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Missing Since January / In Memoriam

by macnbc

Part 17

This is it! After chasing The Phoenix through most of Europe, we bear witness to his confrontation with Jack and Karen. Will we be able to save them?

This chapter also features some of the most unnecessarily difficult skill puzzles in the game. Heavy editing ensues.

Fair warning: Most of the game's ending plays out via e-mail, so be sure to watch the video before reading ahead.


Pre-Ending E-mail:
From: Kristin Lark <>
Subject: Nag Hammadi


After Jack and Karen, the Phoenix decided it was our turn to be put on
the trail of Nag Hammadi (nagha mmadi). A load of stuff has already
been written about the discovery of these ancient manuscripts in esoteric
and religious circles. However, I came across a site devoted to this
business and it could explain a lot of things:

Although there's no evidence to corroborate the facts given by the
author, his theory is rather distubring and could explain what the
Phoenix's motives are.

After Jack published his article, the Phoenix started looking into the
Volker case. He discovered the incredible journey of Nag Hammadi's
cursed codex and managed to track down the people behind Volker's murder:
the Manus Domini. In his fury, he decided to avenge Volker, who just
like his 'master' Giordano, was the victim of religious fanatics. The
Phoenix saw his vengeance of Volker as a way of allowing Giordano Bruno to
be reincarnated in him (our friend the profiler could explain it better
than me).

That's when he put his symbolic ritual into action against this secret
society, coldly killing 12 of its members that he'd obviously found on
the Internet.
All that ties in nicely. The one grey area that needs to be cleared up
is what could be so special in the 14th codex that fanatics would kill
someone (Volker) who'd decided to go public with its contents?

Did Volker have the original version of the Picatrix as I've already
suggested? According to my research on the matter, the Picatrix was
written around 1000 AD, which makes it a lot later than when the Nag Hammadi
manuscripts were reckoned to have been written. Where does that lead
us? ? ?
Might it have been a book on black magic that a group of superstitious
fanatics wanted to destroy? Could it have been an unknown gospel whose
contents would have clashed with the convictions of Catholic
extremists? Maybe only the leaders of Manus domini know the answer. I'll carry on


The following emails take place after completion of the game. Read ahead only after viewing the video!

Post-ending Emails:
From: Fe256 <>
Subject: Marco on the scene


Nice one. The place where Jack and Karen are being held is an old abandoned factory in Cinisello Balsamo in the suburbs of Milan. Marco is on the scene and is keeping us updated on his cell. The police have been alerted. I just hope they don't get there too late.

From: Marco Lerini <>
Subject: Cinisello


I just get here. I wait for police. I'm scared stiff - it's dark and crreepy.
From: Kristin Lark <>
Subject: News???


Has anyone heard from Marco? I can hardly wait another minute. I wonder
what the cops are up to?
From: Marco Lerini <>
Subject: Police everywhere


is good - the police arrive. There are police everywhere, even the ROS (Italian SWAT team).
They try find esact place where J&K can be. Soon as I have news, I tell you
From: Marco Lerini <>
Subject: imminent attack


The police are in position. They find esact place. Attack will start.
From: Kristin Lark <>
Subject: I can't bear it any longer


I can't bear this any longer. Let's hope there aren't any snags
From: Kristin Lark <>
Subject: What's going on?


What's going on? Has anyone got any news?
From: Fe256 <>
Subject: Re: What's going on?


No news. He's not answering his cell phone.
From: Marco Lerini <>
Subject: they are alive!


What a racket! The attack was short, but the police took time to find Karen in the undergound passages. Jack and Karen - they are alive!
From: Fe256 <>
Subject: Re: What's going on?


Great! I've just had Marco on the phone and he said the attack was impressive. There were armed police everywhere all in ski masks. They attacked and 20 mins later, Marco saw them bring Jack out, followed by Karen. They were a bit shaken up. Marco's sent me some photos that I've put on my site:
However, no trace of the Phoenix! Jack and Karen haven't seen him for days.
The main thing is that Jack and Karen got outta there in one piece.
Note: That website goes to a 404 page now. Here are the pictures posted on it (spoiler tagged)

From: David Marcus <>
Subject: Latest info



Jack and Karen are safe and sound. We are all relieved at the outcome, which I must admit was not what I had expected.

I managed to have a few words with them after they were freed. They have suffered greatly and will be mentally scarred by their long captivity. Having said that, they will make a full recovery in time. They gave me some information, which must remain confidential due to the ongoing investigation, but it confirms my convictions about the Phoenix's modus operandi.

Fortunately, although striving for an irrational, maniacal goal, the Phoenix nevertheless followed a logical pattern: Jack and Karen were not members of Manus Domini, so the Phoenix had no reason to kill them. He remained faithful to his logic right to the end. It is also possible that he looked upon Karen as a sort of sister figure, given that she is also a victim of Manus Domini's criminal dealings.

He therefore used them to share his conviction with us that there exists a terrible plot against the truth - a sort of manipulation or censure at the highest levels against the dissemination of certain details with the potential of challenging specific institutions, especially religious ones.

Tomorrow, the police will publish a composite sketch of the killer, but there is every chance that the king of metamorphosis has already changed his appearance as we speak.

Don't change a thing - stay as you are,
David Marcus
From: SKL Network <>
Subject: Jack and Karen have been found alive



Jack and Karen were safely handed over a few hours ago. They had been locked up in a disused factory on the outskirts of Milan in Italy and were freed by the police. They're doing just fine and getting some rest before the investigators start questioning them. The Phoenix was nowhere to be found. According to the police, he had taken this eventuality into account and escaped long before the police stormed the factory.
We would like to thank you all for taking part, and our congratulations go to the three participants whose intelligence and level-headed approach helped to foil the killer's plans.
If you go to our site at, you will see a video recorded by Karen a few hours after she was freed.
Best regards,

SKL Network.
From: Jack Lorski <>
Subject: Thanks



We heard from the SKL agency about the decisive role you played in setting us free.
We would personally like to thank you for your help, which proved to be so precious.
The Phoenix is in a class of his own - over the last few months, we've managed to see just how Machiavellian his intelligence is. The last few weeks have been particularly hard, as we've been locked up in the dark. Right up to the end, we thought the Phoenix would kill us as well. Looking back on it, we realize just how much he needed to keep us alive to achieve what he called his 'Work', but during our captivity, we always had the impression that our lives were hanging by a thread.
We are going to try to return to normality and would like to thank you again for everything that you have done for us.
Kind regards,

Jack Lorski and Karen Gijman

Esoteric count:
Where I keep track of the number of times someone says "esoteric"
6 (in video only)
9 (including emails)

The End?
Not quite! I will post an Epilogue later with any remaining messages received. Also keep this thread bookmarked because I do plan to take on the expansion (The 13th Victim), but I plan to take a break for a couple of weeks before diving in.

Thanks to everyone for watching and playing along with this one!