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by Opendork

Part 23

The final battle for Monstania begins now.

Are you kidding me? There are only three other people on the mountain, he should be at most the second person you would expect.

What the hell? Aren't you Barambat? What happened to you? Why are you doing all this?

This island belongs to the fairies! We won't hand it over to you humans!

I'm okay with them, actually.

Shut up! We ceded the mainland to them! Why did they need to have this island, too?

Wait, am I missing something?

That's how I feel pretty much all the time.

I'll see Monstania destroyed before I let the humans have it!

Seems the thought never even occurred to him.

But... this island is my home. I was born here...


We could have lived together in peace, humans and fairies.

But I...I... ARGH! I'm going to sink this island and everyone on it!

I'm sorry, I can't let this one go. Black Curtain? Who the fuck came up with that? What about Black Drapes? Black-

ENOUGH! Nothing can stop me!

You interrupted my joke, you jerk.

He's summoning the spirits of the earth, Fron! I'll distract them!

Wait- he also has lightning and your defense in shitty.


Well, that's that.

Come on and fight me up close!

That was the OLD me. I'd much rather teleport around and shoot projectiles at you.

Ow! Ow! Ow!

I don't think there's any way I can beat him like this.

Black Curtain is nobody's fool! Now you die!


Look at this guy. He thinks he's such a hot shot.

I suppose you think you can defeat me from the comfort of your own home?

Ah, so you really DO know I'm here. That's good. I can tell you this myself.


You've managed to make an island start sinking. You've sniped a teenager to his last breath. You've even managed to get some mudmen to beat up a small child for you. But there's one person you could never hope to do, and that would be to outdo myself. Hey, Fron.

You have a solution?

Give me a little credit. What haven't done all this time, throughout everything?

Are you trying to tell me not to give up?

What? No, that's stupid. You've come all this way without using any of those magic flowers, medicinal leaves, or delicious berries. No healing items at all.

Hey, you're right. I forgot all about those things.

This is where all that hoarding pays off. Strength and planning no longer apply when you have the power of ATTRITION!

Uhh... what?

Basically, we have enough crap in the item bag to survive your attacks for a month. Fron? Get him.

Will do.

This is for Tia!

And Chitta!

And that other girl who made me clean the floors! What's her name!

And uhh... Marx too I guess!

B-Black C-Curtain is nobody's-

Just shut up, already!

Oh, okay. He turned into a blob. Most JRPG villains actually turn into something much more nonsensical.

I told you he was Black Curtain! You didn't believe me, did you? DID YOU?




Yeah, okay. Someone make him stop.

Okay... I'll do that.

Good luck, Fron!

Just this one last thing. That's all I have to do. I can do this.

Just jumpslash it already!

Nice. Good form.

But it didn't do anything. There must be a way.


I'd be surprised she got here... but... desert to Snowt in about 30 seconds.

What are you doing?

I've got to break the stone. It's the only way to save the island. Hey... Tia! Use Magicsword on me!


There's no time! Hurry up!


Alright. This is the last chance we have.

So go already.

Yep. You were even lucky enough to have absolutely none of the falling pieces of ceiling fall anywhere near either of you. Also Tia teleported again, this time next to you.

Hehe, give it a rest already, wont you?

I don't think that's her, Fron.

You're Chitta's mother, then?

Did we humans cause this destruction of your home?

I bet Tia feels good about picking every one she found now.

Sister! Look at these?

It's a Felicia flower, and... this is your treasure, right?

Yeah! Take them with you!

Will we ever see you again?

Heh, popcorn. That was an absolutely horrible joke.

Well, they're gone.

You know, Chitta's treasure looks like a diamond ring.


Hey, Fron.


Well, uh... I suppose we should get going.


Well, I guess I'll just let them walk back down the mountain and face all those laws they broke together alone. I've got a date with some names.

A plan to do what? Beats me.

Did the spacebar on your keyboards break or something? What's with the dots?

I can only assume that this is THE Noriyuki Iwadare, of Grandia and Gyakuten Saiban 3.

Alright, everyone. That's the end.


You still here?

Are you just going to go without a goodbye?

I thought you'd prefer to lose all memories of the experience.

I live for adventure. This was just... a big one. It all turned out, and I think in the end, I'm a better person. I learned a lot.

All I got out of it was a miniscule amount of internet attention.

Screw the internet.

I guess you really DID learn something.