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Original Thread: "Will it Cat?" Monster Hunter GenU: Prowler Mode



"Will it Cat?" Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate: Prowler Mode

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I also post on Twitter when I update, so you can also follow me there! I mostly post random stupid shit from whatever game I'm playing at the time.


Monster Hunter is an action RPG series by Capcom. It features ridiculous/huge weapons that you use to smash giant world-destroying monsters in the face, carve up their skin, and wear their skin as a hat so you can beat up even bigger and meaner world-destroying monsters. The main thing setting it apart from other hack-and-slash type games is that MonHun makes you commit to everything. There is no dodge cancelling. There are effectively no i-frames. Once you make an attack, you gotta finish that shit, son. Even something so simple as drinking a healing potion requires you to put away your weapon (in most cases), press a couple buttons, stop, quaff it down, and do an "Oh yeah!" flex animation. None of which can be skipped, and all of which can be interrupted by aforementioned world-destroying monster knocking you on your ass.

It's great fun!

The Actual Game I'm Playing

Monster Hunter Generations is a side game of the 4th installment in the series. It features several new mechanical additions, most of which are not relevant to the scope of this LP.

One such addition, which is a series' first, is very relevant to this LP. In most Monster Hunter games, you can hunt with AI controlled companions. Usually, they're Felynes- intelligent cats that sprinkle their speech liberally with cat puns. In 4U and Generations, your Felyne hunting companions are called Palicoes, and you can customize them and forge gear for them just like your human Hunter.

In Generations, you can not only hunt with cats. You can be the cat.

See this cute little guy right here? You can kill monsters with him!

Generations introduced Prowler Mode, where you take control of your very own Meownster Hunter. There are even Prowler-specific quests with objectives tailored to the Prowler's strengths and abilities. But the game does not restrict Prowler use in any way. You wanna be the cat? You can be the cat all you dang want.

In this LP, I will be doing the single player campaign of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate as a Prowler. I may rope in some friends to help meowt in multiplayer quests, but frankly those losers don't cat nearly as well as I do.

And then it went Ultimate

Generations Ultimate is the "G-rank" expansion of Generations. Usually, when Monster Hunter games are released in not-Japan, Capcom skips straight to the G-rank, or Ultimate, version. In Generation's case, they didn't do that. Because they said Generations wouldn't get a G-rank version. They lied. Monster Hunter XX was released in March 2017... with not a whisper about localization. And there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth. In fact, with the announcement, and subsequent release, of Monster Hunter World, most fans of the series gave up on ever seeing XX localized.

Which is a shame, because XX added a bunch of really nifty stuff!

Then out of the blue, Capcom announced XX would indeed come to the west, in the form of Generations Ultimate! This announcement happened when this LP was a good chunk of the way through the main game. So the LP was put on hold for a bit to await Ultimate. Part 25 and onward take place in GenU, moving from the 3DS to the Switch.

More about Prowlers

Let's face it, Prowler mode is a gimmick. It's a good gimmick, but it's clear the game doesn't take Prowlers very seriously at all. Prowler quests won't even make you fight a proper, large monster until you're Rank 4, and you don't have to actually kill one until Rank 6. Rank 6 is endgame shit. For comparison, regular human Hunter quests dump you right into killing large monsters almost from the word go. That said, there are reasons to use Prowlers, but even I won't deny they have drawbacks.



To be honest, it can get preeeeeetty tedious trying for an ideal Palico/Prowler build. Fortunately you don't need to be ~*Optimal*~ for most things. I did the entire single player campaign, that's every single quest, and went all the way to the end of G-Rank in multiplayer as a cat, and it was fine. The game doesn't really punish you for being a cat... up to a point. Yeah, you start getting into late G-Rank or super ultra post-game challenge stuff, you might want to try putting on your big girl pants and crafting yourself some proper armor and weapons. Unless you're me, that is.

And anyway, being a Prowler is just plain fun!

Ultimate Cats?!

Generations Ultimate gives Prowlers a shit ton of new toys to play with! The biggest change is that some of the "Styles" that humans get to play with in Generations get baked into Prowler movesets. We will go over this more in-depth in the videos and the "Prowlers and Mew" write-ups.

Before we dive in, Thread Rules

1) Don't spoil shit! Not everybody watching this has played Monster Hunter (Probably?), so don't spoil monsters we haven't seen yet. If you just can't help gushing about your favorite monster, at least spoiler tag that shit.

2) Don't be a dick. This is a chill LP for chill people.

Useful Resources

There's a wealth of MonHun information to be had out there! Here are some helpful links:

Kiranico's MHGen Database has pretty much anything you would ever need to know
a Google Doc Spreadsheet of Quest unlocks and other useful info
another Google Doc Spreadsheet featuring monster info, cat skills and moves, and more
Ye olde Monster Hunter Wiki
MHGU DB an app for Android havers who want MonHun info on the go
There's also Ping's Dex, which is a comprehensive desktop app. Unfortunately the official download currently returns a 404 error. Here is their Facebook page, which may or may not get updated... or go (ahem) here for a rehost in the meantime

Episode List

Episode 1 Character creation and Our First Quest.

Episode 2 Wherein some cats are recruited and we finish the tutorial.

Episode 3 We fight our first large monster and see what the game really thinks of Prowlers.

Episode 4 Time to check out the other three towns.

