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Part 31: Necropolis Campaign, Map Two, Part One

We've played the last 3 maps in order according to how we played them last time, so you might think it's time to check up on Kiril. Instead, we're going to make a detour and check in on Anastasya.

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Take me to them Elisabeth. Do not be afraid. We are with you!

No! I don't know anything! I've never even seen a Faceless! No! Not my son!

Elisabeth... we must build a wall. Do you see them? Giant stones of obsidian. Yes... like that! Trap them. They can no longer hurt you... or your son.

They're so many! But... They're trapped. Yes, we are safe now... *sigh*

How did you do that Jorgen? You healed her madness.

As children of Darkness, we can enter the world of dreams and memories.

What do you mean? You can help me... discover who controlled me?

Why do you want to find memories your mind has chosen to forget?

Sandor... All is well... Sandor...

I... I am going to see the Mother Namtaru. I think she can help me. Thank you, Jorgen... for helping Elisabeth.

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Are you well enough to travel, Elisabeth? Why must you go so soon?

Wizard Haffayad is mounting an expedition to the East. I've heard news that my Sandor is alive and warring with the Orcs. Even if he won't agree... he needs his mother.

Anastasya, the High Priestess Sveltana is expecting you, and I need to make final preparations with Lady Elisabeth. We're leaving in three days. I suggest you make save your farewells for then.

Yes, High Priest Haffayad. I'm going...

Could you accompany Wizard Kaspar? He has traveled far to meet with High Priestess Miranda.


When did you make the decision to become a Necromancer? I've been studying the order for a dozen years... I've finally seen the truth of it.

I... really didn't have the choice in the matter. It was either that or passing on to Asha.

You were transformed... against your will?

No. I'm glad I was brought back. I've unfinished business.

After all the , we finally have control of Ana again. As mentioned, Kaspar is accompanying us for now, so he'll basically follow us during his turn.

Before we get on with the map, we can visit Elisabeth just to the west for one final conversation.

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But... father still loved you. Every time he looked at Sandor... It was as if he were looking through him to someone else.

Slava followed his heart, Anastasya. He did what was best for everyone. And he raised our son at the court of a Duchy. He loved your mother. That was hard for me... seeing his eyes melt whenever Cate went to him.

Uriel could never love me like this... just look at what I've become.

The castle of life is built with bricks made up of precious moments. All I shared with Slava made me a better woman. If Uriel and you are meant to live a long time together... let it happen one day at a time. Only the Dragons know the future.

<I hope they stay away from mine...>

Say hello to Sandor for me. I... I want him to know that I miss him.

I will tell him when I see him. I'm in your debt for freeing me from the Inquisition.

If I hadn't... Sandor would have eventually.

...or died trying. I'm doubly grateful. Now go find your Angel and give him a kiss... a long kiss you'll both remember for a lifetime.

So long, Elisabeth. Now we can get onto the map proper. This is a fairly unique map, in that we have no towns to capture or convert - Anastasya will be travelling by herself, and your only way to get more armies are one-time reinforcements at certain places. Conversely, the level cap for this map is lower compared to the second map of other campaigns (15 instead of 17). It's still a fun map, packed full of plot, as we've already seen.

This first part is fairly easy. We just follow the road, beating up low level packs of undead along the way (Anastasya starts with a small army of Cores, which should be able to handle the enemies easily).

Our next plot point is just three or four days' travel down the road. At this point, Elisabeth disappears if you hadn't talked to her already, as well. We're also introduced to Miranda, who is one of my favourite voices so far of the game.

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They're taking prisoners... defiling them... We had to put a stop to it.

Oh, yes! I nearly forgot. All of Ashan is looking for the Faceless traitor Jorgen and the crazy Lady Elisabeth... who have miraculously escaped Falcon custody. But wait! We know where they are! We've got them right outside our door. The Mother Namtaru will be thrilled.

Miranda, this is not Anastasya's fault. Someone is maneuvering to revive the war between the Angels and the Faceless. If you don't believe me, talk to Jorgen.

I have! He speaks in riddles. Questioning your niece seems a little less complicated.

She doesn't remember anything. Her memories have been erased.

