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Mines of Titan

by Spookydonut

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Original Thread: This ain't no Mars Saga: Let's Play Mines of Titan [SSLP]



Mines of Titan is an MSDOS/Apple II update of a Commodore 64 game called Mars Saga, though the game is virtually unchanged. As like many games of this era (1989!), it has copy protection that requires one to own the game's manual, thankfully we have the key information from it (statistics about various weapons in the game).

You play Tom Jetland, a freighter pilot who lost his ship to an accident and is now stranded on Mars Saturn's moon Titan, and must find a way to get off the planet.
This will be a first person narrative of Tom as he follows the events of the game's plot.

The thing about this game is that it's extremely tedious and as such I'll be cutting it down to the interesting parts.
Just a few examples of what I'll be cutting;

If you want to play, Abandonia has it.

The Game Manual
Quick Reference Card
Will find my hard copy manual with complete map spoilers soon (the mines and caves are a total bitch.)

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