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Part 56: Special Missions - Mark the Landmines in Time!

Special Missions - Session 8: Mark the Landmines in Time!

Stage 8 beacons. This is the first half of the power plant. An area full to the brim with electric floors, gun cameras, and large angry men that pop a boner when thinking about people burning. Let's get this lovely business over with, eh?

Comm Base (MGS: Portable Ops)

Stage 8 - Mission 1!

"You BLEW me up!!"
"I beg your pardon?"
"The last mission. You blew me up. With artillery! What the hell happened to 'survive 60 seconds'?!"
"I merely said that surviving sixty seconds would be an adequate amount of time for someone of your standing to persevere. I didn't say operations would cease. After all, that would be an unfair test of your abilities. What if you could survive a whole TWO minutes under artillery fire?"
"I couldn't!"
"And now you know more about yourself than ever. You should thank me. Anyway, onto the mission."

"Clear this stage in under 750 seconds."
"Would it kill you to just tell me the time limit in minutes?"
"Basic mathematics is also a skill needed for any good soldier."

So we have 12 and a half minutes to make it through this massive clusterfuck slog of a stage AND beat Pyro Bison. I did it in...24 and a half minutes during the main run...

But I fucking suck with Nikita missiles and about ten minutes of that time probably came from trying, and failing, to take out assorted panels with those. The real annoying thing about this stage is twelve and a half minutes is a pretty good chunk of time and there's no indicator in the remaining seconds left until No.4 calls up with a big "Fuck you, you fail!"

Nice guy...

Stage 8 - Mission 2!

"...means the difference between vic-"
"Find the Fox-Hound patches, right?"
"Well, I see someone is impatient. Yes. Find the hidden emblems. I guess I'll need to become a bit more inventive in the future."
"You know what? Finding hidden icons on the map is just fine by me."
"Tut! I'll hear nothing of it."

The original pre-Metal Gear Solid retconning Fox-Hound emblem was silly.

The Outer Heaven seal...? Significantly less so...

"As he eventually admitted, Campbell was blackmailed into participating in the Galuade offensive by Gardner. But that wasn't the only reason: though Campbell said nothing about it, his niece Meryl, an Army soldier, was apparently taken hostage to guarantee his co-operation."
"Of course nobody was aware that she was less his 'niece' and more his 'illegitimate daughter from sleeping around with his brother's wife'. Quite a few skeletons in the Colonel's closet, no? Keep that factoid to yourself. Wouldn't want to strain family relations due to gossip. No class in that..."

Stage 8 - Mission 3!

"...standing even with the use of limited weapons. Take Bison down using only landmines."
"I figured after that ugly business with the minefield, you could use a bit of venting. Enjoy!"

So we're given fifty landmines and told to go at it against Bison. The strategy here is pretty much picking a corner of the room, spamming landmines (five can be laid at a time) and running around in circles while Bison shuffles in a blows off his shins repeatedly. Bison's path finding is pretty much walking straight in the direction of Snake when he's far away. So it's really easy to bait the jerk into traps.

Of all the weapon limitations to have, this is pretty much the easiest outside grenades only. Oh well, at least they didn't do something dickish like Nikita missiles only.

"Time is something neither you nor we have, and you would know that very well. We must push ahead with the project..."