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Part 79: Appendix: Dynasty Weapons, Part Four

Appendix A - Dynasty Weapons, Part Four

The follow weapons are not obtainable in the game itself: they all require buying the game in some special way or are just unavailable normally (though their data is still in the game's files).

Edge of Chaos
Acquisition: Preorder the game
Level 1: Friendly creatures gain +5 Initiative.
Level 2: +3 Might Power
Level 3: Light Protection - Friendly creatures take 40% less damage from any form of Light damage.
Level 4: +5 Destiny
Level 5: Wheel of Fortune - For 3 rounds, friendly creatures gain +10 Destiny and enemy creatures get -10 Destiny. Usable once per battle.

Biography posted:

The story of this blade is linked to the life of a Human thief known as Tobias the Trickster. Tobias’s mother died in labour, and Tobias was born a hunchback with only one working eye. The priest of Elrath who witnessed the birth called the child unholy, saying these deformities could only be the mark of Urgash. Mad from the pain caused by the death of his beloved and scared by the boy’s monstrous appearance, his father took the child to the darkest part of the nearby forest to kill him. As he was about to strike with his knife, an arrow pierced his back, killing him cold. The arrow had been shot by a poacher which had been hunting a stag. What a stroke of luck! And it didn’t end there. The poacher raised him as his son, and Tobias became a skilled thief. Despite his stooped, crooked demeanour drawing the eye, somehow Tobias never got caught. As time went by, he became more and more reckless. He started worshipping the Dragon of Chaos, believing his luck was a gift from Urgash himself.
After his death from old age, he was reborn in Sheogh as an Incubus. His luck ran dry the day he disputed the title of Champion of Urgash with the Arch-Demon Nebiros. Nebiros dismembered Tobias, keeping only his eye, still alive and bleeding, to put on a sword. This “edge of chaos” would make its bearer lucky indeed.

Staff of Asha's Eightfold
Acquisition: Comes with the Collector's Edition
Level 1: +3 Magic Power
Level 2: +30 Mana
Level 3: +5 Magic Defense
Level 4: +10 Mana Regeneration/day
Level 5: Focus Efficiency - The first spell the Hero casts each battle has its efficiency increased by 100%.

Biography posted:

This ancient Staff predates most of the civilizations of Ashan – it is believed to have been created by the Shantiri, whose culture was destroyed duyring the Elder Wars, collateral victim of the destructive powers unleashed by the Angels and the Faceless in their merciless war.
When not fighting to acquire it for its magic-empowering capabilities, many wizards and scholars try to understand what this Staff represents. Most of them agree the six snakes on top obviously represent the six Dragon-Gods. As for the four crystals they hold in their mouths, the debate still rages. A popular theory claims each crystal is for a season. The two snakes located on the lowerPart of the staff could be Asha and Urgash. The crystal they hold together is a mystery – some have argued it represents the balance of Ashan itself, and that Order cannot exist without Chaos.

Staff of Cleansing
Acquisition: Comes with the Collector's Edition
Level 1: Cleansing - Dispells all negative effects on target friendly stack or all positive effects on target enemy stack. One turn cooldown.
Level 2: +4 Magic Defense
Level 3: Tainted Mist - Enemy creatures deal 10% less damage with ranged attacks.
Level 4: +4 Magic Defense
Level 5: Power Channeling - Cleansing restores 20 Mana to the Hero.

Biography posted:

At the end of the Mythic Age, Asha, wounded and cursed with nightmares by her brother Urgash, needed help from her children in order to heal. The only one among them able to soothe her was Malassa, the Dragon of Darkness. The encounter was kept secret, and took place deep within a deserted island amongst the Naga archipelago. While Shalassa brought her sacred waters forth to cleanse and purify Asha, Malassa drained the nightmares from her mother. These nightmares, a reflection of Asha’s agony, became a separate entity, the Mother of the Namtarus.
Alerted by the darkness of this stain, Shalassa, the Dragon of Water, created a sarcophagus in order to contain its blight. This sarcophagus became a Naga temple where, in order to keep the creature from growing, Shalassa inspired the creation of a staff that would regularly purify the nightmarish aura that seeps from the grotto: the Staff of Cleansing.

