game! Because I'm gonna be a Big-leaguer!
: That kid's got spunk! Maybe I should give him a hand?
>Yes No
: OK, let's do it. If only you had that much spunk.
: Uh...

(Undoctored image. It really is just the word "Say", with no punctuation.)
: You know that video arcade over there? Well, they have this really hard baseball game. If you actually win, you get this really cool baseball card! Boy, do I want that card! Do you think you could beat it for me, and get me that baseball card?

: Oh! It started!

This all happens on examination. It's not a playable minigame.

: I, I lost... This is hard.

This is a baseball game. To beat it, naturally, examine the game with Pitcherman out.

: When it comes to baseball leave it to me. It'll do exactly what we say!

: We won!!
: Easy as pie!
: Oh, a card came out.

: For me?

: Yes! Thank you! You can have this!

: I'm gonna show this off to all my friends!


Job: Clueless Grampa
Giver: Homer Park

: My grandson's birthday is coming soon, and I have no idea what to get him...
: That old man looks like he needs help.
: Couldn't we just ask that grandson guy?
: It's better for these things to be a surprise. We can't just go up and ask him.
: Humans are such a pain! So, are we gonna help him or what?
>Yes No
: ...Humans are such a pain!

: The thing is... It's my grandson's birthday, and I want to get him a present. But, I want it to be a surprise, so I can't just come out and ask him what he wants, if you catch my drift... I'd like you to take a look inside his Transer without him knowing and find out what he wants. He should be over there playing.

We have to go check out his Transer. I get that the game needs to give you direction, but this old man shouldn't know we can do that...

: I really want a baseball glove. I wonder if Grandpa will get me one?

: So, he wants a baseball glove, eh? OK! I'm gonna get him the best glove they make! Thank you! Here, have this.

: Hmm, do they sell baseball gloves here, I wonder.


Job: The Importance of Family (2)
Giver: Veil Platz

: ...importance of family. I know that I should try to do more for Luna, but I never was really good at... you know... Oh, I need help.
: Family... I wonder if I should offer to help her?
>Yes No
: Oh, well... Here we go.

: How do you do? ...Uh? Is something bothering me? Yes, as a matter of fact. You're very perceptive! Since the incident, I have rethought a lot. I've decided to be more of a mother to Luna. You know, I was so busy with work that I hardly ever cooked for her at all! I would like to make her something special, but I'm not very good at cooking. I wish there was someone who could teach me...
: (Hmm... my mom is a good cook...)

I know the implication is that Luna had frozen meals, but I like the thought that she just never ate anything, ever.

: The secret of what? Cooking? OK, take this. It might come in handy.

: It's one of a kind! *giggle*

: A "Recipe"? If I may be so bold, can I have it?

: ...I see. This is perfect! I'll go home and give it a try. Here you are.

: Please be a good friend to Luna!

This is written on the back side: "KNIGSPIAREM"

Cipher reward: FlickrKck3 card


Job: The Haunted Mirror
Giver: Kurt Taylor

: You know, those blue fluffy inhabitants of the netherworld. They sometimes cross over to... Observe us! How c-creepy! Aaagh!
: Looks like this guy's got major problems...
: Do you think... it could be a ghost?
: What? Are you getting scared now too?
: N-no. Of course n-not...
: Humph, well? You wanna help him?
>Yes No
: Alright, he-he! Let's go find outwhat[sic] that ghost really is.
: ...Y-Yeah.

: ...Huh? Are we getting customer complaints? Yes, that's right! It's the same complaint over and over. They say there's something in the fitting room mirror. But I've looked and I don't see anything. I'm telling you it's a mystery.


The rare jerk Mr. Hertz.

: of? That's wonderful!! Please accept this token of thanks from all of us here at Nacys.

: That should take care of those complaints.

Something is written on the back. "ISNBDUBO"

Cipher reward: Cloaker subcard


Job: Remodeling Your Door
Giver: Rheema Deller

: ...front entrance, but I'm having trouble deciding what kind of automatic doors to put in...
: I wonder if I could be of some help...
: Well? Wanna go and talk to her?
>Yes No
: OK. Let's do this job and split.
: Hmm, remodeling...

: Oh? You're not here to shop? Then, to what do we owe the pleasure? ...Uh? Are we going to remodel the entrance? Why, yes. You're very well informed! We are still trying to decide on the design, something simple or something with impact! Do you know someone who could give us some advice?

The solution is to talk to her with Keyman, because "[He] can handle any door in the way!" which makes him a door expert or something. Look, I don't make the rules.

: ...automatic doors? ...Wonderful! Where is he?
: Here I am!
: The KeyMan card! I see, KeyMan can give us advice on our doors! Well, what do say[sic], KeyMan?
: Hmm.... Well the thing to keep in mind when you're replacing any door is security. Of course, looks are important... but keeping burglars out should be your main concern.
: I see... You do make a very good point! We'll certainly keep that at the top of our list of priorities! Please take this token of our appreciation.

: I'll call the remodelling company right away!


Job: The Little Old Lady
Giver: Annie Olde

: This store is big. I might never be able to find my way around this place.
: It looks like that lady's lost or something.
: Yeah, even I get lost in department stores.
: Do you think we should help?
>Yes No
: OK, let's get this over with.
: I hope I don't get lost...

: An old woman like me could get lost in a place like this. I wonder if there is something that would help me not get lost?

: With this, even that old woman can't get lost. ...OK, I'll give it to her.

Geo clearly has not been a part-timer in retail, or he wouldn't have even this small amount of faith in an average customer.

: A floor guide? For me?

: Thank you! I won't get lost with this! I hope you'll accept this... It isn't much.

: Thank you, sonny.


A small break, while going to AMAKEN:

: Delivery Bro 1!
: And today! We are!
: Here again!
: Not working!



Job: Talent Scouts
Giver: Chrys Golds

: Money makes the world go 'round! Ever since Sonia left, I've been low on work and low on MONEY! Can't somebody help me find a new STAR!?
: ...Hmm, should I talk to him?
>Yes No
: OK... But I don't like this guy. He's bad news.

: Hmm? What am I doing here? Well, er, um ever since Sonia left, I've been low on work. So, I'm pretty much acting as a talent scout right now. Say, you wouldn't happen to know any talented, cute, young girls who could take Sonia's place now, would you? I'd love for you to help me out and do some scouting for me! Whaddaya say?

This guy's a creep.

: Tee hee hee... Do you think I'm pretty enough? You do? Well, I guess it can't hurt to try... Do you think you could put in a good word with that talent scout for me?

: Wow, you work fast!! I'm impressed... This is for you.

: You said she's in Time Square? OK, I'm on my way.

Take the scumbag's money.