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Part 61: Bonus Update 32.5: Great Western Tower

Bonus Update 32.5: Great Western Tower

Outdoor exploration looks to have a commanding lead in the vote, so I'm gonna call it now and play some more Xeen. While you wait for the next update, enjoy a complimentary guide to the Great Western Tower courtesy of the hintbook.

Higher-level enemies in Darkside tend to hit very, very hard. Even if you're powerful enough to take them out in a couple of hits, surviving long enough to get those hits in can be a challenge.

The layout of the first three floors of the Great Western Tower is full of straight, narrow corridors. Combine this with enemies who have devastatingly powerful ranged attacks and you've got a recipe for suffering. To minimise the number of blasts you have to endure, you can use Jump spells to close in on enemies faster, or hide around corners and let them come to you.

See you next time, outside Castleview!