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Part 30: Haven Campaign, Map Two, Part Three

Patch 1.8 is here! The changes aren't as extensive as the past couple of patches, the most significant one being the reduced cost of many creature dwellings. There are some changes to creatures, mostly stat changes; I'll slowly be going back to previous updates to tweak them. The Glories got a few changes, which I'll detail in this update.

Back to Anton's aimless wandering, we're off to crush the Alliance of Temperance's last castle, which is just past this bridge.

Find the Dragon Knight... she hears us! She would set us free!

Just take me to her and be silent.

Oh hey, Voices are back. Hooray.

The final castle is actually pretty unremarkable. No cutscenes or tough battles or anything, just steamrolling the rest of the army. Once that's done, you're almost free of invasions. This is also the only castle on this map where we can upgrade our Glories.

Biography posted:

The Blazing Glory is a Radiant Glory that has been elevated by Elrath to a higher status. Directly exposed to the immaculate aura of the Dragon-God of Light, they are considered to be the manifestation of righteousness. They are greatly feared in battle, for in order to defeat one of them, one must find a good moral reason, or be cursed with guilt for eternity.

    Radiant Glory
    Damage: 15-18 (Magical, Light)
    Defense: 12 (25%)
    Magic Defense: 14 (28%)
    Health: 75
    Initiative: 50
    Movement: 8 (Teleporting)
    Range: None
    Destiny: 8
    Morale: 7
    Cost: 525
    Growth: 5/week
    Abilities: Speed of Light, Cleansing Light, Searing Light, Living, Spirit Form, Vulnerable to Shadow Magic
Note: From Patch 1.8 onwards, Spirit Form lasts a maximum of 2 turns. I'm saddened by this more than anything.

Searing Light posted:

A Blazing Glory is said to be a mirror of pure truth that can reveal your soul. Its gaze blinds those who are unwilling to repent from their faults. In the heat of a battle, the Blazing Glory will often force an enemy to look into its purity, causing both pain and blindness. Those who survive the searing light are never quite the same.

Deals normal damage to a stack of choice and Blinds them for about 2 turns, rendering them unable to act. Being attacked does not dispell the Blind effect. Searing Light consumes a portion of the Searing Glories' health, which cannot be recovered by any means. Cooldown of 3 turns.

Stat boosts are fairly minor, with the most significant one being the additional 5 Initiative and 2 Movement - now Glories can strike and return from even further away, even reaching all the way to the opposing army on the first turn with Advanced Tactics. Searing Light is potentially a very powerful tool, especially for a Might Hero like Anton, since he won't normally get access to spells such as Blind, but the losses are permanent, though you don't really lose that many Glories to use it in the first place. They're still just as useful as ever, really, even if the increased cost hurts a bit.

Anton also hits level 15, which opens up the third tier Might skills. There are some very nice options out there, such as Cleave, which gives one stack a free turn and boosts to Morale and Destiny the first time you kill an opposing stack. The Hidden House is in pretty much the only place we haven't explored yet; a small passageway through the mountains to the northwest.

She knows the secrets of the Faceless! Find the heart of the maze...

Anything to get you out of my head.

Aside from the Spirit Form change, Glories also got two changes; the first being the ability to finally attack without returning. This also applies to Harpies. The second is that they no longer automatically dispell upon teleporting; now it's an activated ability that doesn't use up their current turn, and is usable every 3 turns. An understandable if unfortunate change, since before their dispell was incredibly powerful.

Enemy stacks are steadily growing stronger as we head into the tunnels.

Click here to listen to the conversation!

Ahh! Duchess Cate! The Champion of Malassa! The Dragon Knight... She will help us!

Silence! I must speak with my son. Your presence is not welcome.

Cate shares her voice actress with Sveltana.

You... you hear the voices?

I was plagued by them as a child. I chose not to listen, and lived a life of lies and deceit.

The voices... What... Who are they?

Yes. You must learn, or you will relive their torment and your life will be ruined.

Way to answer none of our questions. I get the feeling Slava was the 'nice' parent.

We now have a new task - beat all the Elemental stacks in our way, because uh... I guess Anton's mum told him to.

