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Part 78: Appendix: Dynasty Weapons, Part Three

Appendix A - Dynasty Weapons, Part Three

Staff of Sandro
Acquisition: Free the Lamasu in Necropolis Map Three
Level 1: +3 Magic Power
Level 2: Curse of the Lich - Decreases Maximum health of enemy creatures by 3%.
Level 3: Will of the Lich - Decreases Morale of enemy creatures by 5.
Level 4: Power of the Lich - Decreases Magic Defense of enemy creatures by 10%.
Level 5: Slowing Winds - Enemy stacks have -10 Initiative.

Description posted:

This staff was created by the famous Lich, Sandro, during the first years of the Spider Cult. Sandro was not only a killed spellcaster but also a talented craftsman and alchemist. All these skills were put to good use to create his own staff, one of the most terrible weapons at the Necromancer’s disposal. This staff was meant to increase Sandro’s already considerable necromantic abilities, making him effectively the most powerful Necromancer in existence.
Despite having been one of the first followers of Belketh, Sandro had his own ambitions, and created a separate current of thought in the Cult. When it became clear that Sandro’s scheming was endangering the stability of the newly-founded religion, Belketh decided to expel the Lich from their ranks, but not before stripping him of his staff.
Sandro’s creation is still used by the Necromancers to this day, but none of them have managed to exploit its powers as efficiently as its creator once did. As for Sandro himself, following his banishment, he departed for parts unknown, and has not reappeared... yet.

Sandro is a mainstay of the Might and Magic franchise, only missing from Heroes V. Most recently he was a star of the Danse Macabre DLC.

Angelic Alliance
Acquisition: Defeat Jezebeth in Haven Map Four
Level 1: +3 Might Power
Level 2: +3 Magic Power
Level 3: Celestial Armor - All friendly creatures have Celestial Armor cast on them for free at the start of each battle.
Level 4: Resurrection - Revives target dead stack for up to 1600 health. Usable once per battle.
Level 5: Improved Resurrection - Resurrection now also increases the damage of the resurrected stack by 20% for 2 turns.

Description posted:

The legendary sword known as the Angelic Alliance has been Michael’s treasured possession since the dark days of the Elder Wars. This great rapier, designed for aerial battles, has spilt many a Faceless’ blood. Imbued with the purest light from the heavens, it’s also a tool of healing and resurrection.
This incredible weapon was the fruit of the labor of three great Angel blacksmiths. A fierce rivalry stoked them, and each competed to create finer artifacts than the other two. When the Faceless destroyed the Angelic city of Aurarius, killing thousands of Angels, the three blacksmiths decided the time for petty rivalry was past. They united their tremendous skills to forge the most wonderful sword ever seen on the surface of Ashan, a blade that would be radiant like a ray of the sun, piercing and destroying any darkness in its path. They named it the Angelic Alliance and entrusted it to the one who would lead their armies to battle.

Blade of Binding
Acquisition: Defeat Sarah in Inferno Map Four
Level 1: Magic Damage - Increases Magic Damage dealt by friendly creatures by 6%.
Level 2: +3 Destiny
Level 3: Summon Juggernaut - Summon a stack of 22 Juggernauts on target tile(s). Usable once per battle.
Level 4: +5 Magic Power
Level 5: Summon Power - Increases efficiency of Summoning spells and abilities by 20%.

Description posted:

When Sarah descended into Sheogh, she approached Urgash, in the form of a powerful Avatar that was lamed during the Mythic Age wars.
Animated by a spasm of malevolence, the Dragon of Chaos clawed her deeply through the heart, but was suddenly overwhelmed by the pure magic of order and sacrifice. Sarah was consumed by chaotic magic and was transformed into something neither Angel nor Demon. Her wings turned ashen and her body started glowing like embers. The laws of time were transcended and the eclipse that was predicted not to occur for several years, suddenly appeared.
As the first hordes of demons began to teleport through gates into the lands of Ashan, Sarah traveled around Sheogh to find a place where she could forge a sword with the claw of Urgash that had fallen from his body. Thus the infamous Blade of Binding was created, that would allow its wielder to control the minds of demons.

Assassin's Blade
Acquisition: Purchasable in the Conflux shop after reaching Gold Rank (6,610,000 experience points)
Level 1: Deadly Poison - Hero's attacks poison their target, preventing them from being healed and causing them to take 10* Earth damage each turn for two rounds.
Level 2: Friendly creatures gain +5 Initiative.
Level 3: Shadowstrike - Target friendly walking creature gains the 'Incorporeal' effect, allowing them to move through creatures, walls and obstacles. They also take 30% less damage. Lasts for 2 turns. Usable once per battle.
Level 4: +5 Destiny
Level 5: Improved Shadowstrike - Creatures benefitting from Shadowstrike also have their first attack poison their target, dealing 10* Earth damage each turn for two rounds.

Biography posted:

In 528 YSD, Arniel the High Elven King proclaimed himself the unique hereditary monarch and withdrew all prerogatives from local kings. Queen Thuidana chose to secede instead. Taking advantage of the situation, the humans of the Holy Falcon Empire invaded the lands of Thuidana who sought aid from the self-proclaimed High King. Arniel refused. In order to save her own, Thuidana turned towards the Faceless and Malassa in desperation. They were willing to help under the condition that her people vow allegiance to the Dragon of Darkness.
In 548 YSD, the Peace of the New Spring marks the independence of the Kingdom of Dark Elves. The Assassin’s Blade is among the most precious gifts offered by the Faceless. They sacrificed two amongst themselves to bind their essence into the blade and give birth to this sword. The two souls form the power of the sword: a blade for learning and a blade for killing. Master of Forbidden Lore, the Faceless gave birth to a veritable living sword that keeps a memory of each combat, each victim and each deathly exchange of steel. The nature of the sword itself convinced Thuidana to loan the sword regularly to her assassins so that they might enrich its knowledge constantly. The best amongst them passed the sword between them, year after year, in order to increase its knowledge and transform it into a superior artifact.

Batu's Totem
Acquisition: Purchasable in the Conflux shop after reaching Platinium Rank (10,000,000 experience points)
Level 1: Earth Affinity - Reduces cost of Earth spells by 10% and gain Magic Power when casting them by 5.
Level 2: +30 Mana
Level 3: Winds of Speed - Friendly walker creatures gain +1 Movement.
Level 4: +5 Magic Power
Level 5: Winds of Magic - Whenever an enemy Hero casts a spell, a random enemy stack takes Air damage equal to 10x that spell's Mana cost for 3 turns.

Biography posted:

Failed experiments or an aberration, Goblins have always been considered as lesser, degenerate creatures destined for obscurity. In fact, they were viewed with such disdain that they were destroyed by the Wizards who ran the labs within which they were created. One ancient mage named Salim-Sedul, who had a soft spot for the crippled and the underdogs in life, allowed a handful of them to escape. The journey of this first group of goblins is a fundamental part of their own mythology, and is known to the Goblins as “Sedul’s Pilgrimage”.
Batu was actually one of the few surviving Goblins that were part of this legendary odyssey. What Kunyak is to the Orcs, Batu is to the Goblins. After his death, Batu became a protector spirit for the Goblins of the islands, and a short staff was carved in his crude image by his most gifted disciples. It is both a powerful symbol of hope and a reminder that the Goblins and the Orcs are always ready to fight to keep the freedom they so dearly paid for.