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Part 47: IdeaSpy 2.5: Episode 13

Communicator Entertainment Program "IdeaSpy 2.5 (Two-point-five)" Episode 13 (Finale)! <In the previous episode....> 2.5 finally uncovers the truth behind D-People-E-O in the factory basement of that catalogue of conspiracy, J.E. Corporation. Having destroyed the underground plant, he attempts to escape with Call Now, but the return elevator has a one-passenger capacity! What next, 2.5 (Two-point-five)!



This is no time to hesitate. Call, get on!
What? But Two-point-five, what about you!?


Oh! Two-point-five!?
Call, be careful of too much shopping....!


Oh.... Two-point-five....


The underground plant is going to explode....!


I'm above ground.... It's safe....

You all right, Call?
Wha --??
That was a close one. My foot got caught in the cable of that elevator cage you were in and it pulled me all the way up here.
Two-point-five! How lucky can we get!?
Hey, watch it, I'm pretty sooty. You'll get it all over yourself if you keep doing that.
Who cares! I don't care!
Wait a second, Two. If the elevator can't carry more than one, wouldn't it still be over the limit if there was another person hanging from the cable!?
714, I learned something important from this mission.
No, answer my question!
The crime of defrauding ordinary people and selling them worthless junk at high price is of course inexcusable. But the people must also learn to distinguish junk from something with worth. Someday, they will learn to stand up and buy on their own without our help -- I choose to believe that.
Don't you try to bring things to a satisfying conclusion with a likely speech!
I agree with you, Two-point-five. I have no idea where you got the impression that there was a moral in this whole thing, but you're right.
So, Call, what now?
Well, Two-point-five. Why don't we start by going back to my place and start looking at catalogues together? Some new ones arrived yesterday.
Sounds good. We can take time and pick out furniture and stuff for our house.
We'd better be careful, make sure we don't get stuck with junk.
Oh, Two-point-five....
Let's go.
Just wait a second, Two! This doesn't make sense! Two-point-five! IdeaSpy Two-point-five!!!