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Part 61: Haven Campaign, Map Four, Part Three

JamieTheD posted:

As to the story being generic, as EoA states, there's arguments for and against. At least they tried something different with the Faceless, even if explanations of what they are are thin in this game.

I will make the best Sims LPs ever.

Last time, we shamefully ran away with our tail between our legs because I didn't think about getting Valeksa to learn Petrification (I really should get around to it). But more demons are afoot.

Sveltana shows up and captures this southern Inferno town for us. I think she's programmed to take it from whoever owns it at the time, but I'm not sure what happens if you're occupying it when she comes along. Either way, you can't interact with her in any way (in previous patches, you could attack her and take it for yourself), but you can still grab the couple of stat boosts in the territory.

Once you approach the Stag Duchy, they all instantly disappear, the town comes under your control, and all the friendly units join Anton. They didn't even make a one-liner for it.

We'll head south now, and capture the... third of four towns we need.

We are also unstoppable. Man Intimidation is such an amazing skill. Too bad it doesn't work on undead (or Maniacs/Demented).

There are a couple of Forts south of that town that are barely worth mentioning, so let's just assume I captured them, then went south from the Stag town to capture this town, too.

Another Fort. There's also another Artifact Merchant should you need one (high +Morale and +Might Power artifacts should be your pick, not that it matters much at this point).

The final Inferno town. The Lacerator stack there is also guarding a piece of the Trickster set, for some reason (neither of my Heroes are going to be using it though).

I'd feel bad for the Inferno if I felt bad for the Inferno.

With all four towns captured and converted, one of the gates leading towards Ahribban opens, and we have to capture the two Forts before him. At least they're Haven. No more Inferno Forts!

Okay, maybe one more.

We still have to take out Jezebeth before we can fight Ahribban anyway, so now that the Inferno has been neutralised, let's go wrangle with a betrayer (I'd have Valeska do it for the irony, but she's not nearly good enough).

SovietPotatoe brought up that Jezebeth is actually a Heroes V Inferno Hero. So that makes this slightly more palatable, and you can see the betrayal coming if you were aware of it when you first met her. Still comes a bit too out of left field for me.

With our army of Celestials and Jezebeth being a Might Hero (and one with poor stats, at that), this fight is now a walkover. The only real danger are the Lilim since Rapture in Agony will cause a lot of damage. If you have a Drain Life scroll from the Marketplaces, that works, as does Guardian Angel IV - the damage you take will help to accelerate the gauge boost, too.

Oh hey that's nice. A little late, but ah well.

Jezebeth you traitor! Is there anyone you haven't betrayed in your miserable life?

Myself... I've been true to myself. We'll meet again, handsome duke.

Give my regards to Urgash!

We've saved Princess Gwendolyn... We must take her somewhere safe. The tunnels are now clear. We can use these passages.

One of the underground tunnels becomes unblocked, but we can use a Town Portal anyway.

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Brilliant Anton. Absolutely brilliant. You've saved the Falcon line. I've put Gwendolyn out of harm's way, she's safe and will soon recover.

I was too late to save Liam.

Yes. The Emperor is dead, long live the Empress.

Uriel's soul and the Emperor's will make a good Celestial. I suppose they'll be returning soon.

So now we've come to your reason for discontent.

Michael, you've been grooming me to become a Celestial. I won't have it. I've more of my father in me than any of you could understand.

I didn't kill your father! I had no reason to want him dead.

It wasn't my father's soul you Angels were after. This was all about Anastasya. She would have accepted the life of a Celestial in a second, if my Aunt had let you bury her with the rituals you wanted.

You are right to accuse an Angel. The "soul" responsible for your father's murder has passed on. I have forbidden its transformation into a Celestial.


You need to learn the answer from someone else. This is a truth I will not voice.

I have also lost Uriel, and I will most likely lose Sarah... They were the ones who brought me back. I've nothing left to live for save victory! Are you with me, Duke of the Griffin Duchy? Can I count your support amongst the armies of Elrath?

I am with you, Michael. And may the Dragons guide us to the bitter end.

Hmm, as far as Angels go, Michael's okay. And it's nice to see Anton finally with backbone.

Not as powerful as the Sacred Kirins back in Sanctuary 4, but that's still some pretty nice damage.

There are two Forts in the way before Ahribban, guarded by a small army of Inferno creatures. You should really have no problem at this point with the Celestials, especially with a Tear of Asha boost.

