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Part 59: Bonus Update 31.5: Gemstone Mines

Bonus Update 31.5: Gemstone Mines

The Great Western Tower is three votes ahead, which means next update will be full of death and lamentation. Until that fateful day, let's take a look at the Gemstone Mines!

While it's technically true that one of the mines has an entrance on each side of the Gemstone Range, accessing the southern entrance requires the Mountaineer skill, with which you could just cross the range anyway. There's a little something else I've had to censor in one of the mines that requires Mountaineer to access, too...

By the way, note the insanely high Speed ratings of the monsters in this area: we should get used to most of Darkside's monsters outspeeding our entire party from now until the end of the game, more or less.

See you next update!