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Part 23: Episode XVII: Dying Dodo

Welp, that's two members of Black Chamber down. These guys aren't nearly as resilient as Fox-Hound. By this point in Metal Gear Solid, Revolver Ocelot had gotten shot a half dozen times, had C4 go off in his face, and lost an arm. And Vulcan Raven had a tank explode while he was sitting in it and they were both still trucking. I suppose you get when what you pay for with low rent superpowered mercenary groups.

Snake walks up to the fallen Marionette Owl and kneels down...

Black Chamber Death

"When I was 12... Laura was murdered... by some madman, a psycho... And I was the one who found her... Scattered - all over the field. Laura's white hands, thighs, dark entrails... That image was burned into the back of my eyes- even now, in my sleep every night... In that moment... something snapped inside me. Taken over by a strange compulsion... And soon, I found myself called a serial killer too... I loved those women, I really did... That's why I had to kill them, there was nothing else to be done... Can you understand that?"
"Like hell I can."
"I thought not. But Viper was different. Viper took me in when I was cornered by the FBI. He forgave me for my sins... Black Chamber gave me a way to sate the mad hunger in my mind. I became the perfect assassin...

Owl's eyes narrow...

"...and laced my madness with lust for vengeance. There will be no absolution for you..."
"For what?"

"...that hell, but he won't use his prosthetics, not usually. Do you know why?"
"Wait, is he waiting for an arm graft from one of you after you die...?"
"...What? No. W...why would anyone do that...?!"

"Because every time he looks at the stump, he can remember his lost comrades and vow vengeance on 'Anonymous' all over again..."
"Ha, ha, ha- His madness surpasses even my own... And that's why I can believe it..."

"No more dreams of that field... Ah - Laura! Over here, I'm -"

"Please, you can't!!!"

Marionette Owl dies...

And so Marionette Owl is condemned to the fires of hell as Snake swaggers off to the next mission. So... yup. A story of a twelve year old boy finding the dismembered corpse of his sister scattered around a field followed by the realization he's going straight for hell for being a monster. Also 4Chan is somehow involved with everything going on...

Rated E for Everyone!