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Mines of Titan

by Spookydonut

Part 5: Teaser Update

Let's look at some of the slightly hilarious weapons in this game, first up are Arcguns

Arcguns cover things like flamethrowers, chemical sprayers and paralyzing rays
They do have quite a limited range and area of effect, you need to sweep them back and forth or have multiple characters firing them.
Also there most definitely is friendly fire in this game.

Then there's the benign sounding Throwing skill, which is split into two subcategories.
There's the expected 'traditional' throwing weapons such as blow darts, Molotov cocktails and hand grenades.
Then confusingly the skill also includes crossbows, longbows, composite bows and grenade launchers
Anything that has an area of effect will destroy any loot if it kills the enemy.
You also have to manually aim the center of the AOE weapons (or risk the AI doing silly things).

If used in the right situation they can be really devastating.

There are lots of problems though, trying to shoot through something with the grenade launcher for example, go poorly (the AI tries to do this).

And the character that made this teaser update tanking some civilians with spookydonut using a medkit on him.

Next vote that breaks the tie wins.