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Part 28: Best in Cats- Purrfect Kit for your Kittens

"Will it Cat?" Best in Cats: the Purrfect Equipment for your Prowlers

Hello again, viewers! Today we're covering a special topic. We've discussed purrfect Support Moves and skills for your intrepid Prowlers, and now it's time to talk about equipment! I mentioned what kind of weapon each of the Support Biases wants in my Prowlers and Mew segments: melee or ranged focused, blunt or cutting, elemental or status, etc. but now we'll talk specifics!

In general, your best in class weapons are going to come from the EX Deviant monsters, with a few that come from Hyper G-rank monsters, or G-rank Elder Dragons. Always consider the Deviant version of a weapon, even if the damage is a bit lower, because all Deviant weapons give you faster Support Move Gauge gain. NB: beating the G4 level of Deviants unlocks the ability to craft their EX cat equipment. Level G3 and up of the Deviant has a chance to drop the EX bits, from which you can make "Perfect" Scraps of that Deviant. You might not necessarily have to actually fight the EX Deviants if you don't want to! (Unless you want to Fuse their armor...)

For Ranged-Focused Cats

The ranged-focused Support Biases are... most of them: Defense, Support, Bombing, Healing, Gathering and optionally Fighting. Generally all these support biases will prefer to use a blunt weapons, unless you really need a tail cut for some reason. You can either go with a general purpose status weapon, or pick a weapon that hits a monster's weakness. Up to you!

For pure raw damage go with the F Silverwind Star XX made from Silverwind Nargacuga

OR the F Bloodbath Hammer from Bloodbath Diablos.

Note that if you go with the latter, I highly recommend equipping both Critical Up S and Critical Up L to counteract the negative affinity that weapon has. The sheer chonky raw damage and hefty defense boost you get are both worth it, though! I personally recommend the Silverwind Star for Support, Bombing, or Gathering cats. Defense, Fighting, and Healing would probably appreciate the defense boost from the Bloodbath Hammer more. For both of these guys, I highly highly recommend bringing your best Adept cat, and Earplugs are absolutely required on Bloodbath. Trust me. He's an absolute fucker.

For Paralysis, look no further than the F Naja Punji XR, made from Hyper Najarala.

It's blunt, it does paralysis, what more could you want? Defense, Healing, and Support cats do especially well with this weapon.

Want a Blast weapon? Then hoo boy you want to fight Hellblade Glavenus.

His weapon is amazing. White sharpness, high raw damage for both melee and range, and lots of lovely explody Blast damage! Note that I haven't mentioned the name of the weapon yet. That's because the Hellblade weapon is the only case where you don't need the EX version of the weapon. Both the F Smoldering Whiskers

and the F Searing Whiskers

have the same sharpness and the same raw damage. The only difference between them is the F Searing Whiskers does sliiiiightly more Blast damage. Considering what a bitch and a half Hellbutt is, not really worth the bother unless you're a real glutton for punishment. For the love of god please use Adept on this guy... It's worth it, though! This is a great weapon for any Support Bias. You can never go wrong with it!

Lastly, for Poison your best bet is the F Deadeye Fan XX from Deadeye Yian Garuga.

It has the coveted purple sharpness and tons of poison damage! This weapon is a good choice for any support bias when fighting monsters that are very vulnerable to poison and/or have a shit load of HP. Note Deadeye is cripplingly weak to water, especially on his back. A team of coordinated Prowlers can pretty much stunlock this guy by machinegunning boomerangs on his back!

Now let's talk elemental weapons. In general- Gathering, Bombing, Support, and Fighting are the Support Biases who benefit the most from hitting elemental weaknesses. Defense and Healing should equip a status weapon, or the Bloodbath Hammer for defense.

The best Fire weapon is the F Agnaktor Lance XR from Hyper Agnaktor.

Alternatively you can use the F Dreadking Blade XX from Dreadking Rathalos.

The damage is a bit lower, but the extra Gauge gain is appreciated.

Best in class for Ice is the F Snowbaron Stick XX from Snowbaron Lagombi.

Equip Critial Up S and Critical Up L to counteract the negative Affinity.

For Thunder, equip the F Fatalis Rod from Old Fatalis.

The F Zibolt Spear from Boltreaver Astalos is a good alternative if you'd prefer the extra gauge gain in exchange for a little less damage.

Also consider that all the Fatalis weapons require actual Fatalis bits to craft. Specifically you gotta break his head. Personally I'd go with the Boltreaver...

Your best Water weapon is F Incarnadine Greed from Soulseer Mizutsune.

If you need a Dragon weapon, you have a few options. F Katzenlampe XR from Hyper Gore Magala,

F La Venyass from Shagaru Magala, or

F Fatalis Eye from Fatalis.

