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Part 43: Bonus 5: Scenario 4 Requests

Bonus 5: Scenario 4 Requests

(note: This isn't all of the ones that can be accepted right now, but the ones I don't cover here require you to be done with the next scenario)


Job: He's on Fire!
Giver: Lei Zeek

: The Ace must be in a slump. At this rate, we'll lose the game for sure! Ohhh, what should I do?
: Is it just me, or is it hot in here?
: Well he IS "on fire", you know.
: Speaking of burning pitches, do you still have that PitcherMan card?
: Yeah, I have it.
: Wanna use it to help him out?
>Yes No
: OK, let's do it!

: I just can't get it right! Huh? What am I doing? I'm an ace pitcher on my baseball team, but I can't seem get [sic] my fastball right. At this rate, we'll lose the game again! Somebody please help me!!

The requests have the highest rate of typos and errors. I guess it makes sense, they're optional after all.

Just talk to Lei again with PitcherMan open. A reminder that you can use the Select button to scroll through your top screens.

: What? Who said that? Ah! That was the PitcherMan card!
: Let me show you the secret of pitching. Do you have a pitching machine around here?
: Huh? Uh, yeah. I think there's one in the Gym.

: That's what makes a pitch great! I'll even show you, so get your glove ready!!

Press button.

: W-Wowwww!!

: That isn't something just anyone can do! Thank you! I'm gonna keep on practicing now!

: Wow! 95 miles per hour!


Job: Doesn't This Seem Familiar...
Giver: Holly Wacher

(Hall Watcher)

: ...Elementary Student Council, and quite frankly, I'm having a problem with habitually tardy students. There is a certain egregious offender in particular.
: Man, she's scary!
: Yeah, be careful! She could be a problem for you! You are a habitual truant, you know!
: Hey...
: You might be the offender she's talking about.
: I wonder if I should find out?
>Yes No
: He, he, he! She might getcha!
: ...I hope not.
: OK! Let's go find out.

: ...What? Am I having trouble with a student? Yes, that's right. His name.[sic] is Lei. He's always late, and never does his work. It is my duty as a senior member of the student council to give him a stern talking to...
: Rats! He got away again. Where in the world could he be? I think he took off towards the Gym... Would you go find him for me?

We just talked to Lei.

He's up here.

: My name's Lei. Did you need me for something? What? ...Did you say that student council chick is looking for me? As usual, she's being a pain in neck[sic]. Could you do me a favor and tell her to buzz off!
: And one more thing. Tell her that she's never gonna find a husband if she doesn't stop annoying people!

: ...What? He told you to "buzz off"!? That's unacceptable! ...What else did he say? What? He said to tell me that I'll never find a husband!? Why that little...! What does he know anyway!? Lei is...
: ...... ...Huh? My face is all red? I-It's just your imagination! I-I'm going to go deal with him myself now!

: A husband, huh?

Ah, youth.


Job: Show Your Spirit!
Giver: Blair Loude

: ...Echo Elementary. I am finishing the new school song. But I am having just a little trouble with a few of the lyrics.
: ...That guy irks me.
: I had no idea he was like this at first.
: So, do you wanna help him?
>Yes No
: I bet you're interested, aren't you?
: Writing songs sounds kinda fun.
: Oh well, let's go and talk to him.

: Did you want to talk to me about something? Oh, you knew I was writing the our[sic] new school song? Well, your timing couldn't be better. Would you like to give me a hand?
>Yes No
: OK, I'll sing it, and you can help me choose the right words... Ah... *ahem* Here I go...

: In the town of Echo Ridge sits
: a school house that's...

: That's our school!
: The students are all so...

: And the teachers are all so...

: That's our school!
: Echo... Echo... Echo...
: We love you Echo...

: ...Oh[sic] Ohhhh! That wasn't bad at all! I think I can work with that! I really appreciate this. Thanks to you, our new school song is going to be dynamite! And we just may attract some more students! Ha ha ha. But, let's keep that between me and you. *wink*

The president: Still a garbage piece of shit.

: This is for you.

: This will bring more students in for sure!


Job: Quiz Time!
Giver: Triv Query

: ...will win a fabulous prize!
: Quiz? Should I give it a try?
>Yes No
: OK! Let's go and get that fabulous prize!

Time for a series staple.

: You're very perceptive to have figured out that I am a lover of quizzes! OK, then. Something special just for you! I will now sing the Quiz Theme Song, which has been passed down for the past 200 years! *ahem*

: It's OK to say! It's OK to play!
: Hey Hey! Ho Ho! Quiz Power! It's time to go!
: Care to try a Quiz Battle with me?
>Yes No

: Which shoes would you wear in the rain?

If you answer wrong, like this:

: Nope! I'm sorry! That was an incorrect answer!

And then you can talk to him again to start over.