I talked to Elisabeth and she knows nothing of a plot to kill Slava. I must see the Mother Namtaru... perhaps she can find the answers in my mind.

I must commune with her first. If she agrees, I'll send for you. I would like you to come with me Miranda. The Mother Namtaru appreciates you as much as me.

How nice of you. If she is in the mood to turn us into ghouls, at least we'll be able to drool on each other's shoulders in consolation. Oh, but what am I thinking, I can't go. There's the Wizard Kaspar who has traveled so far to meet me...

<You would let her go alone?>

I jest, Bluebeak. Of course I'm going... Anastasya! Please show that gentle Alchemist around for me, while I go and try to get your Aunt out of the web she's spun around us.

Well that's done. Both Miranda and Sveltana leave, and we actually have nothing to do but twiddle our thumbs around for three days - the guardian blocking the path won't let us leave.

Graveyards like these are the only source of reinforcements on this map. Troop conservation is more important than ever since we can't replenish them.

Not that it's really difficult, now that we're using the Necropolis again and their amazing ability to win most battles with little to no losses.

Finally, on the last day of the week...

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You know the Cult of the Spider Queen well. You should be the one giving me a tour of Nar-Heresh. Where did you study?

Shahibdiya for two decades. The city where magic never sleeps. And then I traveled. Gathering ingredients for my potions and balms takes me everywhere.

You know the art of healing... without calling on the power of Elrath?

I was born in the Wolf Duchy and brought up with a statue of the Dragon of Light on our hearth. My passion for potions brought me to the Seven Cities, where the Dragons have become little more than concepts than gods. I learned there how to manipulate the power of Light without praying to Elrath.

Miranda said you've chosen to follow the Spider Queen. Do you consider the Mother Namtaru a concept?

The Dragons are real to me... And I've come to admire Asha more than any of them. Her creation is fascinating... her magic is everywhere, and the regenerating cycle of Life and Death her masterpiece. We Wizards of the Seven Cities have great power... and our creations are magnificent, but unconstrained by respect for Asha, it all leads ultimately to despair.

If the Wizards hadn't created the Orcs the demons would have destroyed us centuries ago.

Ahhh... I see you know your Ashan history! But let me ask you this... Do the Orcs have souls? And if you agree they do, who created them?

Thankfully, Bluebeak saves us from what looked to becoming a lengthy debate we don't have all undeath for.

<Anastasya! The Mother Namtaru!>

Excuse me, Wizard Kaspar. I've been summoned by the Mother Namtaru.

Kaspar stops following us at this point. aside, it's actually a pretty interesting insight into the perception of the Necromancers and the Wizards. The Wizards are what could ultimately be considered atheists, choosing to harness magic without calling on the dragons. The Necromancers don't follow any specific branch of the Dragons, but Asha herself, particularly fixated on her aspect of Life and Death. In fact, many Necromancers originate from the Seven Cities, and the conflict only escalates in HoMM V. Kaspar himself shows up in that game as well.

But digression! Ana just has to follow the straightforward path at this point, killing undead things and picking up treasure on the way. It's not really a very interesting path, but it's a one-way trip, as we won't be able to come back here later.

The Mother Namtaru is at the end of the path. It's also our last chance to go back and pick up anything we've missed, but I think we're ready.

Hey, we haven't had a Cinematic in a whi- (YouTube via Polsy)

We're now... in Ana's mind. Don't ask why she can bring her army in here with her, either. In any case, we've got someone to chat to.

We have brought you to your inner realm... but from here you must travel alone.

But you're not Jorgen! ...Mother?

I am your oldest trauma. I abandoned you to fend for yourself... To leave here, you must kill me.

Mother... why? I've already killed my father. This is ridiculous.

Do you seek the one truly responsible for Slava's death?


Then be true to your heart, Anastasya. We shall meet again.

Cate disappears. Just south of her is Jorgen.

Anatasya. This is your mind's reflection in the Spirit World.

I want to see the memory of my father's murder... take me there.

Other memories, some covered in sadness, others cloaked in guilt... block your path. You must confront them.

Then let's get on with it.

Jorgen warps Anastasya to another place. Psh, who could possibly stand in our way?