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Part 57: Special Missions - Hidden Truths of the Mad Bomber!

Special Missions - Session 9: Hidden Truths of the Mad Bomber!

Onward to Stage 9, where Solid Snake planted C4 charges on randomly generated weak support pillars and blew up the Power Plant while he was still standing around inside it. This should be a grand ol' time...

Control Office (Metal Gear AC!D)

Stage 9 - Mission 1!

"Blow up the Power Plant. Do not get caught while doing so. We do not have the resources to squander on a prolonged trial for war crimes. It is called COVERT ops for a reason."

Thankfully, this set of challenges does not have the usual time trial mission objective. I guess even Number 4 realized putting a time limit on a stage with randomly placed objectives is sort of a major dick move.

Stage 9 - Mission 2!

"...accomplish a task. Solid Snake destroyed the power plant by planting C4 on the weak columns, but there are other options. Follow Campbell's instructions and destroy the power plant."

So this objective seems to be more "scrapped gimmicks we had for this level" than anything else. And honestly, it's way less of a chore than scouting every single room to see if a differently textured pillar had spawned.

To receive Campbell's new objective, we need to progress as usual up to the turbine room and wait for his chat with Snake.

"Bad, Colonel. The perimeter of the main turbine is secured with electrified flooring. I can't get close to it."
"Damn... we have no choice but to take out the plant itself."
"Snake, take the power plant out. Set C4 explosives on four key points to destroy the structure. Notice alpha-numerals like A-4 and B-1 on the wall? Those mark the different grid area inside the plant. We know that there are points of structural weakness under the flooring of areas of B1: A-1, B1: B-3, 1F: A-3, and 2F:B-2. You need to hit those areas with C4. Get inside the ducts to get at the points. You'll know when you reach it by the cracks inside the duct."

Right, so now our new objective is planting C4 inside ducts. I kind of think this objective may have been scrapped in the main run due to the fact that if they were going to have the whole "gotta blow up the C4 early and escape" it...wouldn't have gone well if Snake did it while in an air duct. Just a hunch.

Anyhow, that whole alpha-numeric thing can just be ignored other than the fact there are two ducts on B1 and one on both 1F and 2F. Basically, we're just hitting up every single duct in the stage. Really would have preferred that over the random columns nonsense in the main run...

"All communications with Sergeant Jenner cease after this point... Sergeant Jenner was captured by Viper; he did the job himself to make sure she didn't evade capture. After all, he needed her specifically as a surefire bait for Solid Snake."
"Plus it worked undeniably well as a red herring identity of the fifth Black Chamber member. I do wonder if McBride's deception would have worked a wee bit better had they not publicly announced a traitor was in the wind among Snake's ranks. At the very least, Mr. Lensenbrink may not have been so ready with that pistol he used to put a bullet in the back of McBride's head. But hindsight and all that..."

Stage 9 - Mission 3!

"...accomplish a task."
"Oh... I used this line already. How silly of me. Oh well, Campbell has the details once more."
"Is 'Campbell' just you using voice imitation again?"
"Are you implying I could put Paul Eiding out of a job if I so desired...?"
"...I can neither confirm nor deny that fact."

So once more an elevator ride to go retrieve the mission objective proper...

"You'll see the duct in white. There should be four points at which the ducts are coming out of the wall. Set C4 above each of those. They are weak points in the plant's structural integrity. If you blow up all of them with C4 explosives, the plant should be destroyed."

Huh. Well... that sounds more like it would just collapse the air ducts. But you're the expert, Campbell. This objective is significantly more annoying than the previous one since we basically need to return to the same general areas as Mission 2 with the air ducts, but run around with Thermal Goggles looking for otherwise invisible white columns around the ground to plant C4. Crawling around in said ducts won't help since they do not exactly line up with the floor plans and...well good luck being spatial aware of two separate maps in level design like this. Anyhow, once more it's two in B1 (one for the East and West basements) one on the first floor, and finally one upstairs on the second floor.

I never want to see the inside of nother air duct again. Unfortunately I enjoy playing video games and that wish is a literal impossibility with that hobby.

"Do you find the training harsh? But this is all according to your own wishes... isn't that right?"