: Correct!! And now on to Question #2. What is the attack power of PlasmaGun1?

: Correct!! And now for Question #3. Where are we right now?

: Correct!! An[sic] now for Question #4. The "SmEnrgy" SubCard recovers how many HPs?

: Correct!! And here's the final question, Question #5. What does a snake do?

: Wow! I didn't think you'd get them ALL right! Y-You're pretty amazing. Well, here's your prize.

: I'll have to think up some new questions.


Cipher reward: SrchEye SubCard.


Job: This Little Light of Mine
Giver: Job Goode

: I'm trying to change all of the light bulbs, but there's no way I can get all of them changed by myself. Boy, am I in trouble.
: Wow, he's a hard worker.
: Working that hard for the benefit of someone else... I really can't understand human behavior.
: I wonder if I should help him.
>Yes No
: Oh? Well let's go if you're really up to it.

: And... I was asked to change a light bulb that's out in the Gym. But I can't do it right now 'cause I'm in the middle of something... Could you take care of it for me?
: Really!? That'd be great! OK. Here's a light bulb.

: The light is in the Gym on the second floor balcony.

: ...boy was talking about... All I have to do is switch the bulbs.

: Hmm? Why is it still not working?
: I bet something else is making it not work. Hey, look here! You can pulse into this. Let's pulse in and see what we've got, kid.

: So they're the reason the light won't work...
: OK, let's do it!!
: Right!

It's the same reason nothing else in this game works right the first try.

A simple fight, especially by now. ZapAces are not a threat at all.

: I should let that kid know.

: Really? Thanks!! Here, take this!

: See? My job isn't very easy, is it?

Something is written next to the school pic: "SIXGAME-O"

Cipher reward: D. Enrgy SubCard


Job: Forgot Something?
Giver: Ema Nesia

: Help me, Bros! I can't find it! How am I supposed to open that without it? I'm a complete bonehead!
: It looks like that girl has a problem.
: You sure are outspoken when a girl's involved!
: But she's in trouble. Shouldn't I help her?
>Yes No
: Yeah, yeah... Well, let's get on with it!

: I set my locker combination and wrote it down on a piece of paper but... I lost it... And now I can't get my locker open. I know I had it until I went to the bathroom...

This child is the return of every Battle Network sysadmin ever.

Geo got: "Note"!!

Well that was easy.

: You found my combination!! Thank you so much!

: Oh yeah! My combination is 130! I chose it because my birthday is January 30th. Now I can open my locker! Oh, by the way! Um, do you have a "KeyCard"? It'd be great if you could use it to open my locker for me...

: This is for you!

: I've got to be more careful from now on!

In tiny letters, this is written on it: "ALPTUNZLA"

Cipher reward: Unlocker SubCard


Job: One and Only
Giver: Rad Contre

: thing missing... Someone to play with. It's so hard to find a good RC flying partner!
: ...You, don't you have one of those RCs?
: ...Yeah, but...
: Go on...!
: ...What?
: Be that kid's flying partner!
>Yes No
: You're not such a cold guy after all. Let's go.

: ...Club at this school? Oh, wait... ...How could you know that? I'm the only member. Doesn't anyone besides me like RCs?

The answer is, as usual, have PropellerMan out when you talk to him.

: no RC Club.
: I'll join the RC Club!
: Ohh! Was that Propellerman's voice I heard coming from your Transer? So you're into RCs too!? You'd like to join?

: I'd love to!!
: T-Thank you. I'm so happy, I could cry... *sniffle* This is to welcome you as a new member.

: *sniffle* There is hope for this club after all.

...written in among all the pictures: "ILABCLERSAS"

Cipher reward: D. Enrgy SubCard


Job: Teach the Teacher
Giver: Barry Square

Minor note on this job: You can accept the job before the first cutscene of scenario 5, but you can't complete it until after the first cutscene. I'm still including it in this update.

: I can't take it. Maybe I should just quit... How can I ever become a popular teacher like Mitch Shepar? But there's no way I could even hold a candle to him.
: That guy's all mixed up!
: Yeah... But I kinda feel bad for him, ya know. I wonder if I should help him.
>Yes No
: It's probably no use talking to somebody that mixed up, but oh well...

: Huh? What am I doing? Well, being a teacher is new to me, and... to be honest, I was wondering what I can do to be popular with the students. you[sic] know? I just want them to like me.

: ...who's already popular what I should do. Who's the most popular teacher at this school?

This is the reason you can't complete it until the first cutscene. Shepar isn't on the map until then.

After the cutscene, he's here.

: I've been working with kids for many years now, and I can say that it's important to try to see the world from their perspective.

: Really!? Mr. Shepar told you the secret to being a popular teacher? Tell me, please!

: Hmm, so I should try to see things from a student's perspective... That's great advice! Thanks a million! Please take this.

: Now I see the light!