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Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight

by Combat Lobster

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Original Thread: Momodora Reverie Under the Moonlight - Keep Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'



Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight is a action-adventure platformer developed by Bombservice, and published and released on March 4, 2016 by Playism. This game is available on Steam and on Playism. (DRM-free and also comes with a Steam key.)

The Story

Most of this was lifted directly out of the game's manual, so if you'd rather read all of this there then here's a link. (Be warned there is some minor spoiler stuff in there. This will also bring up a print prompt for some reason. Just cancel it and you should be fine.)

The Manual posted:

A ghastly curse is swallowing the land and blending the world of the living with the world of the dead. Kaho, a priestess from the village of Lun, travels eastward in search of answers and hopes to stop the spread of the curse.

The LP

This will be an informative LP with most of the playthrough being done in hard mode, and for the beginning tutorial and the first run of bosses being done in normal mode. I will try to cover 100% of game or at least as close as I can. Character profiles will be added to this post as we meet them in-game; and new items and their descriptions will be added at the bottom of each update post.


In case Youtube doesn't like my choice in soundtrack. The B-Cut.


Kaho Reinol
Age: 21(F)
Birthday: January 11th
Origin: Lun Village

Kaho is a priestess from Lun, a small, secluded village. She is a dutiful girl, strongly following the religious teachings from her homeland.

Once her village got attacked by spirits of the underworld, she was tasked with the mission of finding the source of the curse and sealing it away. For this, she travels eastward, where the curse is supposedly coming from.

Her arrival at the Kingdom of Karst is particularly shocking: not only the citizens have lost all the faith of their gods, they have succumbed to ghastly forms, causing harm to others.

Askorn Muskell
Age: 132(M)
Birthday: December 31th
Origin: Karst City

A sentient spirit, who crossed the border of the world of the dead and arrived at Karst City. He constantly reminisces about the days when he was alive, when the kingdom was in a much different state.

Lubella Dim
Age: Unknown(F)
Birthday: October 13th
Origin: Unknown

Lubella is an undead being that leeches off living things to sustain her own life force. Living in a small settlement at the countryside of Karst, Lubella was born from no family, and forced to do evil deeds to keep surviving. She slowly developed into a person who takes pleasure in mischief.

After death, she assumed an immortal state with an ever-growing lust for power. Her current goal is to usurp the noble throne of Karst. Lubella is fond of recruiting lesser servants, who are tasked to find great sources of life force. These servants usually don't live long, as they are either killed by Lubella, or killed by her preys.

Age: 18(F)
Birthday: June 20th
Origin: Karst City

A young knightess in service of the Queen. She roams the streets of Karst City, looking to help those who fall prey to wandering spirits.

Elisa Cotillard
Age: Unknown(F)
Birthday: Unknown
Origin: Unknown

A mysterious woman surrounded by dozens of cats.

Although of no faith, she dwells inside the Convent of Esselin.

It seems she is at least a century old, considering she's well informed on the detailed history of past rulers.

Age: 21(F)
Birthday: September 28th
Origin: Karst

Pardoner of the abandoned Convent of Esselin. For a woman of faith, she has a heart filled with spite and hatred, and is particularly resentful of the Queen of Karst, who influenced the population to abandon the Convent's liturgies.

Fennel is very impulsive and sensitive. Since the spread of the curse, she's been suspicious of everyone who steps into the Monastery.
  • Sacred Ordalia Grove
  • Karst City
  • Forlorn Monastery
  • Cinder Chambers
  • Subterranean Grave
  • Whiteleaf Memorial Park
  • Frore Ciele
  • Royal Pinacotheca
  • Karst Castle
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