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Part 1: Lizard Wizard Plays Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger

Let's Play Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger!

Not long ago during a stream, I discovered a little gem of an NES ROM titled "Power Rangers II". It was pretty competent, but I assumed it to be a pirate cart of some sort. Turns out it's legit! mateo's given me permission to cover it, so let's play Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger! I was going to link these through the SSLP Test Poster, but I don't trust it not to eat the updates after a certain period of time. Bear in mind I'm a baka gaijin who knows nothing about the original sentai series.

I'm playing on easy, though, because I know this game's capable of some bullshit. Let's fire 'er up!

oh my god

You got PROBLEMS, Rita.

We must go to the swamp jungle and prevent this creepy prison to lock children in secret base from being built for the honor of the Magipope!

Boi, you seem a bit too aggressive. Oh well. To action!

Whoa, hold on. Do we get guns in this game?


I should definitely get these, uh...Power Coins?

Yeah, let's go with Power Coins.


Not while I have a gun!

Hey, another one!


Oh god oh no oh no oh god

Ha ha, just kidding.

Some careful falling is needed to get this coin.

Fun fact: that platform doesn't always spawn.

Jump jump jump. Platform platform.

Okay, THAT'S not wildlife.

Sometimes the screen decides to flash when you shoot an enemy. Did they actually program in critical hits, or what?

There's no instant-death pit here. If you fall, it's usually a matter of having to backtrack a bit, which is nice, I guess.

Oh hey, a door.

Well, I HAVE been on a Dual Sword kick in Monster Hunter.

It's a decent power upgrade too!

The coin thingy in the bottom right is nearly full, but I'm skipping this one because of reasons.

Movin' right along!

This Power Coin we can get.

Well, that was needlessly ostentatious. But we got all our Power back, so hey.

A bit of mild platformercise later, we have a boss door.

Time for a shave, asshole! In the absence of any memorable boss music, I'm just going to google up something that a person would want to listen to for a thing like this.

We all know this guy as Finster, and I have to say, it feels a bit weird. I mean, over here he's just some weird old guy who fucks with clay. I can't imagine fighting him.

PLEPRECHAUN, on the other hand, just does not fuck around.

The game does spawn you right back into the action if you die during a boss fight, which is nice.

But seriously, this is a pretty tough fight. If you can beat this without dying, you've played this game too much and need to think about your life.

Rita, I would be flabbergasted if building a swamp in the prison had been your only plan. Flabbergasted.

Oh hell yes I'm gonna play a minigame!

well okay then