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Part 12: Haven Campaign, Map One, Part One

Maybe Sandor and Irina were too hard on Slava. Let's go check in with the Haven. I'm sure he'll show us a good perspective on things!

The Quietest Death You'll Ever See (YouTube via Polsy)


I am the Duke of the Griffin Duchy. Father is dead. And with that, voices have returned to haunt my mind. I welcome them, for they know who killed him. They know it was the Faceless. Father... your peaceful ways must be put aside. We are at war with an invisible enemy, and the duchy must be cleansed!

Meet Anton, Slava's second oldest child and the firstborn to Cate. Don't expect him to be throwing out any chuckles like Irina or be chill like Sandor, this guy is serious as the definition. He also appears to be a bit loopy and hears voices in his head. Let's see if we can't find out more about him.

Biography posted:

First legitimate child of Duke Slava and Duchess Cate of Griffin, through his childhood Anton enjoyed all the privileges – and sacrifices – such a position bestows. Instructed in religion, politics, leadership, and combat, Anton grew up a quiet, serious child, groomed for one purpose alone: to one day inherit the Griffin Duchy and become Duke himself. Aside from a babble of mysterious voices that plagued his early years but were eventually muted with the help of Jorgen, one of his father’s councilors, Anton was contented with his lot until political maneuverings saw his sister, Irina, forced to wed the despicable Duke Gerhart of the Wolf Duchy. Bitter, but unable to confront his father for his staunch fidelity to the emperor, Anton’s brooding is only broken when Slava is shockingly murdered at the hand of his other daughter, Anastasya. With the old voices back and blaming the Faceless, and knowing he will now never resolve his differences with his father, the newly crowned Duke is a very angry and vengeful Griffin.

Well that didn't make our hero sound any better. And are all of Slava's children mad at him? It's not like he had any choice in the matter after all.

Like his father, Anton's a Knight. Since we're fresh off two campaigns where we had high-initiatve creatures, it's a good thing to remember that the Haven core army is slow, none of them having an Initiative higher than 30.

We're given the mission to investigate Orc activity in the area (for no real reason really. Because the duchy must be CLEANSED). We're a bit low on resources, but we can at least build the upgraded Sentinel building and flag the Sawmill and Ore Pit. There are several friendly Haven stacks around, but a few of them will only join for gold, which is frustrating.

Find the Faceless! They are the enemy! Their commerce is doubt!

At the start of each day, Anton's friendly voices will chime in with a cryptic warning. This gets annoying very quickly since they only have so many messages to cycle through before they start repeating themselves. Maybe this is why he's so grumpy.

If you head a little East, you'll see a Griffin start flying overhead and towards the southeast.

A wild griffin! The heart of a lion and the spirit of an eagle. I am proud to bear your name.

I wasn't aware our hero was named Griffin. In any case, we see the griffin fly southeast to find a goblin hammering away at the some cliffs.

Someone is stealing from the griffins' nest. They're either desperate or mad.

Then you'll be in good company!

Before we go galloping off to check out what's up with our feathered friends, you know the drill; what path should Griffin Anton go? Will he follow the path of his father and go Tears, or CLEANSE THIS LAND and go Blood?