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Part 10

In this chapter, Jack and Karen are just starting to cotton on to the Phoenix's actions, but as we go deeper into his Great Work the body count begins to rise dangerously!

At this point in the game nearly every single puzzle has some sort of internet component. It's too many to have audience involvement on every one, otherwise each chapter would be only a couple minutes long! I'll leave the web links I use here though in case anyone wants to follow in my footsteps.

Also the technical issues on cutscene capture should be resolved now. (It was a Quicktime issue, naturally.)


Websites visited:

These were all received after I finished recording.

From: Marco Lerini <>
Subject: Incredibile!



my friend Gery, he speak to me and give me your email adresse. Because I have house in Milano, he ask me to do some searches on Lorski case and omicides happened in Italy since a few months.
It is incredibile, this serial killer bisness!
My grandmother, she has in her cellar many papers. Her house is not far from mine. I see if I can no find something.


From: Marco Lerini <>
Subject: Omicide a Genova



My grandmother, she is genius: I found an aticle that talks of the case (omicide in Genova).
Here is the article that I try to translate (escuse for the mistakes!):

Orrible omicide in Genova.
A domenicano preist was found dead in church cellars. The police investigate in estremist circles.
Macabre discovery yesterday in cellars of church Santa Maria di Castello in Genova. An electrician that was called for an electricity break in the convent next to the church, he find himself face to face with body of a man holding two edge sword in hand after he go down in cellar. After first chock passed, as his attacker no move, he thought he was model that someone arm to make bad joke. He look around and realize it was domenicano priest tied with some cord to back of prie dieu. He quickly call police. Investigation show it was brother Francesco, who hold function of libraian in convent. He had throat cut and the sword was inserted in his hand. A strange burning in form of magic sign was found on body. Also finded near body was latin writting probably written with blood of victim "Sol Invictus".
Noone there know the cause of this orrible setup. The librarian was discreet man in high regard by all people that know him. "Noone could want him hurt!" exclaymed a parishonner that help to decorate abbey in tghe Christmas period. "That is the crime of a madman!".
It seem also that police privilege this asumption without ruling off possibility of a ritual omicide perpetated by satanic sect. This priest was contacted by lady director of school for young girls subject to crisis of collectiv isteria. She ask him to calm girls by sprinking them with holly water. The priest was no exorcist and did no think able to affront evil forces, but he promise to speak about it with his superior.

A presto,

From: Kristin Lark <>
Subject: The plot thickens


In the film shot in London, the policeman refers to a feminine symbol
drawn on the victim's forehead. I tend to think that it's the symbol of
Venus, which would be more logical given the Phoenix's astrological
references. Strangely enough, I've gone back over a passage on the Sol
Invictus, which takes on a new meaning in light of the murder in Oxford.

"Joining the sect was achieved by following a complicated, esoteric
hierarchy. The initiation comprised 7 phases, corresponding to the number
of hierarchical levels, each one of which associated with a planet.
This organisation was based on a series of rites of passage represented by
symbolic ordeals.

Raven = Mercury
Bride = Venus
Lion = Jupiter
Soldier = Mars
Persian = Moon
Messengers of Helios = Saturn
Father = Sun

Each dignitary was characterised by masks and insignia: ravens served
drinks, the bride wore the bridal veil, the soldiers were attributed
with two-edged swords and beggar's pouches. The lions burnt the incense
("Receives the lions burning the incense which consumes ourselves"). They
wore the coat of purple and cleansed the mysts by fire, and they
brought the gifts to Mithra's table. During their consecration, honey was
poured onto their palms as a sign of incorruptibility and they were
obviously branded by a hot iron. The Persians held the scythe and sometimes
ears of wheat. The heliodromes, the messengers of the sun, were dressed
in purple and often suffused with rays of sunshine. The pater, father
of the ceremonies, presided over the meal and carried the ring and the

Venus wearing a bridal veil... branding with a hot iron... The association
with the planets... This could lead us to think that there will be 7
murders asociated with the 7 planets. We'll see.
Either way, these coincidences give me the creeps...


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