Fire and Water... Arkath and Shalassa... one Dragon cannot exist without the other. Learn this lesson, or die a violent death.

The first fight is against 100 each of Fire and Water Elementals. A very annoying fight given the movement-stopping effects of Water Elementals and the Fire Elementals punishing melee attackers heavily.

Air and Earth... Ylath and Sylanna... when they are respected equally, Ashan knows peace and prosperity. Learn this lesson or die trapped within their confusion.

The second one is against 100 Earth and Air Elementals. Probably the easiest of the three fights, since your Glories can block the Air Elementals in the first turn.

Light and Darkness, Elrath and Malassa... They were the first children of Asha... and their eternal battle sets the boundaries for us all.

Mother, I'm not here to become a Dragon Knight. I'm here to find Slava's assassin and make some sense of these blasted voices!

Knowledge is a bottomless pit. Absolute truth leads only to ignorance.

Cate has been quoting big fancy books in an effort to sound smart for about a week now. Poor Anton. The guy's just in way over his head. I guess his upbringing wasn't exactly normal. At least Anastasya and Kiril had tutors (albeit angelic tutors).

The third fight is against 120 Light and Darkness Elementals. The biggest pain of the lot, thanks to their teleporting and damage-returning abilties. The Darkness Elementals also deal extra damage to our Glories, too.

Well, let's see who our next opponent is...

Urgash and Asha, brother and sister, the demon's Dragon of Chaos and our Dragon of Order, divided for eternity, and yet they dance as one. Show me your inner-dragon, son. Or return to nothing.

You killed our little sister... the little angel... I'm the little demon... you should have killed me!

Kiril... he has become a demon!

Chaos is a power like any other... It can be used by your enemies... or used by your friends. Judge the man.. not the Dragon.

Oh geez, we're really doing this?

Kiril actually doesn't have many tricks up his sleeves, only having a standard physical attack. He has a large Inferno army, but with the Inferno's weakness to Light and your own regenerative abilities, you should be able to walk away without too many losses.

Once we defeat Kiril, he disappears and the gate guarding Djordje opens... for whatever reason. I guess that wasn't a real Kiril, just some odd apparition used for Dragon Knight training. Doesn't quite explain why defeating it allows us to track down and defeat ghosts.

Whether I was right or wrong, Djordje, your duty is to obey your duke. I must destroy you, forgive me in the next life.

Djordje. I understand why you have done what you've done. But I must convince you that I have changed, and the realm is in able lands.

We can go teleport back to the Necropolis fort we captured way back to quickly access Djordje's castle.

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The voices... they are the tortured souls of angels.

Yes... they are unable to pass on to Asha. I didn't know how to help them, so I shut them out. If you do their bidding blindly they will drive you mad.

The Voices don't know why they're still here.

Elrath is your inner dragon. They are His children. You can find the answers...

They don't know who killed my father. I've asked them. They lead me to you.

I've done all that I can do for you as as a Dragon Knight, though I'll tell you one more thing as a mother who has sorely missed her son. You are worthy, Anton. And you will prevail.

Why don't you do this yourself?

My inner dragon is Malassa, and her answers only lead to more questions. You are a son of Griffin. When in doubt, follow your heart...

Urgh, but that... doesn't help at all. Let's just go kill a ghost and be done with it.

Djordje's castle is just past the now open gate. You might run into a Necropolis Hero or two, but they shouldn't give you any trouble. My Anton's hit the level cap for this map (17), so there was no point in fighting any more neutral stacks.

Djordje has a large Necropolis army, and being in a fully fortified castle doesn't help. The arrow towers will take out one to two creatures every round until your Catapult brings them down. Djordje has fairly large numbers of every creature, but his army isn't as large as say, Hiroshi's from Irina's map.

Frustratingly, Djordje will hide either his Skeletons or Archliches in the central tower, giving them full range and an immunity to most attacks till the tower falls. Your Marksmen are the only creatures that can hit them reliably (use Piercing Shot to ignore the siege penalty), so focus your Marksmen on the stack in the tower and let the rest of your troops take care of the rest. Expect losing a lot of Imperial Griffins.

Djordje has several tricks up his sleeves, the nastiest of which is Mass Drain Life, but there's nothing that's too hard to handle, given his army isn't really that big to be unsurmountable.

