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Part 78: Bonus Update 42.5: Northeastern Darkside

Bonus Update 42.5: Northeastern Darkside

Next time, the party will be exploring the Great Northern Tower. But first, let's look at some snow!

The hintbook sure is cavalier about the difficulty level of the desert monsters. A well-equipped level-15 party probably could take them on, but the desert is still the second-most-dangerous section of the outdoor map, after the Forbidden Zone.

It'd be a good idea to head to the western edge of the desert and pick up the Mountaineer skill before exploring the northern reaches. You can just go around the mountains, but you'll miss out on the spell point fountain if you do.

Between the Hell Hornets and the Octopods, I hope you've built up your party's poison resistance before exploring this area. As long as you have (and your party's at a decent level), you'll have an easy time with most of the enemies in the far northeast.

I wasn't kidding about that river being impossible to navigate, by the way. Don't step into it anywhere along its length or you'll take a bunch of damage and get spat out into the lake.

See you next update!