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Part 21: Prowler Customization Guide

Palico Customization

Before we dive into any more quests, I want to have some better Prowlers to work with than that beat up stray we picked up. Plus we'll need some extra paws eventually to work with the trader and... some other things. Basically it pays to have a lot of Palicoes on hand.

That's where you come in! I showed off the Palico custimzation in the first update. Here, I'll give a detailed breakdown on your options so that you can create your very own Palico for me to Scout and use on Hunts! I might even pick your Palico to use as my Prowler! Who knows! At the very least I'll try to bring along all viewer-created Palicoes on at least one hunt.

General note: on a Hunt I can bring along the lead Prowler, and up to two Palicoes.

Anyway, let's have a look at our options, shall we?

First up is Coat

These are the options you can pick for your Palico's coat.

First, Felyne. The default coat resembles a Siamese cat.

Melynx are the troublemakers of the Felyne world. Distinguished by their dark fur.

Next is Striped. Want your Palico to look like a miniature tiger? Pick this one!

Monotone is an option if you prefer a single, flat color.

Next we have the Two-tone coat, for your classic tuxedo cat. Fancy! Unlike the Melynxes, these have a lighter belly.

A popular coat, the Calico is also available.

Lastly, the loveable Tabby.

The next option is Eye Shape

This is the full list of options. I'll go through them.

First, the Normal, default eye shape. Pleasingly almond-shaped.

Next is Thin. With slitted pupils, this is what a normal cat's eye looks like, if you want a realistic Palico.

Closed eyes, if you want your Palico to look like Brock from the Pokémon cartoon.

This one is the Doe eye shape. Extra wide pupils for extra cuteness.

On the other side of the coin, we have the Sharp eye, for angry eyes Palicoes.

Lastly, you can pick the Scarred eye, for the Palico that has seen some shit.

Moving right along, we come to Ear Shape

Again, here are the options, and I will go through them all.

This is the Normal default ear shape.

The Closed ear shape can give your Palico a more timid, shy look.

Round ears are available if you want make your Palico look more like a big cat.

The Perky ear shape makes your Palico look like its ears are pricked. This ear shape looks the most like an actual cat.

Attentive ears are tilted back, for a more cautious look.

Next up, the world of Palico Tails

Once again, here are all the options.

This one is the Normal default tail.

Go with the Round tail if you want your Palico to look like a lynx or a bobcat.

The Long tail looks more like a real cat's tail.

Pick the Bushy tail if you prefer longhaired cats.

And finally, the Crooked tail, for a beat-up sort of look.

Now, this is super important! You are by no means limited to real cat colors!

In fact, you can choose from all the colors of the rainbow! There are some preset colors shown here, which you can choose from, or you can drag around in the color bar in the bottom right to find just the right color.

For example, here's a pink cat.

Eye Color is similarly unrestricted! And you can color each eye individually!

For instance, purple eyes!

You can also assign a Voice Type. I played them all in the video, but here's a general description of each:

Type 1 is the default cat voice. It sounds... normal cat-like?

Type 2 is higher pitched, but I've heard cats with higher pitched meows than this.

Type 3 is a deeper voice.

And finally, most importantly you can name your Palico!

For names, please keep it tasteful. OP reserves veto power.

Last thing, Palicoes can have different specialties. You may have noticed our initial Prowler, Dusty, specializes in Charisma. I'll go over all this in detail later, but if you have a preference for what you want your cat to do, here are your options:

Charisma: buffing allies.

Fighting: general asskicking.

Defense: tanking.

Support: setting traps.

Healing: HP and status recovery.

Bombing: blowing shit up.

Gathering: obtaining loot.


If you don't have a preference, you can just leave it up to my judgment.

To submit a custom cat, simply copy this and fill it out:

Coat (color):

Eyes (color):






Note: For those of you playing along at home, you can simply scout the cat you want and take a screenshot of the particulars. However I think the only way to do that without homebrew or whatnot is through Miiverse and that's no longer an option. RIP Miiverse.

Happy catting!