In the end, it's just like most battles in the game - attrition. Djordje tends to use Necromancy I only, so he can't recover troops faster than you can damage them, and he doesn't really make efficient use of Drain Life since his troops like staying behind walls.

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I see you're ready to give a dead man a choice, but what of the living? I didn't come back to fight for the dead.

I rescinded my orders against the church of Ylath. But a Knight should follow his Duke first and foremost, whether it leads him down to Sheogh or up to Asha's moon!

Spoken like a true Griffin duke. At last you have come into your heritage. Kill me again, if you would. It would be an honor!

Go in peace, Baron Djordje. You have served your Duke with courage and heart!

Farewell... and say hello to my father!

And we will sorely miss you.

If I haven't said it before, this whole family's crazy.

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The Blind Brothers predicted that the Eclipse would happen in three years' time...

They also predicted we would lose this war. I guess someone didn't want to wait around for that to happen.

Are you saying that you... somehow changed the time of the eclipse? Brought it forward?

I had no part in it... Kiril and Sarah did this. I didn't realize they had set their sights so high!

You did this to get a war you could win...

The kingdoms of Ashan already fight for power amongst themselves, as your father and Gerhart did. The Seven Cities and their Necromancers are walking paths that will certainly divide them, the Naga and the Orcs are at the brink of war, and the Faceless themselves toy with the Elves... If we had waited, all would have been lost!

But we're not ready.

Either we fight this war with the demons now, while we are still strong, or the Faceless will rule from the shadows of the rubble.

This whole map makes little sense. At least I guess... Kiril and Sarah managed to do something? Out of our control? I don't know. Let's just end this map.

Bonus Content - Blood and Tears

We've seen Blood Might, so let's check our Tears Might.

Paladin posted:

“A Paladin dreams alone, and fights for all!”

Champions of the impossible quest with faith as their guiding star, Paladins have answered the calling of Elrath, the Dragon God of Light. They have sworn a solemn oath to uphold the principles of their god, and to defend the realm from all enemies. Their vow is magically binding and blesses them with tremendous powers. For this reason, Paladins become a guiding purpose, honoured by the people, respected by their allies and feared by their enemies.

At the start of each turn, the most damaged friendly stack benefits from +24.9/28.6% Might Defence and Health for 1 turn.

A powerful passive, if unreliable.

Then to Magic, starting with their Neutral class.

Cleric posted:

“I’ve faith in Elrath, but I trust his Clerics even more!”

Clerics have sworn their servitude to Elrath, the Dragon God of Light, and are powerful emissaries on the battlefield. Blessed for their fervour, they can bestow Elrath’s favour on the troops under their command. The Holy Falcon Empire has known many wars in its five centuries of dominance, and the Clerics have been the deciding factor in many of them.

All friendly stacks benefit from increased Magic Damage and Magic Defense.

Then to Blood...

Inquisitor posted:

“Judgement is passed by Elrath, the Inquisitor is His wrath!”

Inquisitors are Clerics who have vowed their servitude to Elrath and the advancement of the Holy Falcon Empire and its Church. The Emperor trusts no one more than an Inquisitor to shine the blazing lights of truth and justice throughout his realm. The Dragon has bestowed upon them powers that even the most battle hardened angels humbly respect.

Holy Blades
All friendly creatures deal an additional 4/5% of their damage as Light damage.

Basically the Inferno's Hellfire Aura that happens every time. Not a bad passive, but kind of lacking compared to other Heroes.

And finally, the Confessor.

Confessor posted:

“When Elrath needs you, even death stands aside.”

Confessors are Clerics that have become so attuned to the Dragon of Light that they can channel Elrath’s will to protect Asha’s creation. The most powerful healers of the Holy Falcon Empire are awarded the title of Confessor and are considered by most Angels as their equals in magic under the wings of their Dragon God.

55 Mana
Usable once per battle
Resurrects chosen completely dead allied stack with 1104/1270 health. Resurrected stack cannot attack and be attacked for 1 turn.

Resurrection is costly, but the results speak for themselves. A potential tide-turner if used at the right moment, and one of only two ways to bring back dead stacks.