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Part 4: Metal Gear Part Four: Captured

Metal Gear Part Four: Captured

When we left off, Solid Snake had just been captured so that he could get to Grey Fox. Looks like that didn't work out so well, because the enemy just put him into an isolated cell with no doors. Which I suppose means that they just built the entire cell around Solid Snake.

Big Boss calls Snake to say the infiltration was successful? What? There's no goddamn way this was originally planned. Big Boss also says to check the walls, but I don't know what good it's going to do.

When they captured us, the enemy took our equipment, including Snake's “Cig's”. So he has no way to get through a wall.

Wait, nevermind. Solid Snake can just fucking punch through the wall here. I don't even know what to do with that. It's insane.

Through the wall that Snake punched out, we find a POW in blue. How come Snake wasn't tied up?

Fucking finally.

walking tank adaptable to any terrain. When complete it enables nuclear attacks from any location on earth. Destroy it before then. There's only one way to destroy Metal Gear. The developer, Dr. Pettrovich knows it... He's somewhere in this building. Find Dr. Pettrovich!

Well, now we know about Metal Gear and have another objective. Normally, it would make sense to tell command about this development. As for Grey Fox, here's the manual's take on the man:

Metal Gear MSX Manual posted:

His codename is GREY FOX, aka "Ashen Tod".
He is considered as a sort of leader in FOX-HOUND due to his durable physiques and superb intelligence.
He has a "FOX" title, the highest honor for a FOX-HOUNDER.
His contact was lost after he infiltrated OUTER HEAVEN.
I guess he's supposed to be pretty good at FOX-HOUNDing. Still not as good as Snake, though, or he wouldn't have been captured.

But Big Boss continues to be the absolute worst CO. Where does he even go that he can't answer calls?

You might have noticed that there's no door to Grey Fox's cell. To a lesser man, that would be a problem. Solid Snake just punches his way out.

Outside the cell, this lovely green floor tile is introduced. There also aren't a lot of places to go, so let's see what's to the right.

Who the fuck are you?

(Fun fact: I guess the screenshot on this one got messed up. What it says ingame is I'm Shoot Gunner!!.)

This is Shoot Gunner, who shares this useful information with Solid Snake.

Metal Gear MSX Manual posted:

Former member of Spetsnaz and and the master of riot guns. He is the warden of the secret solitary cell.
Shoot Gunner is the first boss of Metal Gear. The picture I included with the bio is the insignia of Outer Heaven. A four-eyed flying skull with a swastika tattoo. The man who designed that doesn't give a fuck about anything.

Of course, the other thing that's important for a boss fight is boss music, so here you go:

Let's see what our support team has to say.

It's hidden in one of the rooms. Punch around to find it!

Big Boss doesn't tell us jack about Shoot Gunner himself, but at least he's not on the can this time. Diane is supposed to have enemy information, so let's try her, too.

It's important to be clean if you need to support a mission to take down a crazy dictator. Diane knows where it's at.

I could call Schneider, but he'd probably just tell Snake about gas masks or missiles or something. Schneider is the worst. Let's just get on with the fight.

If you click here, you can see the glorious battle against Shoot Gunner in motion!

The first step is to punch this door open (it doesn't work unless you punch it. I don't know why.).

Inside, you find a bag of your gear.

Checking it, though, you'll find a bug. If you don't trash the bug, it calls guards to wherever you are.

(Another fun fact: if you ignore Grey Fox in the cell and just run to Shoot Gunner's room to grab your stuff, you can take your weapons back and kill Grey Fox. This makes the game unwinnable, though, because it lowers your class and you can't make up the difference.)

The second step is to equip R/C missiles and fire them at Shoot Gunner's face. After four missiles, he explodes without any fanfare or backstory or anything. Alas, Shoot Gunner, we hardly knew ye.

The other room contains ammo and card 3.

Which is exactly what we need to get out of here. Now, Solid Snake just needs to find Dr. Pettrovich, learn how to destroy Metal Gear and then, uh, I guess do that. Easy as pie.