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Part 74: Bestiary, Neutral Creatures, Part Two

Bestiary, Elementals, Part Two

Air Elemental

Biography posted:

Fierce winds that follow the dragon-veins along deep chasms, the cliffs of high mountains, or wide-open plains can collect and carry powerful motes of elemental energy. These have been observed to condense and generate Air Elementals. Spontaneous appearances are also associated with the most violent storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes that lash the surface of Ashan. A rare variety of Air Elementals can also be born from the dying breath of high-ranking priests of Ylath, the Dragon-God of Air. These spirits are unusually potent, and generally viewed as lords among their kind.

    Air Elemental
    Damage: 13-13 (Magic, Air)
    Defense: 17 (32%)
    Magic Defense: 13 (26%)
    Health: 75
    Initiative: 50
    Movement: 7 (Walking)
    Range: Full
    Destiny: 7
    Morale: 7
    Abilities: Large Creature, Cyclone, Lightning Strikes, Wind Shield, Living, Spirit Form, Air Affinity
Cyclone reduces ranged damage taken by 20%.

Lightning Strikes give the Air Elemental's ranged attacks a Chain Lightning like effect, jumping from one target to the next, losing 50% damage each jump. Can jump up to 3 times.

Wind Shield is esentially No Retaliation for the Air Elemental's melee attacks.

Unlike their fire-spewing bretheren, Air Elementals are better at doing their job. While they have unfortunately low damage and are hampered by being large creatures (thus being easy to stop them from shooting), they have good defenses (though let down by average health), and three great abilities. They are more an annoyance than anything due to the spread nature of their attacks at the end of the day, especially given the rarity of Earth attacks.

Earth Elemental

Biography posted:

More commonly called a Stonecrush by the general populations of Ashan, an Earth Elementals generally rises up from the mineral deposits close to dragon-veins, and the strongest ones are born in times of earthquakes and landslides. Though these spirits are always at least partially composed of rock, the type of rock itself and thus the aspect of the Elemental varies by location. One can therefore find Earth Elementals of precious ores such as gold and silver, or of more mundane materials such as granite and quartz or even dust, mud or wood.

    Earth Elemental
    Damage: 15-16 (Might)
    Defense: 18 (34%)
    Magic Defense: 18 (34%)
    Health: 100
    Initiative: 40
    Movement: 4 (Walking)
    Range: None
    Destiny: 5
    Morale: 7
    Abilities: Large Creature, Regeneration, Petrification, Living, Spirit Form, Earth Affinity
Regeneration causes the Earth Elemental to recover health at the start of its turn. The more elementals there are in the stack, the more health is recovered. Generally recovers about 50 health minimum.

Petrification is a one-charge move that petrifies the targeted stack. The targeted stack becomes immune to all damage for a number of turns that depends on the strength of the Earth Elemental stack (if cast on an enemy stack, the strength of that stack is also taken into account). Friendly creatures can act, but will drop the effect prematurely. Enemy creatures can't act at all till dispelled or the effect ends. The AI will never cast Petrification on allied stacks.

The 'tankiest' of the elementals, the Earth Elemental has excellent defenses and health, a great passive that recovers health every turn, and average damage to boot. Unfortunately for it, it's slow and cumbersome, moving a paltry 4 tiles a turn and being a Large Creature. It's thus easy to pepper with ranged attacks (especially Air ones, like from Coral Priestesses).

Light Elemental

Biography posted:

Light Elementals usually appear at dawn, when the pale and rosy light is refracted through clouds and dew, weaving into a visible form. Friendly though flighty, these beautiful spirits often come to the aid of lost travelers. Wilder than the Glories (though of the same essence) who are summoned by the followers of Elrath, the Dragon God of Light, the Light Elementals know no allegiance and judge the purity of each heart they encounter by their own standards. When angered, they can flare into brilliance and blind their enemies. Thanks to their devotion to Elrath, the priesthood of the Holy Empire has a natural affinity to Light Elementals. Within their ranks exists a matriarchal order called the “Light Weavers”, whose task is to seek the newborn Light Elementals and weave them into sacred cloths that will be used to create garments for the heroes of the Empire or bind them into brilliant stained glass that will decorate the cathedrals erected in homage to Elrath.

    Light Elemental
    Damage: 14-17 (Magic, Light)
    Defense: 10 (21%)
    Magic Defense: 17 (32%)
    Health: 75
    Initiative: 50
    Movement: 6 (Teleporting)
    Range: None
    Destiny: 10
    Morale: 10
    Abilities: Speed of Light, Cleansing Light, Epiphany, Pain Mirror, Searing Light, Living, Spirit Form, Light Affinity
Speed of Light is similiar to that of Darkness Elmentals and Harpies. Light Elementals teleport, attack, then go back, avoiding retaliation.

Cleansing Light causes the Light Elementals to dispell all stacks directly next to wherever she teleports. Dispells positive effects from enemies and negative effects from allies. If there are multiple dispellable effects, one at random is chosen. The Light Elemental can't dispell effects on itself.

Epiphany causes the Light Elemental to realiate in all directions and for a large area, dealing damage to all enemy stacks in range and healing all friendly stacks in range.

Pain Mirror causes the Light Elemental to reflect 10% of melee damage dealt back to the attacker.

Searing Light has a cooldown of 3 turns, and consumes some of the creature's health which will only be returned after combat (should they win, of course). It deals standard Light damage to an enemy stack of their choice and blinds them temporarily (usually up to 2 turns). The enemy AI will never use Searing Light.

Light Elementals are very similiar to their Darkness bretheren, and they have many equal stats and mode of attacking. The difference is that the Light Elementals have better Magic Defense, Morale, Destiny, and a suprerior attacking type. Throw in all their nasty abilities, and they are by far my least favourite to fight. Shoot them down with ranged attacks and spells if in any way possible before they get in range. Fortunately the AI never casts Searing Light, but even without them, the Light Elementals are very, very annoying.