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Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge

by Clavius

Part 23: The Tree

So this is the part of your story of heroism and bravery where a small bird outsmarts you then.

For the love of god spare me the details of this particular part.

No thanks. Only shiny pages left in the catalogue.

Oh so you stole my oar.

Oh hey, I like this part of the story!

Tell me more!

Take as much time as you like with this part.

Well, okay, whatever you say.

Well now you're just being silly.

You know, all these blows to the head are starting to explain a lot.

And thanks, by the way, for breaking my shit.

I'm not interested that you fixed it.

Excuse me, could you take a look at this.

Hmm... Looks like a massive fracture. If you're going to be using this, I'd better reinforce it for ya.

Here ya go, boy. Steel shank... Alloy splints... Better than new.

So you're trying to climb the tree to get the map, eh?

Didn't you just escape near certain death with your own jetpack?

You're just making this shit up aren't you.

That's it, i'm outta here.

And that means I can't break perfectly good telescopes, why?

On hundreds and hundreds of maps. I can't tell which one is Governor Marleys.

Take THIS you filthy diseasebag!

Ha! I sure showed that small inoffensive bird who's a big man!

It's crazy... But it just might work.

Run along home now.

Now that's a good dog. Alright I got the first map piece!

And all it took was a little hard work, kidnapping, thievery, and a little honest to god law breakery.

Speaking of which, I wonder how my rap sheet is doing.

The fortress of plot has arrived to rock your very eyeballs into submission.

You will regret a lot more if he finds another. Stop him at any cost. But remember... I want him alive.

Yes sir.

Oh Largo. That was uncalled for...

Now then...