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Original Thread: Blood, Sweat and Tears, minus the Sweat - a Might and Magic Heroes VI Let's



Blood, Sweat and Tears, minus the Sweat - a Might and Magic Heroes VI Let's Play!

What is this?

Might and Magic Heroes VI, or HoMM VI as it is commonly known, is the sixth installment of turn-by-turn strategy game Heroes of Might and Magic, and the second installment done by Ubisoft. The series has also had a long running other series of games, called the Might and Magic series.

Do I have to play previous games to understand this one?

Not really, no. While most HoMM games are set in the same universe, HoMM V and VI are set in Ashan, a new universe to coincide with Ubisoft's acquirement of the series. HoMM VI has a few throwaway references, but ultimately you don't have to play HoMM V to get it.

For those who have, HoMM VI is set 400 years before HoMM V, so it's basically a prelude.

But I heard the game was terrible!

HoMM VI had an admittedly pretty poor release. The game was riddled with bugs, design flaws, and several departures from previous installments of the series. The development team has been working pretty hard on it, dropping previous partner Black Home Entertainment for Limbic, and it seems to be improving.

The latest patch, 1.5 in particular, was a heavy rebalancing patch, so there will be new features, both aesthetic and gameplay, even for those who've played it before.

How will you be playing the game?

This will be a hybrid LP - most of the game will be in screenshots, with videos thrown in for cinematics and some dialogue.

I'll be playing the game on Normal difficulty- sorry for those who like to see Hard games, but I'd like to preserve some sanity.

I'll be playing through the campaigns in chronological order. This means we'll see a bit of jumping between different campaigns, but hopefully this will make the story flow better.

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