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Part 6: Special Episode: Breaking Felyne News part 6

"Will it Cat?" Special Episode: Breaking Felyne News part 6

Welcome to today's edition of Felyne News Network. As usual, we are your hosts Purregrine,

and Meowltese!

Nyalcon is still on special assignment at the Hunter's Hub. We'll go to her now for her latest report.

Nyalcon here, and my faithful nyameracat- Zelda, reporting to you again from the Hunter's Hub!

Last time, we fended off the dreaded Nyakarkos and earned Elite Hunter status! I'll let the Wycademy Gal explain further:

Anyway, congratulations on your promotion to Elite Hunter! What what! ... Okay, serious voice time. *Ahem* This means you can now take on 4* Quests, which are also known as High-rank Quests. These High-rank Quests are a bit different from the regular Quests you're used to. Let me explain...

Well, in the case of High-rank Quests, the guild cannot always safely send you to the camp. In short, it means we can't specify the starting location of a Quest. You won't know it until you're there. Second, you have to consider the supplies for your Quest. Usually, the are in your Supply Box, right? However, in the case of High-rank Quests, some of those supplies might not be delivered on time. The monsters in High-rank Quests are on a whole other level, so it's hard for the Guild to send support. Wow! It's like, "Hey, you did a great job for us so far, but now you gets no love."

She doesn't know how right she is.

I know, right? Silly puny human hunters needing to lug around all those items! Must be tough.

Of course, before we could tackle High-rank anything, first I had to help Holly with the Nyakarkos. Guild regulations being what they are, after all...

It does get a little silly sometimes.

We gathered our purrty and ventured forth!

Nyakarkos looks scary, but it's... honestly not that bad?

First, we enjoyed the lovely sunrise from the top of Wyvern's End.

Then it was time to dive head first into the breach!

The main purroblem with Nyakarkos is it can send your furiends to the Bone Zone. Try to dodge while covered in that blue goop, and you'll be trapped in bones! It's a binding effect like Mewzutsune's bubble or Gammeowth's snow clods.

Two ways to deal with it! Either...

Get a furiend to smack you out of it, or

Soothing Roll!

Nyakarkos drops Timeworn Ballista Shots as shinies. And fur once, Prowlers can actually use them!


You can also gather normal Ballista Ammo from the piles of junk around Wyvern's End. They work the same way.

Now, one interesting thing about Nyakakos, it has a big glowing weakspot on its back. Normally, you can only hit it when you knock the beast over, but well. We're cats. We have boomerangs.

Oh, look out! It's pissed!

Holly figured out that you can just machinegun Nyakarkos' weakspot by aiming your boomerangs.

Here's a nice close-up view of it. Aim your 'rangs and get flingin'!

Against such a coordinated assault, it didn't last long.

And with that, Holly could join us in High Rank!

Now, if you were expecting High Rank to be much diffurent... well I guess it is if you haven't been doing as many Village Quests as we have. But... we have. So, furgive me if I truncate this a bit.

We fought Kecha Wacha,

Seltas (yes, Seltas. Not even Seltas Queen. Just ordinary "dies in 5 minutes" Seltas),

a big dumb crab,

and two bird brains.

The only noteworthy things: I discovered Nyan Kut-Ku sleeps standing up,

and we killed that stupid faking Rubber Ducky as soon as it got back up.

The experience is valuable, at least.

And at last the Guild Manager had something fur us!

Your target is a Plesioth that has appeared in the Misty Peaks. We researchers are fascinated by its ability to live anywhere from the driest deserts to tropical forests. Of course, that doesn't change a thing with regards for your Quest or the hunt. I'm sure it'll be a simple task for you, but that doesn't mean "be careless," of course.

It's just a Plesioth. I'll be as careless as I want. You're not my mom!

That's all from me for today! Next time, Urgent Quest! Nyalcon, signing off.

Hello? Can you hear us?

I think we're good. Hello, gentle viewers! This is Meowltese and Purregrine, reporting to you live from FNN headquarters! That footage you just saw was recorded awhile ago. We didn't hear from Nyalcon for a long time after that, and we were starting to worry.

But worry not! We finally got in touch with her, and she's fine. However, we're facing a bit of a purroblem now.

Basically, this special assignment of hers has taken too long. We can't progress any further in the Village quests until Nyalcon reaches Hunter Rank 8 (which is the beginning of the infamous G-Rank).

Right, when last we heard from her, she was about to tackle the Urgent quest for rank...5. Kind of a long way to go. So, we had to make a decision. Our choices boiled down to two options: pull Nyalcon out and send in some high-level purrfessionals to take over,

or tell Nyalcon and Holly to kindly hurry up so the Cat Crew can finally gain access to the last Urgent Quests in the Village.

Consensus among you, the viewers, was to let us decide how to purrcede, and we have decided.

We sent Nyalcon some new armor, and told her to give them hell! We'll go now to her latest report!

Hello! Nyalcon and Zelda, reporting again from the Hunter's Hub! Thanks for the new armor you sent, ladies! It makes me feel powerful! Now, I believe we had an Urgent Quest to handle?

Your target this time is a Plesioth. It's a large Leviathan, also known as "The Wyvern of Water." I heard from a few hunters that it has a really annoying hip attack. So if what they say is true, look out for that! Also, says here in my notes that it's rather fond of... frogs? What are you supposed to do, fish it out!?

Now, I was told I need to hurry things up down here. So, I think you know what that means!

Wait, she's not going to...

Yes, I think she is. Oh boy, here we go...

The hour's apurroaching to give it our best, and we've got to reach our purrime.

That's when we need to put ourselves to the test, and show them the passage of time!

We're going to need a meowntage!


Ooh it takes a meowntage!


Show a lot of things happening at once, remind everyone of what's going on.

What's going on?

And with every shot, show a little impurrovement. To show it all would take too long.

That's called a meowntage!


Girls, we want a meowntage!


In anything if you want to go, from just a beginner to a purr-o, (and that's current level cap for me!)

you need a meowntage!


Even Rocky had a Meowntage!

Who's Rocky?

Hush, she's on roll!

Always fade out in a meowntage!


Fur some reason, I felt a sudden chill down my spine...

Eh, I'm sure it's nothing.

If you fade out,

it seems like more time has passed in a meowntage!


Ahem, so, serious voice fur just a moment here. Holly and I discovered something while we were fighting the Seregios! I got hit with Bleed, and had the idea to try burrowing.

I waited underground fur a few seconds, and yep! The Bleed went away, just as if I had crouched, but without the risk of getting attacked! Very handy. Bet those poor puny humans wish they could do that!

Right. Anyway. One more time! Meowntage!


I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news on such a happy occasion, but we have a bit of a situation... We thought the disappearances of the monsters and airships were over, but now they're happening again.

Areas that were previously safe are reporting regular attacks every day. Which can only mean that this monster is even fiercer and more ravenous than ever before. I've already given the order to recall the expedition team. Let's hope it gets to them before Nakarkos does...

Sounds like things are "getting real," as they say.

But we will save that fur another day! The way to HR 7 is open! Not much further now! This is Nyalcon, signing off!