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Part 30: Silly Hats Only

Equipment Descriptions Part 2: Silly Hats Only

Hello again, friends! No regular update this week because we had company over for my husband's birthday. Instead, we're going to look at some silly hats!

This is your default cat armor, which you don't start with. Still gotta craft that shit yourself! What do you think this is? Not Monster Hunter?

Signature hat for Bherna Village.

Slightly better head armor made from iron ore.

Boner armor. 'nuff said.

A beret and face mask combo?

Signature hat for Kokoto Village, based on the original default armor from the original Monster Hunter. It's original!

A Pokke Village original! Nice and toasty for those cold climes.

Yukumo Village's special helmet. It's very cute.

A super cute straw hat.

Dress up like a robo teddy bear! Why not?

I know cat-fu.

One option if you want to cosplay as the Three Meowsketeers!

I don't remember your name, but your fez is familiar.

You murdered Pumbaa for this. I hope you're happy!

This is another option for the teddy bear aesthetic.

Trés Tacticool

This armor is super cute. Too bad the Cephalos is so dumb and bad. And stinky.

This just makes you look like Olmec from Legends of the Hidden Temple.

And you thought the Bnaha armor was cool!

It's like Ratatouille, but with cats instead of rats!

This one is Lobster's spirit animal.

Very silly looking. I approve.

Equally silly.

This one is even sillier!

This armor is also super cute.

This one is just silly. (I love it.)

I like the Ancient Egyptian thing this armor has going on. Very good armor, even if I don't particularly care for the monster it's based on very much...

This armor looks like an Oni.


Can't go wrong with this one. It's super cute.

Not a fan of this armor set. I suppose it's cool if you like Silent Hill?

This armor set, however, is very much my jam but we won't be seeing it for a looooooong time.

This comes from the Airship Tickets you get from traveling between towns a lot.

Here's the armor you get from the Sinister Cloth.

This is Neko (Means Cat)'s signature armor. You can craft it with Trade Tickets. (And Handsome Scraps, which we won't be seeing for a loooooong time grrr.)

We haven't seen this guy outside of the Multiplayer Shenanigans yet, but here's his armor.