Note that the latter has some rather hefty negative Affinity, and worse sharpness than the other options. And also all the Fatalis weapons require actual Fatalis bits to craft- specifically the ones you get from breaking his head. Personally I wouldn't bother. Pick whichever of the Gore or Shaggy weapons that you think looks cooler.

For Melee-Focused Cats

Cats may be better with their boomerangs, but we're not going to neglect our melee friends! Beast and Fighting cats both excel at getting up close and purr-sonal.

For pure raw damage, you again want to go with the F Bloodbath Hammer from Bloodbath Diablos, because the thing is just that good.

Just remember to equip Critical Up S and Critical Up L to counteract the negative Affinity.

If Crits are more your style, then boy do I have a couple weapons for you! The Guildcalibur X, made with various rare late G-rank bonus prizes, has a ridiculous 25% Affinity.

If that's not spicy enough for you, go into the G-Rank DLC quests and do "Capcom: Prowler's Spirit," which gives you access to the F Spirits Pickaxe.

This puppy has a whopping 30% Affinity. With Critical Up S and Critical Up L, you're looking at a beastly 60% Affinity. Holy-MOLY I'm having the vapors!

Your best bet for Paralysis is still the F Naja Punji XR from Hyper Najarala, because it's a Balanced weapon.

Isn't that convenient? I'd recommend Beast cats for this weapon more than fighting, because Paralysis and rodeos don't mix as well as you would think.

And hey, guess what? For Blast you can still go with the F Smoldering Whiskers, or the F Searing Whiskers if you're feeling feisty.

Another option is F Havoc Eye from our friend Crimson Fatalis.

But note that the same things about the other Fatalis weapons apply. Frankly... I'd just stick to the Hellbutt sword, if I were you.

If you want to Poison something, go and bully a Hyper Rathian for her F Rathian Rapier XR.

If you'd rather go with a Deviant weapon for the extra gauge gain, go after Dreadqueen Rathian for her F Dreadqueen Rapier XX.

Just keep in mind for this weapon you'll want to equip Critical Up S and Critical Up L to cancel out the negative Affinity. So many otherwise amazing cat weapons have negative Affinity and it sucks!

For Fire, definitely go with the F Dreadking Blade XX from Dreadking Rathalos.

For Ice weak monsters, you want either the F Kushala Wand X from our good buddy Kushala Daora,

or the Barioth Knife XR from Hyper Barioth.

Your choice. The Kushala Wand has better sharpness, but the Barioth Knife has more Affinity. Pick whichever one you think looks cooler.

In Thunder damage, you again have a couple choices. You can beat up a Hyper Zinogre for a Mewsurper's Peal XR,

or go with F Thunderlord's Roar XX from Thunderlord Zinogre if you'd prefer a Deviant weapon.

If you want Water, then you want the F Mizutsune Parasol XR from a Hyper Mizutsune.

Yes, it's weird that the Deviant version isn't the best one here but it is for ranged cats. I don't question these things.

For Dragon weapons, you can go with the F Dragon Comet from Valstrax,

or Alatreon's F Escador Scythe X.

The F Dragon Comet has better Affinity, but the F Escador Sythe has slightly higher damage. Pick whichever one you think looks cooler, but note that if you go with the Scythe, you'll also need Heavy Scraps from Akantor and Ukanlos.

Honorable mention goes to the F Sealed Drgn Halberd, which you get from Lao-Shan Lung.

It's comparable to the F Escador Scythe, with the same sharpness and same melee raw damage, but significantly less dragon damage. I only mention it because 1) it looks cool and 2) it's WAY easier to get and doesn't require you going after two other Elder Dragons to boot!


And last but not least, we'll cover your best cat armors! Keep in mind, you can Fuse these armors to look like anything you want, but if you want to fuse Deviant armor, you'll have to beat the EX version of that Deviant first. Nobody said fashion was easy!

Any of these are great choices for your end-game cats. They all have basically the same defense numbers. The biggest difference is in their elemental resistances.

(Columns, from left to right are: Rarity, Defense, Fire Res, Water Res, Lightning Res, Ice Res, Dragon Res, Price)

F Dragon Helm and Mail from Fatalis.

Good all around resistances for everything exept dragon.

F Fatalis Crimsonhelm and Crimsonmail from Crimson Fatalis.

Chonky fire resistance and not much else. Watch out for dragons...

F Old Fatalis Helm and Mail from Old Fatalis.

Great thunder res, but lacking in the fire and especially dragon department.

F Hellblade Helm XX and Mail XX from EX Hellblade Glavenus.

Really weak to everything except fire and dragon.

F Bloodbath Helm XX and Mail XX from EX Bloodbath Diablos.

Great fire res, but watch out for water and ice.

And that's it! You now have all the knowledge you need to kit our your kittens to be the best they can pawssibly be! Happy hunting, friends!