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Part 10: IdeaSpy 2.5: Episode 3

Communicator Entertainment Program "IdeaSpy 2.5 (Two-point-five)" Episode 3! <In the previous episode....> Against all odds, Two-point-five succeeds in infiltrating the junk factory run by J.E., the catalogue of conspiracies. But a shadowy figure of a woman emerges in front of him! Will Two-point-five triumph!?


....Is it the enemy, Two?
I don't know. She's coming this way.

Clop, clop, clop...

Woman: It's Two-point-five, isn't it?
How....Who're --
Don't you remember? We were at IdeaSpy Academy together. It's me, Call Now.
Call? Jeez, how many years has it been?
Don't you touch me! I haven't forgiven you yet!
You're still mad? About me buying a ton of infomercial products with your credit card?
And sending me the ton of stuff that didn't work out to me house.
Well, I thought you'd be glad to....
Oh, who do you think you're fooling! What kind of an idiot would be glad to have an 'Even-an-Elephant Storage Box?' All it is that it's bigger than an elephant!
Gosh, sounds like you were pretty out of control, Two?
I was young....
I faked being an employee of this factory. I've been waiting all this time for you just so I can get even with you!
So you must know your way around here, Call.
What if I do? You're not getting any help from me.
I love you, Call. Always have.
Help me out here.
....No way.
Nice and easy, Two, you've almost got her!



What is it, Two?
Machine gun! We're under attack!
It's the armed guards!


Our health isn't going to get any better sticking around. Call, let's call it a truce. Show me the way into the factory, please!
The hell I will!


We'll both get killed! Come on!
All right, all right! This way!


Okay, 714. We're going in.
Watch yourself, Two. It's even more dangerous inside!


To be continued.