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Part 4: Special Episode: Breaking Felyne News part 4

"Will it Cat?" Special Episode: Breaking Felyne News part 4

Hello thread! I am back from vacation, got a welcome home present in the form of the Cold From Hell. I haven't felt up to doing commentary. Next update is edited and ready. It's just waiting until I can utter a full sentence without hacking up a lung. In the meantime, the FNN crew is here to fill us in on our Hunter's Hub progress.

Welcome back to Felyne News Network, with your hosts Purregrine,

and Meowltese!

On today's edition of Felyne News Network, we're going to Nyalcon with her latest report from the Hunter's Hub.

Nyalcon here- and my faithful nyamera cat Zelda, reporting to you again from the Hunter's Hub. We still have Key Quests, Villager Requests, and Prowler Quests to take care of.

Liquidypurr was unavailable this time, so I put in a call for volunteers to help us. I waited at the bistro for someone to answer my request.

And that was when I met up-and-coming Prowler Holly and her Palico Phoenix.

That name sounds familiar. Can't put my paw on why...

As luck would have it, Holly needed to do many of the same Key Quests we do, so she volunteered to help us. Many paws make light work, as they say.

We enjoyed our pre-hunt meal,

and set off in search of our quarry.

Our purr-ey was not to be taken lightly!

I did my usual.

Holly proved herself to be a capable ally.

She even managed to get us some extra loot! Extra loot is always a-purr-eciated.

Once again, my trapping skills purr-oved useful.

Easy peasy.

Fine work, as always, from our star FNN correspondant!

Well said, Purregrine. Let's see what our intrepid friends tackled next!

I knew this next hunt would be dangerous, but I believed in us!

We had a good team. I knew we could do it!

You can never have too many of these.

Good call, Nyalcon! Those will be useful for upgrading the lab.

Indeed. We're getting to the interesting stuff now, to boot.

The Brachydios was a tough customer, as expected.

Holly and I covered each other's backs.

In the end,

second verse, same as the furst.

I almost missed the extra loot Holly got fur us.

One again, I was very a-purr-eciative.

Next up, another Key Quest, and another very dangerous meownster.

And a Capture quest, no less! Better hope Nyalcon and crew don't kill it by accident.

Oh purr-shaw! Nyalcon captured her last two targets. Surely she can do the same for this one!

Go ahead, punk, make my day!

And take tha- oh no!

In my defense, the lousy thing never limped! I think I made it too angry with my expert taunting...

These things happen, even to purrfessionals!

Yeah, meownsters will not limp away when angry, and Glavenus is... often angry.

It's not quite as humiliating as failing a Prowler quest because you killed the target instead of breaking a specific body part...

Mee-yuck! Don't remind me about those!

We did get something good out of it, at least...

For a given definition of "good."

We fortified ourselves once again before our next attempt.

This time, we were more careful.

Even so, the stupid thing still didn't limp! I had plenty of spare Gauge, so I decided to throw caution to the wind and try laying a trap.

Turns out, yes, it was capture-ready.

Stupid Glavenus.

At least it'll get to live out the rest of its short, painful life in the Arena.

I hope it gets poked by many angry hunters. A lot.

I bid farewell to Holly for now so I could collect our quest rewards. The Moga Chief's Son was very happy to see us.

Whatever you did, that rumbling's stopped. That's a relief and a half. Now, have you taken a gander at the Blue Cutthroat included in your Quest rewards? I slipped that in there for ya! Consider it a token of my gratitude for your hard work. Take it to the Smithy and tell him to make you somethin' cool with it!

Oh no. Don't tell me...

It's a good thing you took care of it, or things could've gotten pretty hairy for the village! Thanks to you, everyone in the village can go on livin' in peace.

In case you were wondering, yes, the reward is another of those useless human things!

Ugh, I mew it!

Next, I went to collect our reward for dealing with that Astalos.

In fact, I think the most electrifyin' afro in the world just got even more electric! And thanks to you, the ultimate afro is now complete! Right on!

You got me all choked up. But our communication transcends words. And the work we've done here today will live on forever in the hall of funkateers! Yes, even if I leave this place, our alliance will groove on for eternity! That's how it is, baby!

As long as there are squares left in the world, I'm sure we'll meet again! Stay gold!

Yes... thank you, my good sir.
... I'm not even sure what we got as a reward for that, but I bet you a pound of Felvine it was more useless human stuff. Anyway, moving on! That's all I have for you today. This is Nyalcon, signing off.

Thanks, Nyalcon! We're not remotely done with Key Quests, so we'll look forward to her next report.

That Holly seems like she's going places. I hope we'll see her again.

Oh, one last thing before we sign off. Nyalcon sent word that she recruited another brave and helpful Palico for us!

This is Wolf, a Beast Prowler. He mentioned something about Fox and Falco already being here, so he might as well join up too. I guess those three have a history.

Seems that way. Anyway, thanks for joining us today, viewers. Until next time, this is Felyne News Network, signing off!