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Part 77: The Drinking Fountain at the End of the Universe

Update 42: The Drinking Fountain at the End of the Universe

"Let me be seeing. From here, Sandcaster is to the south, and the Island of Lost Souls is in the lake to the east. But what is to the north and west?"

"This town is Lakeside, right?"
"That would make sense, seeing as it's on the north shore of the lake. We have a pass, so we can get in whenever we want."

In the mountains to the far northeast of the world map, there are some gargoyles, which we've fought before and which aren't really any kind of threat at this point.

I only mention them because this is where their lair is.

"Woooo! Take that, rocks!"

"Whoa, ease up on the smashing there. Wasn't some dude outside of Sandcaster looking for this?"

50,000 gold and half a level's experience (plus some extra for destroying the lair itself). Pretty good for a quest that's just exploration and easy combat.

"It would appear the river to the north of the lake is not navigable due to rapids. I do wish we'd earned fewer bruises finding that out."

This fountain grants +500 HP, and can temporarily exceed your normal maximum. Since it's a little out of the way, what with being at the edge of the world and all, it could be a good place to set a Lloyd's Beacon.

"Ew! This is worse than those centipedes!"

Hell Hornets are 50% resistant to most damage types, and attack twice per round for 2-500 Poison damage per hit and a chance to inflict weakness. They also selectively target Druids, just to rub more salt into the gaping salt-filled wound that is the experience of using a Druid in Darkside of Xeen.

Luckily, everyone in the party has good poison resistance, and the hornets only have 250 HP.

"Presumably this is Castle Blackfang, where Queen Kalindra is being held."
"Not much good to know that if gates all shut. Maybe if we grow wings and learn to fly, could go in from top."

"Aaa! Couldn't somebody have the decency to put up some warning signs? What even is there to catch out here? Are they hoping one of those giant hornets will land right on top of a trap? Ugh, I'm sick of thinking about this already."

There are a few animal traps around the forest, which inflict a little physical damage to the whole party. You'd think levitation would protect us, but no.

"Look! Fubar find shiny ring in woodpile! Also, tasty spiders!"

The Arachnoids are the same ones we fought en masse the first time we explored the outdoors in Darkside. They weren't tough even back then.

"This must be the dwelling of the setter of the traps! I have a bone to choose with him!"

"... I could reward you."
"Did someone say 'reward'? And 'ring'? Because we just found a ring and would like a reward!"

"Not that I'm complaining, but wow, talk about easy work."

And just like that, another party member gets to join the Obsidian Weapons Club.

"... thrown at a tree (shudder) will never get there because first it must go halfway to the tree, but before it can go halfway to the tree it must go halfway to the halfway to the tree... And of course must go halfway to the halfway to the halfway to the tree ad infinitum and so therefore never leaves the thrower's hand because the rock is always going halfway to the halfway. (yawn) ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..."

There are actually six consecutive lines of nothing but "zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz" at the end of that speech, which for sanity's sake I have not replicated here.

"Um, hello? Was there a point you were getting to, old treezer?"

"Unfortunately, the rock DOES hit the tree, so that blows THAT theory all to... um... ah... ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..."

"Eh. Flench have nothing better to do today."

"... recognition of your noble efforts, we have searched the ground for buried treasure, and can tell you with confidence to dig in Area E4 at 0,13 for the gold your people value so highly."
"We must produce haste to unearth this treasure while it is still earthed!"

Here's the previous scene in video form, in case you ever wanted to know what a talking tree sounds like.

It's only possible to talk to Leafpoint and get this treasure if you've previously done Thickbark's quest to destroy the ice troll lair back in Clouds.

If you needed one more reason why it's well worth it to finish Clouds before starting Darkside, here it is.

"Little cold for bath. Maybe just drink instead."

1000 spell points is more than we have any reasonable use for right now, and will remain so for quite some time.

There's a row of three tents near the fountain. The first one is empty. I even tried going here on the saved game I'd completed Clouds on to see if it was related to some obscure sidequest from Cloudside, but nope, still nothing.

"We thank you for the tip, but we are far in front of you!"

"Well, uh, okay."

"But as far as we could tell, this treasure map points to... exactly where we are right now."

"Waaait a minute. Fabled treasure in the Desert of Doom? You think he's going after the paladin's treasure that we already found?"
"Could be."
"Think we should tell him?"

I took a video of this conversation, too. Slibo's pretty enthusiastic.

"And I thought I was underdressed for this weather."

Giants attack twice per round for 100-500 physical damage, with a chance to cause instant unconsciousness.

They have 500 HP but lowish AC and no resistances, so it doesn't take too long for a strong party like ours to beat them. When defeated, they carry 1000 gold and can often drop a high-level item.

"Is good to meet you. Sorry about killing your people, but they attack first. Well, they probably attack first if we not attack first before they do."

As usual, we get a variety of options on how to proceed. Let's see what demanding tribute does.

The giants don't respond as well to intimidation as the ogres did.

Gurodel's basically just a slightly stronger giant. A group of giants this large could pose a threat even to a fairly strong party, but we can beat them because we're just that good.

Killing the giants nets the party a couple of energy discs and some treasure, but let's rewind and be nice instead.

Both of the friendly choices lead to the same response and set of followup options.

"C'mon, we gotta try to at least bilk them outta some of their money. Look at their big dumb faces, they'll totally fall for it."

"That explains why you can't afford clothes. Well, do you at least know anything useful, then?"
"What would you like to know?"

"Good place to start: why you not try to kill us like everyone else?"

"And what are these plans of his, exactly?"

"He's from another world? Cool!"
"You did hear the part about how he's going to turn Xeen into a frozen wasteland, right?"
"Oh, lighten up. It's not like we're gonna let him succeed. Anyway, before we go, you guys got any partin' gifts or anything?"

"We already have all discs we need."
"I know, but it goes against my nature to turn down free stuff."

There's another nice fountain on the northern edge of the world, just a little east of the Great Northern Tower.

"A camp has been set upwards outside of the tower! Perhaps it is housing a fair damsel in need of aid!"

"... it have been in vain? I do have the key to the tower, which I'll give you. If you bring me the Chalice, I will reward you well."
"Bosco? Seriously, that's your real name? What are you, the sheriff from The Dukes of Hazzard?"
"Wasn't that Rosco?"
"Does it matter?"

"Must be where those giant bandits who attacked us came from. Gurodel probably not mind if we destroy."

"Even if he's ticked off, I'm sure he'll be the bigger person and forgive us."
"Oh, so that's why you can get away with anything."

Energy resistance is both rare and important, so this is yet another valuable fountain to take note of.

... or it would be, except that this other fountain right nearby gives a temporary +100 bonus to all elemental resistances.

And before you know it, the party's crossed the entire northern tundra.

Party members are starting to hit level 50 now; we'll have to do our training in Castle Kalindra from now on.

I think we've advanced the plot enough and done enough outdoor exploration for now; I'm in the mood for some sidequesting in the new areas we've discovered. Next time, should the party explore the town of Lakeside or retrieve the Chalice from the Great Northern Tower? Vote now!