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Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge

by Clavius

Part 1: The Story Begins

It's my treasure! Get the hell away from me!

What's that? If I drop the chest I could easily climb to safety?

Drop my treasure? You are sick!

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Yeah, if I hear this story one more time i'm going to be crying myself.

Don't you have any NEW stories?

Well, actually, that's why I'm here on Scabb Island. I'm on a whole new adventure.

Growing a mustache?

No. Bigger than that.

I'm in search of treasure. The biggest treasure of them all. A treasure so valuable and so well hidden, that it haunts the dreams of every pirate on the seas.

You mean...

None other.

Then why'd you come here? There's no treasure on Scabb Island!

Well I didn't know that before! Now I'm trying to charter a ship and look someplace else. When I return, I'll have riches galore, and a whole new story to tell.

Or you'll have died trying.

And so we begin. Woodtick eh, sounds like a nice quaint friendly place to get my bearings.

Plus I'm armed with fabulous piles of riches, a stylish new coat, and something that might just resemble facial hair. Look out world!

First order of business: Charter a ship. Shouldn't be a problem. I mean just look...

I've got enough to buy my own ship. In five different currencies! No more part time circus work for me!

Ah this must be the woodtick welcoming committee.

Ya ain't from these parts, are ya? This here's a toll bridge, you gotta pay.

Hey I can appreciate a bit of new guy hazing...

Sure. Take my money. I don't want any trouble.

Aw, there goes all my fun. Now I don't get to do this.

Now this is a welcome!

Oh jesus! What's happening?!

This isn't a nice welcome!

This isn't a nice welcome at all!

Ha ha ha! Scream as loud as you want. There are no police on Scabb Island.

That's a good one. Maybe I won't kill you right now.

Wherever you go
On sea or land,
You can't ever hide
From Largo LaGrande!

I'm here two minutes and already I've lost everything. God dammit.

Damn you sign! You misled me!

Crap, let's get out of here before somebody sees...