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Part 29: Haven Campaign, Map Two, Part Two

Where were we? About to go talk with an old friend.

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I did what I thought was right. But in all my years of service, I have never served a man as worthy as your father. Had I known this, I would have chosen differently.

I don't pretend to know - or even understand - the will of Elrath. But I have learned that the only way to continue is through righting what you can. And hope that your life lasts long enough to do so.

I would be honoured to serve the Duke of Griffin once more...

Then I shall give you a chance for redemption, but don't expect a pardon if you betray me. I am a duke, but I am not my father.

Valeska leaves. This is also why we were forced to exile Valeska in the Tutorial Campaign - she had to show up here, after all.

Back to business. The Alliance of Temperance controls four Haven towns, not including the one we just captured - one each in the southwest and northwest, and two in the northeast, as well as several scattered Forts. The three barons we need to defeat are in the southwestern and northeastern ones. There's actually not much to this part of the map than to just riding to each castle and defeating the Hero inside it, staving off an invasion if they come. We're starting off with the closer of the northeastern one.

How dare they fly their flag over Eastalon!

The last time I fought here there was nothing but a hut.

The Barons aren't usually too tough - they all boast solid armies and you'll usually get a few losses, but not to the point where you'll be severely hampered for the next fight. Also shown here is me using the Marksmen's Piercing Shot despite the enemy's Praetorians in the way. The other note is that if our Marksmen get a Morale bonus, they can't use Piercing Shot in their Morale turn.

Lord Grichka, you joined the Alliance of Temperance out of friendship with your neighbor, Djordje.

After we defeat each Baron, we have the opportunity to get a lot of Tears/Blood points here by choosing to pardon or execute them. We can also choose to say, execute two and spare one. Either way, it's very easy to get Anton to whichever path we so choose, if we want to. We're Bloodying our Duchy, so execution it is.

I understand friendship, but value loyalty to your duke more. Say your prayers, for your head comes off tomorrow.

And we've got enough for Anton's promotion, thanks to that bloody head.

Vindicator posted:

“The Emperor is just, and the Vindicator his axe!”

The zealous fervour and spectacular accomplishments of a few select Knights is so tremendous that Emperors and Grand Inquisitors have taken notice, bestowing them with greater responsibilities. The Vindicator has sworn allegiance to the doctrine and laws of the Holy Empire and has been given the combined battlefield functions of both judge and executioner.

Cooldown of 3 turns
Causes all enemy creatures to suffer from Anathema for 4 turns, reducing Damage and Might/Magic Defense by 8/10% and Morale and Destiny by 5/6. Cannot be dispelled.

We've seen Anathema before, under the control of Gerhart. The effect isn't very potent at first glance, but it stacks quite well with other spells and effects, and its inability to be dispelled is also helpful. The duration is longer than the cooldown, so it's possible to keep up the effect indefinitely.

Forget about the Free Alliance. There won't even be a Free Woodshed when the demons come trampling through.

The demons aren't due for years.. what do I do in the meantime?

Give them something more imminent to fear than the Demons. Show them what you're made of, they seem to have forgotten.

Next town. The northeastern one is too strong for us at the moment, so moving on to the southwestern one. The Baron guarding this is also a Vindicator, so expect an Anathema to be thrown our way.

Lady Yvana, you have revoled for no reason other than the spirit of adventure.

Oddly, the Blood option here is to free Yvana rather than to execute her. Maybe because she's Blood?

Lady Yvana, I appreciate your free spirit and your courage. But what assurance do I have that your loyalty will not waver again?

I follow my heart. And if it tells me that you are my Duke, as it does now, then my loyalty is unquestioned.

Your baronry is forfeit, but not your life. Such boldness may have its uses.

Whatever you say, Anton.

As Angels soared high in armor bright, pale wings torn and soiled,
The Light of Elrath bathed our wounds as skies and oceans boiled.
From ramparts songs of victory, a tribute loudly voiced,
and both the living and the dead, with pounding heart rejoiced.

Did you write that?

No! I lived it. Ahh.... those were the days.

Geez, Anton, even your travelling companion is kinda dull.

The last baron is holed up to the northeast, past another Fort (one good thing is that we don't even have to convert any towns, and the towns we conquer all come with several buildings already built). The enemies start getting larger in size, and I actually end up skipping several stacks due to the losses I would have recieved.

There are some really nice things available in the Advanced Market, one of them being a gauntlet that gives us a free casting of Chain Lightning every battle. Chain Lightning normally costs 45 Mana, and Anton can't even learn it, being a Might Hero.

715 Harpies. Enemy stacks are definitely getting larger. On the upside, we're getting lots of experience.

The last Baron, Igor, has a pretty large army, such that I actually wait another week to take him on. Also, I don't even take on the stack of Glories guarding the Magic stat boost in this shot - I'd have to face 260 (!) Glories, which would be too many losses for me to stomach.

Lord Igor, you revolted like Djordje for your beliefs in Ylath.

I respect your belief in Ylath, but it does not excuse your treasonous acts. You will be decapitated at dawn, but in appreciation of your loyal service to my father, I will name your son Baron of your lands.

You'd think one or two of these Barons would be protesting at their imminent execution, but they're all oddly silent.

With that, all 3 Barons are done. We still have a Hidden House to find.

The time for diplomacy is past. You must break some bones. If they won't kneel to your title, at least make sure they can't stand.

These aren't my enemies... they're my barons.

We aren't given any clues on where to search, but we still haven't explored the Northwestern area. The last of the Alliance is holed up there anyway, so we might as well put an end to them.

We don't actually have to talk to Ishtvan to progress the plot... but why not?

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Send him back to his grave!

Djordje follows Ylath and would never kiss an Angel's foot. You? You bend your knee to the Light like your legs were made of reeds.

Djordje shall obey me or I'll sprinkle his remains over every dung pile in the duchy!

Demons are coming, and Elrath has got you chasing shadows!

Ishtvan... hear me. When Djordje is crushed, I expect you to return to your tomb quietly. If you don't, I'll have it sealed very tightly.

Ha! You should have done that long ago. You created the problem with Djordje, you deal with it.

Don't mind if we do. Next time, we mop up the rest of the Alliance, exorcise a ghost, and finally end this map.

Bonus Content - Blood and Tears

Optional choice, number one.

Shed some Tears.

I shall let you live. A Baron's best friend in this world in his Duke. You are now assigned to my personal guard of crusaders. Your daughter will inherit your lands and title; let us hope she picks her friends more wisely.

Take two.

Though I appreciate your free spirit and courage, there is no place in my duchy for a woman with no god but herself. You have one week to leave the Duchy forever.

Alternative choice, tres.

I grant you pardon. Baron Djordje has paid the price for all the followers of Ylath, and done so twice. But if you disobey me again, I'll knight an inquisitor and give him your castle.