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Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight

by Combat Lobster

Part 1: Sacred Ordalia Grove

Update #1

In this update, we will be traversing an imp-infested forest in the Sacred Ordalia Grove.



Maple Leaf
A sacred leaf harvested from the Lun Tree. These leaves, blessed by the Matriarch, are indestructible. Sharp enough to purify enemies, it is the main weapon of western priestesses.

Ivory Bug
A tiny, harmless insect. This creature feeds on the body of diseased life forms, removing their sicknesses.

Active Effect: Restores a small amount of HP per use.
Sour flower with restorative powers.

Astral Charm
Passive Effect: Sometimes enemies will drop twice as much munny.
An old, worn-out charm. Radically increases your luck.

Edea's Pearl
Passive Effect: Grants poison properties to your arrows.
Edea was a sinner who betrayed her own people. For such acts, she was purged, and her body sent to a sacred grove, far from home.

Adorned Ring
Passive Effect: Increases invincibility frames and defense. (This item is obtained at the start of Easy Mode.)
Manually sculpted from minerals found in the depths of the Green River. The piece comes from a middle-western empire, evident by its engraving.

Medal of Equivalence
Passive Effect: Slowly restores HP. (This item is obtained at the start of Easy Mode.)
Medal from the province of Crominia. Carried by messengers mounted on deers, dedicated to a life of long travels.