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Part 2: Special Episode: Breaking Felyne News part 2

"Will it Cat?" Special Episode: Breaking Felyne News part 2

Welcome back to Felyne News Network with your hosts Nyalcon,

and Meowltese!

Meowltese has graciously agreed to sub in as co-host today. It seems our very own FNN correspondant, Purregrine, cleared the very last of the Prowler quests from the Hunter's Hub!

I thought we cleared those out last time?

Ah, these were the DLC Prowler quests! The so-called "Event Quests!"

You mean we had to pay money to be humiliated?!

Of course not! All Event Quests are available free of charage!

Oh, well that's slightly better. Let's go to the Hunter's Hub to hear about these quests straight from the source. Can you hear us, Purregrine?

Loud and clear, ladies! Thanks for subbing in for me today, Meowltese!

It was my purrleasure, Miss! Mind telling us how the quests went?

Of course! First was a quest taken from CoroCoro- a Japanese manga.

The quest itself was nothing worth noting. The special reward was this little number:

I... have many questions.

We'll have to check in with Meowscular later to get the deets on that. What else do you have for us, Purregrine?

Next is the prestigious King of the Lynians tournament!

The Slayground is aptly named. Let's do this!

Several minutes of wanton murder later...

And here we have our prize:

Congratulations, Purregrine! That reward doesn't tell us much, does it?

We'll have to ask Meowscular for help next. I believe Purregrine has one more quest to show us.

Indeed I do! The last quest comes from Uniqlo, a Japanese clothing brand.

I killed a bunch of bugs. The end. For a reward I picked up this thing:

Looks pretty standard. Time to turn things over to Meowscular, perhaps?

I believe so! Thanks for joining us, Purregrine. Your efforts are appreciated.

No purroblem! I'll go treat myself to a soak in the Yukumo Footbath, I think.

You do that! For now we'll turn things over to Meowscular Chef. Meowscular?

Hello, ladies! Looks like it's time for everyone's favorite segment: Felyne Fashions with Meowscular!

First of all, let's check out the reward from the CoroCoro quests.

Phoenix graciously agreed to model the weapon. It's an odd stomach that has a symbol meaning "stomach" delicately written on it. Don't drop it!

I think Phoenix had better wash his paws after handling that...

Oh just wait until you see the armor!

Be the best-dressed undead around. You can even blow yourself up, it's okay!

That is... rather unsettling.

Furankly, I agree. Let's have a look at the equipment Purregrine got for proving herself the King of the Lynians:

Once again, Phoenix kindly agreed to model the weapon for us. The description reads "Shaped after a guild mark from a distant land. A symbol of friendship and fiery zeal."

So... fairy wings? That doesn't seem so bad. Show us what the armor looks like, Meowscular!

I was wrong. I was so, SO wrong. Get it away get it away!

Well, you asked for it! It's a suit resembling a being from a distant land. Brings good fortune to the hunt.

Good fortune, my tail! That thing is horrifying!

Dare we even ask you to show us the last armor set, Meowscular?

Only one way to find out!

Fox agreed to model this set for us. The Monqlo Ball is a soccerball from everyone's favorite brand, Monqlo! Be king of the hunting pitch!

I am afraid to inquire further... This doesn't look so bad but I said the same thing last time!

Tah dah!

Here's the full Monqlo set in all its glory. First, a cap from everyone's favorite brand, Monqlo! #1 on the sales charts! And a shirt from everyone's favorite brand, Monqlo! The latest in Palico fashion!

A... cute and appealing outfit? Well, color me shocked!

I know, right? I like it! Thank you, Meowscular, for braving this fashion meowsma for us!

My purrleasure, as always, dear ladies.

That's all we have for today. Until next ti-

Wait, Nyalcon! We forgot to tell our viewers the special news!

Oh, right! How silly of me. We have a special announcement! This week, on "Will it Cat?" there will be a special stream to celebrate the release of Monster Hunter World on PC! Tune in to watch your host beat up giant monsters in real time! Sadly, Prowler mode not included, but she does promise there will be cats involved!

We have also been told to inform you that your host does not promise competence. Until next time, Felyne News Network, signing off!