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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

by mateo360

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Original Thread: After 20 Years I'm Free It's time to Let's Play Mighty Morphin Power Ranger



In celebration of the series 20th anniversary, I have decided to go back and replay the Mighty Morphin games on both the SNES and the Genesis. These games while still not the best, were a lot better the treatment most games that come from this series get.

Series Plot
After 10,000 years of being trapped in a space Garbage Can, Rita Repulsa wants to conquer the closest planet: Earth. Unfortunately, she decided to start her conquest on the small California city of Angel Grove where near by her old nemesis, Zordon, lives in his American Jewish University house. When Rita attacks, Zordon tells his robotic C-3PO knock-off Alpha 5 to bring him "Five overbearing and emotional humans" (read: Teenagers with attitude)to become Power Rangers. Instead of moving on to a different planet (or at least a different town) Rita sends down monsters to try and destroy Angel Grove and the Power Rangers. In the end, some how the monster ties in to whatever moral crisis a ranger is facing that day.


Jason Rocky: Red Ranger
Zord: Tyrannosaurs Ape

Trini Aisha: Yellow Ranger
Zord: Saber-Tooth Tiger Bear

Billy: Blue Ranger
Zord: Triceratops Wolf

Kimberly: Pink Ranger
Zord: Pterodactyl Crane

Zack Adam: Black Ranger
Zord: Mastadon Frog

Tommy: Green White Ranger
Zord: Dragonzord Falcon


Ivan Ooze

Rita Repulsa Lord Zedd


perochialjoe joins me from Level 3 of the SNES game


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (SNES)

Level 1 - Downtown Angel GroveYouTube
Level 2 - Industrial ParkYouTube
Level 3 - SewerYouTube
Level 4 - HotelYouTube
Level 5 - CaveYouTube
Level 6 & 7 - Megazord fightsYouTube

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Genesis)YouTube

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie (Genesis)

Level 1 - Downtown Angel GroveYouTube
Level 2 - Downtown Angel Grove AgainYouTube
Level 3 - ParkYouTube
Level 4 - CavesYouTube
Level 5 - Deserted PlanetYouTube
Level 6 - SpaceYouTube

VR Bonus

VR Troopers (Genesis)YouTube
Cybertron Pilot Starring Jason David FrankYouTube
Battle Grid Modelpix

Mighty Morphin Power Ranger The Movie (SNES)

Level 1 - Angel GroveYouTube
Level 2 - BattleshipYouTube
Level 3 - MountainYouTube
Level 4 - TrainYouTube
Level 5 - BaseYouTube
Level 6 - FactoryYouTube
Level 7 - Ivan's LairYouTube

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Fighting EditionYouTube

Games I Didn't PlayYouTube

Lizard Wizard Plays Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger
Part 1

Monster Gallery

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