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by macnbc

Part 15

This is a shortish "filler chapter" as we start to move towards the final stages of the Great Work.
The Phoenix strikes another victim from his list (his 9th), while Jack and Karen continue investigating in Prague.

I also do an awful lot of chasing parasites.


From: Kristin Lark <>
Subject: Case round-up


Since Giordano Bruno's name turned up, I've found out a lot of stuff
about him that I didn't know before, especially his thing for magic. One
of my friends let me borrow the book by Yates called 'Giordano Bruno
and the hermetic tradition', which is mentioned on one of the sites and
which talks about this largely unknown aspect. The book is fascinating
and reveals a whole load of disturbing facts about this character's
hidden side.
All that remained was to find the link between Hermes Trismegistus and
Sol Invictus, which the Phoenix uses as a calling card at the murder
scenes. I think I've found the answer in a famous book on magic called
the Picatrix, which did the rounds during the Middle Ages and apparently
inspired Lovecraft to write the Necronomicon. This old Arabic treatise,
which was obviously written for the masses, goes on about the magic
power of planets, stones, plants and animals. It credits Hermes
Trismegistus as the inventor of these magic figures and above all the founder of
Adocentyn, an ideal Egyptian city organised around a solar cult. Some
people are even quick to associate Hermes himself with Akhenaton.
Could the Picatrix be the infamous cursed book that the old bookseller
was talking about? Did Volker have his hands on the original? I know
it's all pie in the sky, but it's probably worth bearing in mind over the
next few hours.

From: Marco Lerini <>
Subject: Teuchmos: house address


Did you see, the Fenix he erase the number ofthe house. There must be a sign hidden in image which help us to find the adresse on the Internet.

A presto,


Esoteric count:
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6 (in video only)
9 (including emails)

Your turn:
The clue here is KNUDSTORP 1546 and we're looking for a street address.