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Part 65: Final Campaign, Opening

Welcome to the Final Campaign! Before we get any further, first, a cinematic:

The Beginning of the End (YouTube via Polsy)

Hmm, funny how Sandor is absent in this one. Kiril I can understand, being a Demonlord and all, but Sandor? Maybe he was just underdressed...

The Final Campaign is unlocked once you complete any of the five original campaigns. However, there are essentially two different maps for it, depending on which Hero you choose to play it with, and they represent two different sides of the conclusion of the Angel-Faceless war. A Tears Hero plays through Tears Such as Angels Weep, siding with Cate against Michael. A Blood Hero plays through Dark with Excessive Bright, and does the opposite. Both maps are different, and neither side is considered 'canon', though they both share some common plot elements.

Each Griffin has some unique conversations with Cate/Michael, so to see all of them you'd need to play through each campaign twice (to play both Tears and Blood versions). Still, the main influencing factor in who you choose to play should just be whoever is your favourite faction or Hero.

Here's how the final vote is going to work. I'll need three votes: who should represent the Tears side, who to represent the Blood side, and whether you prefer to see the Tears or Blood map first. So an example vote would be: Sandor for Tears, Irina for Blood, and to play Blood first. As always, bolding your votes makes it easier to count them.

As a reminder, here are your options for both sides:

Tears: Sandor [Stronghold], Kiril [Inferno], Anastasya [Necropolis]
Blood: Irina [Sanctuary], Anton [Haven]

Happy voting!