Dragon Flame Tongue
Acquisition: Unavailable
Level 1: +3 Morale
Level 2: Misfortune - Enemy creatures get -1 Destiny.
Level 3: +5 Might Power
Level 4: Consecration - All friendly creatures are healed for 5% of total health and all enemy creatures take 5% of their total health as Fire damage. Usable once per battle.
Level 5: Improved Consecreation - All enemy creatures affected by Consecration are forced to use the Wait command this round.

Biography posted:

In 104 YSD, the Dragon Knights became a secret order and founded the Hidden Houses. Dedicated to the preservation of the teaching of the Seventh Dragon, each of these fortresses is home to a chapter of the order, under the guidance of a unique Commander that consecrates those who are capable of transforming themselves into a dragon.
Each Hidden House disposes, in theory, of its own Sword of Consecration. But there is one, more powerful than all the others, that Sar Badon himself wielded. Since the foundation of the first Hidden House, the sword incarnates two principles that form the precepts of the Dragon Knights: the ultimate duty to master the transformation into a dragon and the submission to authority.
Two centuries later, in 330 YSD, Salienor was the Commander of the Hidden House founded by Sar Badon. Like most of the Dragon Knights, she abandoned her retreat in order to come to the aid of the Alliance against the demonic invasion of the First Eclipse. Salienor died in combat and the sword was lost. Later found by common men, the sword passed from end to end and was wielded by the greatest warriors of the various races populating Ashan. The sacred sword became known as the Dragon Flame Tongue, a nickname she still bears to this day.

Perfect Silksword
Acquisition: Unavailable
Level 1: +3 Destiny
Level 2: Weak Points - Enemy creatures have their Might Defense decreased by 6%.
Level 3: Razor Blades - Friendly creatures deal 20% more damage on Lucky hits.
Level 4: +5 Might Power
Level 5: Target friendly stack gains +15% Damage and +5 Destiny for 3 rounds.

Biography posted:

At the end of the Mythic Age, Shalassa, Dragon of Water, left the material realm of Ashan as did her brothers and sisters. In abandoning her physical form, Shalassa performed an elemental mutation and shed the sacred water that made up her body. The Elemental Water of Shalassa cut into the devastated lands of Ashan and created a sacred lake whose shores sprouted full-grown trees and blossoming flowers on the dawn of the following day. This event, known under the name of the Great Shedding, gave birth to a traditional ritual still performed today by the Nagas.
The pond has been protected and consecrated by the Naga as a sacred place of retreat where the greatest artisans of their archipelago come to honour the last work of Shalassa. Objects of priceless value have been deposited in the sacred waters as sacrifices. But there was an object destined to Shalassa that was never offered as it should have been, and has become the subject of many a tale. Forged on the banks of the lake, the legendary Silksword required the craftsmanship of six generations of Weapons Masters who pooled all their knowledge and skill to give birth to a blade worthy of Shalassa.
In YSD 130, the Perfect Silksword was finished by the Master Taishi. Eaten by desire and pride, the master could not bring himself to deliver it up to the forgetful depths of the lake and fled with the masterwork. More than four hundred years later, the guardians of the sacred lake are still searching for it, and Shalassa still waits for her sacrifice.

Staff of Sar-Aggreth
Acquisition: Unavailable
Level 1: Prime Affinity - Reduces cost of Prime spells by 10% and gain Magic Power when casting them by 5.
Level 2: +5 Mana Regeneration/day
Level 3: Master of Magic - Hero's spells are 30% more efficient for 3 turns. Usable once per battle.
Level 4: +5 Magic Power
Level 5: Improved Master of Magic - Master of Magic now also applies its bonuses to friendly creatures' abilities and attacks.

Biography posted:

Sar-Aggreth was one of the seven Disciples of Sar-Elam. Along with the other disciples, Sar-Aggreth founded the first of the Seven Cities, and for the rest of his long life he became the Headmaster of the very first Academy of Magic. A discreet man, Sar-Aggreth was nonetheless a powerful Wizard. Though he may not not be as famous as Sar-Issus or Sar-Shazzar, he is remembered as a good, if somewhat strict, teacher.
Carved in Unicorn ivory and decorated with refined flamegold motifs, Sar-Aggreth’s staff is assuredly an old and powerful artifact. It sports the wizard’s sigil, the Eye of Sapience. This symbol was later associated with the Academy itself, and is now used by Wizards all over Ashan. The seeking eye enclosed in the cross of eternal life is both a symbol of the search for knowledge and the drive of wizards to follow in Sar-Elam’s footsteps to ascend to a higher state of being.