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Part 1: Special Episode: Breaking Felyne News part 1

"Will it Cat?" Special Episode: Breaking Felyne News part 1

Hello, viewers! Today I have an extra special update for you! I thought of a terrible GREAT idea to present those boring Prowler quests in the multiplayer hub, as well as that last pesky Village quest! Said great idea takes heavy inspiration from the comic Breaking Cat News. I suggest having a quick look at it if you're not familar with it.

Anyway, here we go!

Welcome to Felyne News Network with your hosts Purregrine,

and Nyalcon! We've just received breaking news that someone has cleared all the Prowler quests over in the Hunter's Hub!

Why in the world would anyone do that to themselves?

Well, we go now live to the Hunter's Hub and our reporter, Meowltese with the story. Meowltese?

Thanks, Nyalcon! Yes, I'm here in the Hunter's Hub with the intrepid Prowler who did the quests. Sir, what compelled you to do this?

Hate self hate self hate self.

Well, there you have it, ladies! Only a Prowler with a deep sense of self loathing and way too much time on his hands, or no friends, would do such a thing!

I agree, Meowltese. Do we have word on which quests, exactly, this poor Prowler subjected himself to?

In fact we do!

Wycademy scientists report a sharp drop in the Maccao population.

I'm sure the little bastards will be back in force before too long.

This is just the sort of insultingly easy objective we've all come to expect from Prowler Quests.

Right you are, Purregrine

Haven't we done this sort of quest before? I'm having deja mew...

This quest really bugs me. Can't put my paw on why.

Well, thankfully that's all of them! Back to you, ladies!

Thanks, Meowltese! Oh, this just in! We've just received a report that the last Village quest has finally been completed!

For now, anyway. I'm sure there will be plenty more to do before long.

Mew know it! We'll now go live to Yukumo Village, to find out what kind of reward we get for this demeaning and insulting quest.

Here it is: a Cathar Tomato! It's so delicthious, it's to die for! It really isth! No joke! I'm sure you can make something nice with it at one of the Bistros. I'll thend it over later! Come and hang out again thometime, Hunter!

Well, that sounds intriguing at least! We'll now hand things over to Meowscular Chef, over in Bherna Village, to find out more. Meowscular?

Thank mew, Nyalcon! I'm here with the Purrprietess herself, ready to cook up some tasty mew dishes with the fresh Cathar Tomato.

The Chicken Shoot Rice combines bamboo sprouts and chicken, stewed in fresh Cathar Tomato. An excellent summer dish!

It pairs perfectly with our next dish, Prosciutto Salad. The sweet Cathar Tomato plays off the salty Rheno Prosciutto in a combination that is sure to please!

Eggplant 'n Tomato Pasta is guaranteed to be a hit with your vegeterian dinner guests! It's light, yet surprisingly hearty.

The carnivores among mew can't go wrong with Cathar Tomato Steak. The juicy steak and acidic tomato is truly a winning combination!

And with that, we now have many tasty new dishes to feed our brave Prowlers before their hunts!

That's great, Meowscular, and I hear that's not the only thing you have for us today!

Indeed it isn't! It's time for everyone's favorite segment: Felyne Fashions with Meowscular! Let's see what today's new fresh and fancy outfits are!

First, we have Heisenberg sporting the complete Pirate Treasure outfit! The weapon is a chalice found at the end of a long journey. Don't worry, a few dings won't hurt the value. Complementing this, his head is adorned with a crown found at the end of a long journey. Its decorations speak to the item's value. And last but not least, the body armor is a treasure chest found at the end of a long journey. It is filled with hopes and dreams. Thank mew, Heisenberg!

Next we have Gracie, modelling the complete Pirate Crew ensemble! She is armed with the grand golden key said to unlock the riches off a legendary Felyne pirate. On her head is a bold crimson bandana said to sharpen one's nose for tracking down treasure. Completing the set is durable attire that protects from the sea's dangers (and includes a treasure chest). Lovely, Gracie! Thanks for showing us.

Our next Felyne Fashion is sported by Growlcon, who will be showing off the Pirate Captain set! Her weapon is a spyglass used as a blunt weapon. Provides a cracked view of the world... Deep. Atop her head is a slice of the "yo-ho-ho!" that makes Palicoes as jovial as the lord of the Seven Seas. Completing the look is a suit with a wheel that was "borrowed" from port. This pirate thing has to stop... Better give that back, Growlcon!

Edgar is here to show us the last of the pirate fashions for today, with the Ghostly Pirate set! He is armed with the hook of a buried-treasure seeker. Great if you drop your keys behind furniture. His head is spookily attired with a treasure addict's headwear. Even now, he sails the seas in search of a lost fortune. Completing the look are what remains of a pirate who never gave up on his fortune. His spirit lives on within. How spooky!

Next Felyne Fashionista is Nero, who is showing off the Larinoth armor and Giant Acorn weapon! He'll blend right in with those Larinoth, and have a tasty snack while he's at it.

Now on to Dusty, sporting the Kittendant hat and suit, and the Barrel Basher. He's ready to take you to a faraway destination... but whoever heard of transport by barrel? That's just silly!

Blackjack has donned the full Mosgharl set for your admiration. Isn't he adorable? We already have a veritable horde of witches clamoring to make him their familiar.

For an academic flair, we have Artimis in the Scholarly Cap and Suit, armed with a Quest Book. She's ready to quest in the name of science!

And that's all the fashion I have today. Back to mew, ladies!

Fantastic! I'm glad our Prowlers will be well dressed as well as well fed on future hunts!

Well, that's all the time we have for today! Thanks for joining us. Felyne News Network, signing off.