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Part 44: IdeaSpy 2.5: Episode 12

Communicator Entertainment Program "IdeaSpy 2.5 (Two-point-five)" Episode 12! <In the previous episode....> 2.5 discovers a cache of cardboard boxes in the factory basement of that catalogue of conspiracy, J.E. Corporation. But every single box proves to be empty! Where is 'D-People-E-O, Fine Humanoid Robot for the Home'!? And who is the mysterious stranger!? Stay cool, 2.5 (Two-point-five)!


Two-point-five, you've kept me waiting too long!
Who is this!?
K-mart shoppers may not have been paying attention, but you Two-Point-Five, should remember that you tailed me here to junk factory --
The CEO of 'Junker Expensive,' ZeroPayment-Down!
What!? Where is D-People-E-O!?
Unfortunately, production has not yet started. But the parts are stacked all around you.
What? You mean that these boxes themselves are a part of D-People-E-O!?
Oh! Two-point-five, look! On the side of the box....
W-what is this!
There's a face drawn on it!!
Ha-ha-ha. Now you understand. In that case, I'll let you in on this too. It's the prototype D-People-E-O!

Thump, thump, thump....

Bonjour, hello, I am D-People-E-O.
T-this can only be....
A person with a cardboard box over his head!
But why would anyone sell something like this!?
Beep, bip, blip, beep. Hello, hello, is this J.E.?
It's saying something.
Making a phone call?
I would like to place an order 10 'Bod Beds.' Please ship them overnight express. Thank you, click.
Ha-ha! Surprised? Once a D-People-E-O is installed in a home, they order J.E. products by the dozens! Now we will no longer have to wait for orders to come in. Sales are truly assured!!
How exploitative can you be!?
More like, how can you expect something this stupid to work?
Say what you like! By placing a D-People-E-O in every home, the sale of the 'Bod Bed' will go from 1 to tens of thousands!
O-one? You only sold one?
714, looks like you're the only one in the whole wide world who fell for the Mr. Huggy Bear Body Pillow ploy and bought the 'Bod Bed.'
Damn it, Two! Stop messing around and destroy that plant right now!
All right. This other ultra-compact fashion-tint contact lens-shaped explosive should take care of -- Zero Payment-Down and D-People-E-O!!
Nooo, dooon't!!!



Hurry, Call! The basement plant is collapsing!
What? But that's inconsistent! The impact is too different from when you used it on the tank!
I don't have time to explain! Just hurry!


Okay, as long as we get out on that elevator....!
Wait, Two-point-five!
What is it!?
Don't you remember? Only one person can go up on this! And there's no time for two round trips!!



To be continued.