Our reward is the final piece of the Guardian set. the Guardian Breastplate is possibly one of the most powerful artifacts in the game, giving your army a respite from the first three attacks. It was also available in Irina's final map, but she couldn't use it since she was a Magic Hero.

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Soldiers of Elrath! Our fields, forests and homes burn with the fires of Chaos. But think of this: They are beaten, they just don't know it. I ask you! Are we buried? Do our bodies rot on some battlefield? Or does Elrath's light still shine upon our swords? For Elrath!

For Elrath! For Elrath! For Elrath!

You're alright, Michael, you're alright. At least you haven't done anythng against us so far.

The gate is finally open to Ahribban. But before that, Anton's final stats.

Excellent physical power backed up with decent Might Defense and Magic Power, along with extremely high Morale and solid Destiny. Anton also has the full Warlord set with him, so he could actually boost his Might Power up to the high 60s if he wanted.

But onto Ahribban. The final boss of this campaign has to be a challenge, right?

Boss Fight: Ahribban

Ahribban is very similiar to Azkaal way back in Inferno 1. He has 80,000 health, and employs many of the same tricks Azkaal did - Ill Blood, Mark of Consumption, Drain Luck and Boundless Hate. The only other unique effect he has is that he summons a small stack of Inferno creatures at the start of each turn - I got Ravagers here, then Lacerators the next round. He has very high Magic Power, which can be a threat to Anton's weaker Magic Defense.

At the start of the fight, we also immediately take control of the defending creatures behind the walls - laughably small stacks of Marksmen, Crossbowmen, and Sun Crusaders. We lose if they die, though, so we might as well keep them behind the walls. We also have an achievement for not letting the Inferno creatures break down any of the walls (easier than you think).

The sad part is that Ahribban is an absolute joke, as he's definitely not Uriel level. We already have such a massive army that we can just walk over him. He's essentially a punching bag to see how fast you can kill him - Mass Inner Fire and Mass Heroism are great starts, and if you have a Blood Might Anton, Hour of Judgement also works great here. Ahribban is still vulnerable to Weakness if you have a Scroll from the Marketplace, too.

In fact, with the Guardian Breastplate and Guardian Angel, you might not take any damage at all. The only real damage I took was when Ahribban Frenzied my Glories and they attacked my own creatures. No worries, we'll just Guardian Angel IV and -

...And my Marksmen get a lucky strike and I accidentally kill him. Oops.

But at least you guys get to look at the Tear of Asha's resurrection effect! And now for a bunch of talking.

You've killed an emperor! Kicking you back to Sheogh is too light a punishment.

His name is the Ahribban, Prince of Hate. He's powerful... He draws his power from Ur-Hekal.

Anton of the Griffin! I'll remember your family. One brother fights on Ashan, the other in hell!

You're not coming back any time soon. You've caused enough pain for a thousand lifetimes.


Alright, next.

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Thank you, Duke Anton. You have saved me, and the Falcon Empire. I enlisted Lady Jezebeth into my personal guard, though I had been warned not to trust so easily. It seems I was too innocent with my decisions...

Wise council is of enormous value, princess Gwendolyn. I have had the fortune to be counseled by Arch-Angel Michael.

Then you are among those who believe I require a regent.

I... I am not a councilor, Princess Gwendolyn. Nothing more than a servant of Elrath who believes that all people should have the right to live their lives as they wish.

I like the sound of that better, Duke Anton. I'll sleep safely knowing that you guard our borders. Thank you. We shall certainly meet again.

At your service, Empress Gwendolyn... Until we meet again.

And finally...

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The war is won.

They were right to bring Michael back, though I hate to admit it.

Ah, I forgot. Michael gave me a message for you. He says 'to keep your point up'.

My point up... Of course! I've known it all along. He was still here. He never passed on.


My brother, your grandfather, Pavel. It must have been his soul they used to bring Michael back. When we were kids, using toy swords, he always had to remind me to keep the point up.

Michael shares his body with a Griffin Duke? When will they leave us alone...

It's what Pavel would have wanted. He was born for battles... and greater things.


But enough talk... I'm sure you're curious to learn who killed your father. I've brought someone who's going to tell you.

Anastasya? Is that you? I...

...stabbed me through the heart? I've gotten over that.

So guys, what about Anton's voices? Gonna do anything about that? No? Ah well, I guess we'll enjoy Sveltana's wooden VA and the feel-good ending then.