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Part 11: Sanctuary Campaign, Map One, Part Three

In all honesty, this is probably one of my favourite maps in the campaign.

After that little bombshell, we get a free undeveloped Sanctuary town, and a small area to quickly run through. There's a creature dwelling, a couple of mines, and two stat boosts (an Armorsmith and an Arena). Our main objective is to capture the Haven town at the north end of the map. We actually have two options. The first is to go by the land route, taking two Haven forts along the way. The second is to go by sea, avoiding enemies entirely and attacking the Haven town directly (the first Haven fort is easily accessible by sea though, so no harm in taking it). We're going the land route, since more exp, but note that there's a small offshore island to the northeast that has a couple of mines (notably the only Crystal Mine).

Our Sanctuary town screen. Pretty. We can build dwellings for all the creatures we have currently (our 3 Core Troops and Kensei), but we can't upgrade them. This means our initial stock of Pearl Priestesses are our only healers, so it's mainly up to Irina to keep them alive, not a hard task. I'd recommend building the Kensei building first, then Coral Priestesses, then the rest as you see fit.

Not for its difficulty, really - the map itself isn't that hard. But the story and characters are fairly well done, and while I don't show it off often, the Hashima Islands make for very nice scenery. Between the rich forests, abundance of water and even a volcano, you really get the feeling of an actual environment for the Naga.

Oddly enough, the Haven hero attacks us instead of staying in his fort. We wipe him out easily and take it. I actually don't bother converting it, since there are no dwellings in the area. The only drawbacks to keeping a fort that's not of your town is that you only get 250g/day instead of 500g, not a huge loss.

We're introduced to Irina's abrasive, sarcastic personality pretty easily, and it's a little understandable, given likely just being rescued from an unwanted marriage less than a month ago and forced to take up arms with strangers. Katsue herself is a little boring, but contrasts nicely with Irina. Even Hiroshi provides a bit of a foil that can one-up her.

The second Fort battle is a little more difficult, if only because the army has over 90 crossbowmen behind the walls. This is perhaps I think one of only two battles in this map where I lost troops, the first being a careless fight where I lost 2 Kappa. There's also some ruins just before this fort that gives 10 Kensei as a reward, something we definitely want to get.

In a lot of stories, there are plot twists. Some are done well, some aren't.

I have a bit of movement left, but I decide to stay in my fort. The Haven hero can be unusually aggresive, even sending its troops out of siege gates.

As it turns out, it's a very good thing I did. The Hero would have been a much bigger pain to fight if he was holed up in the Fort.

Ideally, the best time to attack a town is on Day 1 of a week, when you can ship troops to your main Hero and the enemy hasn't had the chance to buy their troops yet. I manage to shuttle troops from my Fort (via Town Portal) using a couple of mule heroes as intermediates.

I also pick up the Lightning Bolt spell along the way. It's a nice, high damage spell for a fairly low cost. It's already dealing over 300 damage, and will rise as Irina grows in power. The final battle with Martina (and another hero out in the open before the siege) isn't too tough, you just gotta keep doing what you've been doing.

Not that hard.

A good plot twist, in my opinion, is when, upon rereading or rewatching the story, you realize all the little details that suddenly make much more sense. Ideally when you first went through it you shouldn't be confused, but on the second time round you realize the full impact of that scene.

Click here to listen to the conversation!

Traitor and abomination! Snake-lover! The Emperor will never stand for this, an exile and fugitive running the Wolf Duchy!

I have to say, for a character that only has one conversation throughout the game, I like Martina's voice, for some reason.

Irina! A formidable victory. As I hold this island by grant of the Eternal Empress, you may hold this land by grant of me. It will be your fief.

You are correct, Martina. But this is no longer a town of the Wolf Duchy. You can go tell my "beloved husband" that this town is under the protection of Shalssa!

But now that I have the Wolf by the scruff of the neck, I have one question. Where is my brother?

I came here to drag him back to Gerhart for punishment. But his cell was empty.

He escaped?

No. I doubt he was ever here. There is a certain captain that would be wise never to step foot in the duchy again.

So, Irina. You have done as your daimyo requests, and retaken Shalassa's lands. But now you must think not of what to do, but who you are.

This choice doesn't make that much sense. Even if you spare Martina, why let her lead in a converted Sanctuary town? She'd be served to the sharkmen within a week. Of course we're going Blood.

Irina! She was mine, to kill, not yours. This is my choice!

However, we had a bargain. But the Wolf lied to me, your brother was never here. Did he escape? Did the ship captain file a false report? I do not know. I... apologize; I did not mean to mislead you.

Because that's how you realize, how in one night...

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Could they get whether it's pronounced I-rina or E-rina?

It is not my home anymore, not after what my father, the Emperor, and Gerhart did to me... I owe my allegiance to you, and to Shalassa.

Good. Very good! But the Empress calls me to fight a Necromacer fleet to the west. My first order to you, Irina of Hashima, is to learn the ways of the Naga. We shall speak when I return.

Lady Irina, please listen. I do not say that you are wrong, but you must think carefully; do you wish to become an enemy of your own people? You take decisions for two, now; you must think of your children.

Children!? I'm not planning on that right now.

Shalassa seems to have taken that out of your hands. Look within yourself Irina...

Huh...? Oh! You mean, I'm... Gerhart... Oh no!

Rraah! I'm ready to throw up at just the thought!

I'm sorry to have to tell you this way, but I thought you should know.

Of course. It is good to know. But this changes many things, Katsue. Though the idea is hateful to me, I now carry the heir to the Wolf Duchy...

Your whole life can flip upside down.