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Part 31: Fashionable Coats and Such

Equipment Descriptions 3: Fashionable Coats and Such

Hello, fine viewers! Here is the last of the equipment descriptions. As I've mentioned, I don't think this is the best way to show these off, so I've been showing them in-video as we get new stuff. This is the last of the backlog. Enjoy!

The matching body piece for the basic Palico armor. It'll get the job done and it's got a cute little puch on the back, but you'll be wanting to upgrade this ASAP.

Bherna Village's signature body armor.

This goes with the Alloy Helm. It's a nice upgrade from the Acorn or Bherna armor.

Or you can go with this to complete your tribal cat look.

The last piece of the Jaggi ensemble.

This is the final piece of Kokot's signature equipment.

And this completes the Pokke set.

Matching armor for the Yukumo Village outfit.

I love the cat watermelon design on this shirt. Top tier armor and weapon set.

This completes the robo-teddy bear look. That's a sentence I didn't think I would type today!

Wear this is you want to free your mind!

A cape and fancy tie to go with the stylish plumed hat. There's another armor set that does the Meowsketeer look better, but this will do until you unlock it.

A jacket to go with the familiar fez.

The last piece you need for your Pumbaa cosplay.

Wanna dress like Arzuros? This is the armor for you!

Your matching tacticool jacket.

An adorable sailor dress to go with the hat. I love this armor!

I still think this armor looks like Olmec.

The little leather jacket totally makes this outfit. "Eeeeyyyy!"

This'll be the perfect outfit for our future Meowscular Chef lookalike friend! He has been added to the list!

Just the thing for all you crafty people who knit and crochet!

The Aptonoth Mask just wouldn't look right without the matching set!

I like the torn caveman kind of aesthetic this one has going on.

And this? This is just wonderful. I defy you to disagree!

This armor is adorable and if you disagree you're wrong.

This armor speaks for itself. It's glorious.

I've already mentioned I like the ancient Egyptian thing this armor has going on, but it bears repeating.

This completes the oni look.

I love this armor! It has a little Monoplos shell on the back. Way too cute.

This one is adorable too. Love the little fuzzy jacket.

This one I'm not so fond of. If you're into Silent Hill type stuff, it does the job I guess?

And I've already mentioned I love this armor and I am utterlly baffled that it shows up so early. It just sits there, taunting you, for most of the game!

This one is very cute. Look like a pro while you deliver the preflight safety lecture.

Another one we won't be seeing for a looooooong time.

The last piece for Neko (Means "Cat")'s signature armor set.

And this completes the Blagonga look!