Episode 5 What's the big deal with those Big Boomerangs, anyway?

Episode 6 This is what happens when a hunt goes... poorly.

Special Episode 1: Let's Cat Together! The first multiplayer video!

Episode 7 Accidentally unlocking the Urgent for Rank 3

Episode 8 Croaking the Toad

Special Episode 2: Leeloo Nyallas Multicat Here be the second multiplayer video!

Episode 9 Fishing and Fashion

Episode 10 POOGIES!

Episode11 Grand Fashion Plans, thwarted!

Episode 12 The Clusterfuck

Episode 13 Squirt the Big Damn Hero

Episode 14 Totally Safe Gathering Quest

Episode 15 Our way to Rank 4 is clear!

Episode 16 Clearing out a few things. Next time, the Urgent for Rank 4!

Episode 17 The real Monster Hunter starts here!

Special Episode 3: Flavor Finds a Way Third installment of multiplayer shenanigans

Episode 18 Questing in Rank 4

Episode 19 Cleaning up Village Quests in Rank 4

Episode 20 Defense Prowler demo

Episode 21 Bombing Cat Demo and our first Capture quest

Episode 22 Featuring special guest Cichlidae

Episode 23 Amaterasu and the Bombing Cat Squad

Episoe 24 Cleaning out more village quests

Special Episode 4: I Ran out of Angry The Fourth multiplayer shenanigans

Special Episode: Breaking Felyne News part 1

Special Episode 5: Qualification in Animal Multiplayer Shenanigans the Fifth

Special Episode: Breaking Felyne News part 2

Monster Hunter World Stream

"Will it Cat?" Ultimate Begins Here

Special Episode 6: Droppin' Bombs on Yo' Moms The first ULTIMATE multiplayer shenanigans!

Episode 25 The first proper ULTIMATE update. We finally rank up to 5*

Episode 26 Fighting and Beast cat demo

Episode 27 The two flavors of Adept

Episode 28 The last of the key quests in Rank 5

Episode 29 Clearing out a few things before we take on the Urgent for the next rank

Episode 30 That's the last of those pesky requests. Next time, Glavenus!

Episode 31 Ranking up to 6*!

Episode 32 New friend! (Who none of us like)

Episode33 Edgelord dragons and Smash chat

Episode 34 A very loud boy

Episode 35 Punch-a-saurus

Episode 36 Sir Reggie Fils-Amie and Shagaru Miyamoto

Episode 37 Onwards to High Rank!

Episode 38 New friends!

Episode 39 Muddy Buddy

Episode 40 Wetland chat and spider facts

Episode 41 Wherein Liquidy is right about things

Episode 42 Fox McCloud channels his inner redneck

Episode 43 New friends!

Episode 44 Another new friend who is not as annoying as Thardus

Episode45 Beast Cat vs. Niblesnarf

Special Episode: Breaking Felyne News part 3

Episode 46 HIPCHECKS

Episode 47 Not as many hipchecks

Episode 48 Liquidypoo's favorite monster!

Episode49 Last Key Quest before next rank!

Episode 50 Onwards to Rank 9!

Episode 51 Prowler Quests, they are still terrible

Episode 52 Another new friend!

Special Episode: Breaking Felyne News part 4

Episode 53 BEEP BOOP

Episode 54 Yarr, Spoopyween!

Special Episode: Breaking Felyne News Part 5

Special Episode 7: Nyakarkos

Episode 55 New friend and new main Prowlers

Episode 56 Cervantes' Revenge

Episode 57 Damn portals!

Episode 58 No, we have not fought the SPOILER! yet!

Episode 59 He's the last member of The Fated Four (huh)!

Episode 60 Last hurrah before Valstrax!

Episode 61 Scratch one jet-fighter dragon!

Episode 62 Cat vs. Giant Angry Pickle

Episode 63 That Fucker

Episode 64 You sure we didn't fight this guy already?

Episode 65 The last of the non-Elder Dragon Key Quests

Episode 66 Decision time!

Special Episode: Breaking Felyne News part 6

Special Episode 8: G-rank cats! Special stream of the LP crew reaching G-rank, LIVE!

Episode 67 Will the real Nakarkos please stand up?

Episode 68 The King of Hellfire

Episode 69 The Frozen Titan

Episode 70 The Stormlord


Episode 72 No more Ms Nice Cat

Episode 73 Kush Ball

Episode 74 Toaster

Special Episode 9: DEVIANTS

Episode 75 The last of the single player monsters

Episode 76 Silver's Least Favorite Monster Only Worse

Special Episode 10: More Like Lao-Shan WRONG

Special Episode 11: Hellbutt

Special Episode 12: It Will Cat!

Special Episode 13: Instructions Unclear, hit with weapon

Special Episode 14: More like FART-alis

"Will it Cat?" Official Meownsterpawdia

Meownsterpawdia Part 1

Meownsterpawdia Part 2

Meownsterpawdia Part 3

Meownsterpawdia Part 4

Meownsterpawdia Part 5

Meownsterpawdia Part 6

Meownsterpawdia Part 7

Meownsterpawdia Part 8

Meownsterpawdia Part 9

Meownsterpawdia Part 10

Meownsterpawdia Part 11

Meownsterpawdia: Meet the Deviants part 1

Meownserpawdia: Meet the Deviants part 2

Meownsterpawdia Part 12

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