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Part 15: Inferno Campaign, Map One, Part One

A little early, but pre-vacation quick update!

We now go check in on Kiril, who we briefly saw during the Haven campaign.

I don't usually bring up the character biography first, but it might be important to know how this whole map got started.

Biography posted:

Youngest son of Duke Slava and Duchess Cate of Griffin, Kiril was born on the same day as his sister, Anastasya. Like most twins they share a deep bond, and despite long years of relative separation (they studied under different tutors at the behest of the Emperor), Kiril still feels a strong affinity for her. A quick learner with a dark, dry sense of humor and an appreciation of the absurd, Kiril’s imposed distance from Anastasya was much alleviated by studying under the legendary Archangel, Sarah, whom he greatly respects and adores – and who in turn admires him. When he witnesses a magically-controlled Anastasya slay their own father, Kiril’s rage is tempered by Sarah who provides him with strength as well as a risky plan to descend into Sheogh...

So yeah.

The Inferno faction, like the Stronghold one, is an offensive one. Their creatures are heavy on offense, and the heroes are also competent in magic. Their main theme is Luck, and all their creatures have larger Destiny values than others, having all their Destiny doubled in a recent patch. They have arguably some of the strongest Core troops in the game, but they also have a couple sub-par Elite and Champion creatures. An unfortunate thing is that they have the largest army in the game - 4 out of 7 creatures are Large ones, so they have some difficulty moving about the battlefield. While their defenses are better than that of the Stronghold, they still have the least number of defensive and healing options in the game.

Trivia: All the Inferno maps are titled after lines from William Blake poems. In fact, the first three alone are taken from 'The Tyger'.

Bad Hangover, or Really Bad Decision, You Decide (YouTube via Polsy)

Well that was a thing alright.

We start off in front of an undeveloped Inferno town. There are a few friendly stacks around and a couple mines. Notably, Kiril starts off with a few Succubus stacks and there are a few more around him.

Biography posted:

Some children of Asha, having promised themselves to Urgash and the lords of Sheogh, are raised after their death as Incubi or Succubi.
As reincarnations of powerful Demon cultists, they have a relatively high and unusual rank in the hierarchy of Demonkind, though many of them lack the wit, devotion, or power to be anything more than servants or courtesans. Their “mortal” origins make them useful as spies, infiltrators, and diplomats, and to support this role they are granted powers of illusion, charm, and shape-shifting.

    Damage: 3-5 (Magical, Fire [Ranged], Might [Melee])
    Defense: 5 (11%)
    Magic Defense: 4 (9%)
    Health: 20
    Initiative: 25
    Movement: 6 (Flying)
    Range: Full
    Destiny: 16
    Morale: 5
    Cost: 110
    Growth: 7/week
    Abilities: Pleasure in Pain, Fireproof Skin, Vulnerability to Light, Living
All Inferno creatures have Fireproof Skin and Vulnerability to Light, which are basically stronger versions of the Orcs' traits, since the Orcs were made from Demonic blood. Fireproof Skin cuts all Fire damage by 20%, while Vulnerability to Light increases Light damage taken by 20% and makes them vulnerable to Heal and Mass Heal. Unlike the Orcs, who could still be healed by the spell, even if you get access to the Heal spell via a Scroll or someting, you can't even target your Inferno creatures with them.

Pleasure in Pain posted:

Attacking a Succubus is never a painless affair. Each battle becomes a romantic dance similar to the courting parade of two wild Griffins at the beginning of spring. When one attacks the Succubus, there is a natural and instinctive pheromone-driven reaction, and the pretender does a little bit of damage to itself in its over aggressiveness as if to prove to its partner that he or she would make a worthy mate.

Pleasure in Pain is essentially a damage shield. The Succubus takes only 90% of damage in melee, and that 10% is returned back to the attacker.

The Succubus is similiar to the Coral Priestess in many aspects. While it has an inferior damage type and poorer Initiative, they have better defenses (low health aside) and suprerior movement, being the only shooter in the game able to Fly. High Destiny also makes them great damage dealers over time.

Click here to listen to the conversation!

Yeah. You used to be someone scary. Sorry, I've more pressing things to do than listen to your tales of glory. Do you know how to get to Urgash's Claw? Sarah mentioned it. I think that's where she headed.

We must cross all Sheogh to get there, and conquer all that was once mine! Let me build you an army! Give me control! I am Azkaal!

I'm going to strangle Sarah when I catch her.

We also recruit a hero from our town that has Hell Hounds, too.

Biography posted:

Hell Hounds are servants of Ur-Vomoch, the Demon Overlord of Voracity. These two-headed fire breathing mastiffs outclass even the saber-toothed tigers or dire wolves in size, speed and ferocity.

    Hell Hound
    Damage: 5-8 (Might)
    Defense: 6 (14%)
    Magic Defense: 5 (11%)
    Health: 25
    Initiative: 35
    Movement: 6 (Walking)
    Range: None
    Destiny: 18
    Morale: 4
    Cost: 135
    Growth: 6/week
    Abilities: Large Creature, Unlimited Retaliation, Eye of Gluttony, Fireproof Skin, Vulnerability to Light, Living

Unlimited Retaliation posted:

A Hell Hound is never caught off guard and attacking one never goes unpunished. Trained for the hunt of extremely dangerous prey and as guards for even more dangerous treasures, its doubly keen sense of smell and hearing make it impossible to attack without getting at least one bite in return.

Eye of Gluttony posted:

Once a Hell Hound or Cerberus has been wounded by an enemy, its senses are filled with an uncontrollable hunger to bring down its aggressor. The odor of its assailant overcomes it and gives rise to a ravenous frenzy. In this state, the two-headed beast’s attacks are more devastating against its marked foe until all its aggressors are killed or the combat ends.

Eye of Gluttony increases the Hell Hounds' damage by 20% to any stack that has damaged it. This lasts till the end of the battle.

Excellent damage, initiatve, Destiny and speed, solid defenses, and two great abilities all cement the Hell Hound as a bona fide presence on the battlefield. It's arguably the best Core melee troop, with only the Mauler coming close to its strength and defenses. There are only a few problems with it. The Vulernability to Light trait is frustrating due to being limited in being able to heal it, and its Large size can end up in pathing issues and more troops being able to gang up on it. Its abilities don't shield it from ranged attacks whatsoever, and it's almost always the first target of the AI. Finally, while it has great initiative, Sanctuary troops are still faster, so keep that in mind if you ever have to face them as Inferno. Still, give them a little support and the Hell Hounds are an absolute monster to tangle with.

Our second-to-last vote for a while, so you have all week to decide whether Kiril will be going Tears or Blood. See you all next week!